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You decided on moving your goods and this time around you must organize, pack, and find the best movers Ottawa as well. What worries you is moving temperature-sensitive items safely. Can it be done without any damages to your belongings? Yes, of course. Today we will show you how to do it with a thorough guide on the subject.

Choose a moving company specialized in moving temperature-sensitive items safely

Temperature-sensitive items are all over the place. You might not be aware but this category is as vast and complex as any other. For example, if you have a piano, not only that it is heavy to move, but its furnishing can be damaged by extreme heat. For this one, you must enlist piano movers Ottawa. Then, all plastic items, paintings, artwork, fabric, and so on. Therefore, you must search for a moving company that is aware of this situation and know how to handle it right.

A woman surrounded by boxes
Find a moving company that can perform this task flawlessly.

Start by browsing the internet. You’ll find many companies but only one is right for you. To narrow your choice down you must compare prices, services, and read reviews. Of course, the most valuable feedback you can get is a referral from a friend. The word of mouth from a relative is even better. Therefore, check your options and even check social media to confirm your movers are legit. Also, you want to know if they are licensed. After you confirm they are legit and doing a good job, give them a call and do some business.

Inspect your movers

Now, you can always take your research further. Simply some people want to be sure their investment is safe. This is perfectly understandable because relocation is not easy nor cheap. Therefore, put on a detective hat, and let’s hit Bakers Street. Firstly, you want to dig through their website inside out. Then check all the social media groups and find comments about your movers. Finally, check their services and ensure they have the following:

  • Tool and equipment
  • Licenses and permits
  • Proper sizeable vehicle
  • Safety standards/rules and regulations
  • Moving insurance
  • Moving services Ottawa

Evaluate everything and compare movers across the board and you’ll have enough for you to know if your movers are scammers or if they are running a legit business. And if the company you hired has everything above they are surely moving temperature-sensitive items safely and with ease.

Packing is important!

If you are moving only perishables from your fridge, you will probably pack them alone in portable fridges or in plastic boxes with bags of ice. Or you will use packing supplies Ottawa and relocate those items with a bit better protection. But if you are moving more complex items as we mentioned above, you must take a different approach.

Moving temperature-sensitive items safely requires you to maintain the temperature inside a container. This means, coolness in and heat out. And there are several categories. Foam and Styrofoam are good for solid perishables. Metal containers are good for liquids. And for hazardous, healthcare, medical, and similar chemicals you’ll use metal containers with a device and a counter on them. Now, depending on your needs, you’ll have to read far more than we can explain in a quick-moving guide.

use styrofoam when moving temperature sensitive items safely
Styrofoam is perfect to keep the heat and cold out. Use it well.

And a climate-controlled moving vehicle

No matter what the nature of your delicate items is, your movers must possess a climate-controlled moving vehicle. Each serious moving company has one. It is used for transporting all delicate items like artwork perishables, and even entire grocery businesses. So, you must ask your movers upfront if they can accommodate your request. If not, you will move on and find one that can.

Usually, those that offer such a vehicle offer a climate-controlled storage unit as well. In case you need one, you know where to search as well. Maybe you are moving to a smaller apartment or you simply have no space at the moment. It can be a good temporary solution.

In case you are moving a business, you must be moving temperature-sensitive items safely

Ok, this is a tricky one in this is solely for the business owners. Maybe a homeowner can learn something as well but this part is focused on businesses that hold many perishable items in store. Hence, we already covered the way you will transport your goods. You will use the climate-controlled vehicle for sure. But which coolant to use? That is a good question. For short-distance moves, ice is an ok option. It will melt a bit but your goods will survive the journey intact. But not in case if you are moving artwork.

This will work only for groceries. Dry ice would be a solution but it emits carbon dioxide which your movers must know about and it must find its way out of the bag and out of the vehicle. And finally, we have gel packs that are somewhere in between. All in all, dry ice is the best solution out there.

a truck in the mountains
Ensure your movers possess a climate-controlled moving vehicle.

In case you are shipping items

If you intend on shipping for example food, flowers, or anything similar, all perishables should be shipped at the beginning of the week and overnight. Overnight shipment does not count basically because temperatures are low by default and then you have up to 30 hours to reach any destination in the world. Also, you will avoid weekends and any storage delays that can ruin your shipment. Think about this when you are about to ship perishables.

And now you know how moving temperature-sensitive items safely should look like. If you are moving a couple of items only, maybe you can do it yourself. Of course depending on their value. In any case, we strongly suggest you hire a specialized moving company for this task. They have the tools, a vehicle, and knowledge. Good luck and stay safe.

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