5 Reasons to Move to Rockland in 2022


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Once you start looking for a place to move to, it may seem like the process is taking forever. There could be countless places that you like and that seem suitable for you at the same time. Making a final decision requires you to think clearly and consider all details in front of you. But what to do when you end up with similar places and very little difference between them? You will have to think about the future and place yourself a couple of steps ahead of everything. Chances are big that Rockland will catch your attention at some point. This community is part of the city of Clarence-Rockland and usually ends up being the perfect place people are looking for. Even though every place has its pros and cons, it doesn’t mean they will equally apply to everyone. People enjoy different things and to find the place perfect for you, you will have to think of your own priorities. Before you get to the point to discuss details with some moving companies Ottawa, you must be certain that the place you chose is the right one. To help you out, here are 5 reasons to move to Rockland in 2022!

5 Reasons to move to Rockland

Beautiful Rockland is located around 40 kilometers from Ottawa, Ontario. It began developing in 1840, at the same time when the construction of the road from L’Orignal to Bytown started. It started developing slowly, as the workers and first residents came in search of new jobs. Throughout the years, It took almost 30 years for the first school to open here and it welcomed kids from families in the area. Rockland got its first priest before that and the community started to form. By the turn of the millennium, this place was completely different. New homes were popping up at every corner and new residents kept on arriving.

dog standing in the middle of the street
Rockland is a peaceful place you will fall in love with immediately!

Today, Rockland is a beautiful place with a lovely community that is offering a calm and nice lifestyle to everyone who decides to move here. A lot of people who decide to move to Rockland usually had enough of big city noise and are looking for a safe and quiet place with beautiful nature. Here is what brought them here!

1. Rockland is an oasis of peace

The first reason is also the most obvious one. If you are ready to enjoy some quiet time and beautiful nature, no need to think more. Upon arriving you will instantly feel the change that will calm you down and fill you with the feeling that you arrived home. Many Rockland moving companies claim that people who chose this lifestyle ended up moving here most of the time. The traffic is under control most of the time and you won’t be late because of it. during the day, if you need some fresh air, you can visit some of the local parks or walking trails that will fill you up with positive energy. Surrounding forests will be a perfect location if you are a fan of camping or having a picnic with family and friends. 

Don’t think that due to its slow pace Rockland may be boring! There are plenty of activities to do here individually or with your community. You can join the fishing club, watch sculptures in the park or even visit their spa once in a while. Their famous Cumberland Heritage Village Museum can teach you more about the rich history of this place as well. Of course, Rockland has amazing gold courses so if you never had a chance to try it, this will be a perfect opportunity for you. The best part is, with every step you make nature sounds will be surrounding you and you will feel like living a dream!

friends having dinner and raising their glasses
The community in Rockland is amazing and will greet you with open hands!

2. Schools in Rockland are amazing

Of course, schools will be your priority if you want to move to Rockland. When it comes to education there is nothing to worry about as here schools are offering high-quality courses for students of different ages. There are eleven different schools in Rockland and you will find the right one sooner than you think. There are even 2 music schools so if you already have some instruments in possession, piano movers Ottawa can deal with it. Avoid packing and moving big items to avoid breaking or damaging them. Schools in Rockland divide into:

  • 4 elementary schools
  • 4 high schools
  • 1 adult school
  • 2 music schools

Each one of them is focusing on providing the best education for students and helping them choose the right career path in the future. Considering that your kids will need some time to adjust to the change, make sure to prepare them for it. As soon as you make all arrangements with residential movers Ottawa, pay a short visit to the school you chose. Let your kids meet the environment, teachers, and classmates before the first school day. Another great thing about this is that you will not have to worry about them getting to school at all. School transportation works amazing and every trip from school and back is in hands of professionals.

empty classroom
Try to find the best school for your kids before you move to Rockland!

On the other hand, if your kids are already adults or you are moving on your own, these schools could be a great job opportunity. If your profession is linked to education, they will love to check out your resume. New teachers and professors are always welcomed so you should give it a shot. Probably one of the best things about this place is that residents will greet you with open hands like you have been a part of Rockland forever! 

3. Rockland is great for business

There is something about places like this one, that turns out to be the smartest decision in the sense of business. As soon s you arrive, you will see that most of the companies here are family companies established a long time ago. Among other things Rockland offers stability and will help you with starting your own business. It could be linked with tourism, education, or development and you will find starting it much easier than someplace else. The secret is the trust you will earn from your neighbors and residents very soon. Once you provide your services, you can start expanding your business idea forward. This place will offer you enough space and time for your small business since they are becoming more and more popular.

If you are a young professional and want to move to Rockland, get ready for a couple of positive surprises. The nature here is amazing so if you are focused on social media or photography, you will hit the jackpot. Before officially moving, storage solutions Ottawa can take care of your equipment until you settle in. Their employees will keep everything safe for as long as you want them to. This way you will avoid all the stress while moving and thinking is everything in its place. For those who would like to experiment more, there are many companies in Rockland with open job vacancies. Some of them include entertainment, development, and even culinary vacancies. All you need to do is explore them on time and choose your own field.

4. Move to Rockland and get your own house

Living in the big city usually means you will have to live in an apartment where there is not enough space for all the things you would like to own. Luckily, things are completely different in Rockland. Most of the residents own their own houses and house architecture varies from place to place. This means you can check the real estate market and finally get the dream house you always wanted. Don’t worry about prices being too big. The real estate market in Rockland is offering many homes for an affordable price and in a nice location. Just make sure you keep in touch with agents so you don’t miss some good deals. When the time for moving comes, choose Ottawa relocation services wisely. Try to avoid stress and leave your relocation to professionals if you don’t feel like doing it.

metal key in the lock
Another great thing about Rockland is that you can buy a house for a very affordable price!

There is a good chance packing services Ottawa will be the ones you need the most. When moving to a new house you have much more work to do and packing will take up too much of your time. Arriving tired and postponing unpacking is the last thing you need to choose what is best for you. Simply, prepare your new house for the moving-in day and make a plan for how to decorate all the rooms. While packers are dealing with your inventory you can stick around in case they have some questions for you. Having a house is a completely different experience and you will love every moment of adjusting to it.

5. And finally, Rockland is safe

Although living in a small town doesn’t mean it is safe, Rockland is a completely different story. The crime rate there is extremely low and nowadays that is one of the most important things. Your kids will have a safe and happy childhood and you will live a peaceful life here. As you know, the community in Rockland sticks together most of the time. Due to that and this place not being huge, crime is very well under authorities control. Finding a place that offers a good lifestyle and is safe at the same time can be pretty challenging but luckily Rockland got it! For those who plan on starting a family, this could mean a couple of things. Your children will not have to be restricted from certain activities and can enjoy their childhood properly. You, on the other hand, can feel free to have your own free time and focus on your own activities and hobbies.

couple packing as they decided to move to Rockland
Asking professionals to help you pack could be a great idea!

Since the good community is one of the best things about this place, you will feel the different atmosphere upon arriving. Expect your neighbors to come and say “hi” and even help you unpack. You don’t have to worry too much about a group of new people suddenly being around you. Before you officially move to Rockland you can explore the official websites and create a picture of people living there. Contacting some of them before you move is also a good idea. You can meet and ask all the questions you have in advance. They can inform you how things are in your new neighborhood and guide you through some important events or community meetings. Be open to meeting the residents of the city of Clarence-Rockland and soon enough you will have a bunch of new friends.

Other things to know before moving to Rockland

If you decide that moving here is the right thing to do, you could also make all arrangements with local movers Ottawa if you are in the area. Even if you have a good plan and think you can handle everything don’t risk too much. Professional movers have much more experience and will know how to deal with potential issues along the way. As a result, you will avoid all risks and arrive in Rockland on time.

woman holding big packing box
Carefully choose your packing supplies as your items must be safe during moving!

In case you need extra packing material that will keep your items safe, packing supplies Ottawa can provide it for you. You can use it for packing smaller items, clothes, and other things that are easy to pack. Just follow your instinct and always choose what’s best for you and your family.

The bottom line on the top 5 reasons to move to Rockland

And just like that, you are all set. Although there could be much more reasons for you to move to Rockland, these are the ones that attract most of the new residents. Believe in what you want and make sure you choose the right. After you do, enjoy all wonders the new home has to offer. 



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