6 nicest suburbs in Ottawa for families


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Being able to give your family everything it deserves is quite a challenging task. There are too many factors that you must think of. Some places cannot have it all. There can be a place with nice neighborhoods but above-average schools. You can find some of the best schools but the crime rate can be high. By overthinking it you will never choose the most perfect place to raise your kids and make your partner happy. That is why you need to sit down and write the list of your priorities. We have decided to help you out with this simple list of the nicest suburbs in Ottawa for families. And there is more great news. You can be focused only on researching a certain place. By hiring Professional Movers Ottawa, one of the most reliable moving companies, you will not have to worry about relocation. You can leave it to the pros.

List of some of the nicest suburbs in Ottawa for families

Looking for the best places to raise your kids and relocate, we have found out that Ottawa is a great place to search for the new perfect home. There are plenty of great suburbs here. But when you combine all your needs, 6 of the following suburbs pop up.


If you and your family enjoy outdoor activities, this place is just the right for you. Not just that it is affordable for people with kids, but it also has so many things to do and see. Everything is just around the corner. You will be living in a place that has a great sense of community and where everybody takes care of each other. Which might be just the thing you have been looking for in a certain place. If you want your kids to be safe even after the sun goes down, think about hiring movers Kemptville has and get ready for the move.

kids playing in one of the nicest suburbs in Ottawa for families
Kids being able to play on fresh air is priceless

One of the nicest suburbs in Ottawa for families is Arnprior

Being a place that has little over 8 thousand residents, Arnprior is a perfect place to raise kids. There are not a lot of schools, but even just a few of them have some of the best educational systems and after schools activities. You kids will enjoy meeting new friends and having fun in parks, nearby streets, and other kid’s yards. Even being such a small place, there are tons of festivals that you can all as a family enjoy. Finding the best activities is something you can do while movers Arnprior has are transporting your stuff to your new home.

Orleans – the safest place in Ottawa

Looking after your kids is something that you will be doing no matter where you live. But knowing that the community you are living in is the most safety place in Ottawa brings you a chance to relax a little bit. Where there are no crimes, you can be sure that your kids will enjoy their childhood the way they are supposed to. With no worries. Making a kid’s life safe is the priority to you as a parent. If this is the most important thing you have been looking for in certain places, moving companies Orleans has will be delighted to relocate your family and be a part of your exciting journey.

Two girls playing outside.
Give your kids the childhood they deserve

The Glebe is one of the suburbs in Ottawa you should consider moving to

This place is made up of single families home. And according to the fact that it is an affordable place, buying a single-family home here is the best choice you can ever make. If you are not sure whether to rent or to buy a home, think about this. You have one great street that is called Bank Street which has it all. From shops and local produce equipment to the finest restaurants with great playgrounds for kids. You can have your cup of coffee while the kids are playing. Even though you are feeling lonely, you will be able to meet parents who are pushing strollers up to this street. Meeting someone who is in the same part of the life you are is priceless.

The next suburb on our list of the nicest suburbs in Ottawa for families is called Kanata

There are over 40 parks across the whole place so your kids will be able to enjoy the nice weather. They can be outside whenever they can. Here you can find some of the best daycares and schools. Places where your kids can be taken care of. So if you are having a toddler or a teenager, you will be glad to hear that you can give them the right education moving here. Among these gaming facts, Kanata suburb has become a home to many families with small kids. Almost every home has a private yard. So if you are not in a mood for being around people, your kids can have fun in their yard, still spending time outside. The big plus of these yards is that you can organize a barbeque while kids are asleep or playing in another room.

The last one on our list is Rockcliffe Park

One of the most important things to know about this place is that here there are two well-respected schools. Those are Ashbury College and Elmwood. These private schools will not only be great for your kid, but they are offering part-time jobs for kids when they leave college. So they will also learn how to be responsible and earn some money.

family in bed
Your family will be happy no matter which one of the nicest suburbs in Ottawa for families you choose.

No matter which one of the nicest suburbs in Ottawa for families you choose to be your new home, you will not make mistake. Every single one of them has something great to offer. You will be providing your kids with the best childhood memories. Maybesome memories that you never heard. So do not hesitate any longer, get some help from the moving company. And get ready to witness some of the best times of your and your family’s life.

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