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Fans of classical music and beautiful piano notes have this musical instrument in their homes. At first glance, the piano seems huge and bulky, but it’s actually an instrument that produces wonderful sounds and transmits the composer’s emotion to the listeners. If you are the owner of this instrument and thinking about moving, you will certainly want to move it with you. Just moving the piano to another room can be a daunting and challenging task, and you can only imagine what it will be like when you decide to move with your instrument. But don’t worry, as long as professional movers and packers Ottawa are by your side. What you need to take care of is the packing as well as to prevent damage to your piano when moving. We have prepared some tips for you when it comes to piano moving.

Piano moving

When you decide to take this step, the first thing you will need to do is arm yourself with patience, and set aside a lot of time for this job. Moving your piano can be a very demanding job, which can require the help of more people. The best solution for this step is to hire piano movers Ottawa, because the best solution is to leave this job to professional movers who are trained for this job. Also, it’s one of the ways you can prevent damage to your piano.

A boy playing the piano.
The piano is a musical instrument that through the melody conveys the composer’s emotion to the listener.

The piano moving process itself consists of several steps, and these are preparation, disassembly, protection, packing, transferring the piano to the moving truck, and loading. At first glance, this sounds like a simple job that can be done in no more than two to three hours? But it’s not really like that. Just imagine how long it would take you to get your piano down from your tenth-floor apartment? These are the reasons why you need professional help in this moving process.

Proper preparation can prevent damage to your piano when moving

Before you start preparing your piano for moving, make sure you get all the necessary packing and moving supplies. You can get them directly from your chosen moving company, but you can order them from some of the online sites such as So, to pack your writing you will need:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Moving blankets
  • Adhesive tape
  • Soft foil
  • Several moving boxes
  • Lifting tapes
  • Binding tapes

You will also need a mobile wheelchair to place your piano and push it to the moving truck, and if it’s a matter of moving the piano from the apartment to a higher floor, then you will need a special elevator. You can always agree on these things with your movers. It’s important to emphasize that this process can cost you a lot and that it would be wise to find affordable movers Ottawa. Now let’s get back to preparing the piano for moving. It’s also important to prepare very carefully and correctly to prevent damage to your piano.

Professional movers who can prevent damage to your piano when moving
For piano moving, you need the hands of true moving professionals.

The preparation consists of several steps, so let’s see:

  • First, you need to protect the piano keys by placing a soft foil over the keys and lowering the lid.
  • You can also insert a soft foil inside the piano and lower the holder and cover.
  • If possible, disassemble some parts of the piano such as legs and pedals.
  • Wrap the main part of the piano in moving blankets and cover with adhesive foil and tie with strips.
  • Other parts can be protected with bubble wrap and packed inboxes.

Other ways to prevent damage to your piano

One of the main ways to prevent damage to your piano is to prepare it for moving. In fact, the condition of your piano after moving will depend on the preparation process itself. Therefore, don’t do anything on your own, but always consult with professionals first. There are a few more ways you can prevent damage to your piano:

  • Allow professionals to handle your piano.
  • Carefully move from house to moving truck.
  • Load the piano and jam it so that it can’t be walked along the way.
  • Choose quality moving and packing supplies.

The moving process may depend on the type of piano

There are several types of pianos and not all are the same. There are larger and smaller ones, as well as different types of manufacturers. Here are some of the most challenging piano types for moving:

  • The upright-vertical piano. These pianos are 110-135 cm high, 155 cm wide, and 60 cm deep. The height of these pianos is the main difference. Dying this type of piano can be a challenge, and you will need a wheelchair to transport you from your home to a moving truck.
  • Grand pianos. These are the greatest pianos and at the same timeless challenging for moving. They are 120 cm to 280 cm long and weigh as much as 550 kg.
  • Digital pianos. This is the simplest type of piano to move, and they often have their own original bag to move.
Digital piano
When you need to prevent damage to your piano when moving, a digital piano will take you the least amount of time.

Do you think about storage solutions for your piano?

If you are in the situation to have nowhere to sit your piano, because your new home is still in the renovation phase, you can always opt for storage solutions Ottawa. Safe, secure, and clean storage units are the right solution for your needs. Preparing a piano for storage is the same as preparing to prevent damage to your piano when moving. However, in storage units, twisting objects into shrink foils should be avoided in order to avoid condensation. It’s best to use cotton and ecological materials such as bamboo cloth.

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