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Ottawa is a family-friendly place to live. But it’s also a very suitable place for young professionals who looking for a good job, cheap life and a good time. If you have decided to live in Ottawa, you are probably wondering what are the popular places in Ottawa among young professionals? We are here to help you choose the best place for you. While local movers Ottawa can take care of the relocation process that awaits you after choosing your ideal place to live. For starters, before the final choice, you can rent a small apartment in one of the smaller places in Ottawa, and be close to all the popular places you will explore before making a final decision. This can give you the opportunity to visit each place in person and see for yourself everything you will read here.


Ottawa is the capital of Canada with almost a million inhabitants, but it’s also one of the cities where you can feel sincere welcome and enjoy the attractions, celebrations, various activities, and tastes of the country. This city is at the same time an urban and rural environment, with very sociable residents. Whichever place you choose in Ottawa on the first day, you will feel at home.

One of the popular neighborhoods in Ottawa
Ottawa can provide you with peaceful settlements for your life, which are very close to the city center.

Rich and diverse culture is one of the main symbols of Ottawa. In Ottawa, you can visit the seven of nine Canadian national museums, which will vividly describe and retell Canadian history, art, war, aviation, science, etc. But that’s not all, this city has places of great national importance the Fairmont Chateau Laurier Hotel, Rideau Hall Governor’s Historic House, RCMP Musical Ride Visitor Center, Laurier House National Historic Site, and Difenbunker – Canadian Cold War Museum.

Cost of living in Ottawa

When choosing a place to live, the first thing people are always informed about is the cost of living. That is why we will single out some living costs and average prices.

  • The family’s monthly expenses for a family of four are about $ 3,386, excluding rent.
  • The monthly cost for one person is about $ 1,302, excluding rent.
  • Lunch for two in a restaurant can cost around $ 80.
  • The average cost of a weekly supply of basic groceries is about $ 100.
  • Prices for renting an apartment outside the center range from $1200 to $1800.
  • Prices for renting an apartment in the center range from $2000 to $3200.

With these statistics, we can say that the cost of living in Ottawa is affordable. A family of four with two children and two employees can have a nice and decent life. And also, the life of an individual can be very favorable. Salaries vary depending on the type of business you do, but we can say that in this city you can find good business opportunities, and earn very easily. Residential movers Ottawa can help you find the ideal solution for your moving that follows after choosing your new place to live in. They can also guide you through the entire moving preparation process as well as the organization so that you have a successful move.

Popular places in Ottawa among young professionals

After completing your studies, it’s time to think about life. According to statistics, 50% of the young population, after graduating from college, immediately start looking for a job and want to advance in their careers. 25% of young people want to have fun and take a break from studying. 15% of young people stay in the same city after studying and immediately find a job in the profession, while the other 10% return to their homeland.

Young professionals
Young people are mainly looking for work, entertainment, and cheap life.

We will single out some very popular places ideal for young professionals:

  • The ByWard Market. This part of the city is the center of nightlife. The modern clubs and restaurants of this place are just a part of what it has to offer. Students and young professionals often choose this place because of the lively atmosphere that favors this area. This place is interesting to explore during the day, and you can see various stands.
  • Sandy Hill. This is a historic settlement, which is only five minutes away from the city center. The student population, young professionals, singles, and couples without children make up a large part of the population of this part of the city.
  • New Edinburgh. This is a modern settlement, a favorite of young professionals who like to get to the city center quickly.
  • Kanata. This is a part of the city that has a large number of high-tech companies. In Kanata, you can find many parks, ideal for recreation.

Moving to one of the popular places in Ottawa

If you are looking for good business opportunities in Ottawa, then Kanata is the ideal place for you, as it offers you a large number of business opportunities as well as rapid advancement in its high-tech companies. In that case, if Kanata is your choice, we advise you to look for one of the moving companies Kanata, which can help you realize the moving process that follows you immediately after making a decision to relocate. Because moving can be a demanding job, but also a great challenge full of unexpected situations to deal with. But don’t worry. That’s why your moving company is here.

Girl with moving boxes
Following your final decision follows a moving process that can be a complicated and difficult job.

But when we talk about moving, it’s important to note that it’s a process that requires excellent organization and assistance of professionals. In the process of moving to one of the popular places in Ottawa among young professionals, a lot of work needs to be done. This includes sorting, purchasing packaging, packing, road organization, loading, etc. And when you think about the price, it’s important to fit it into the budget. But you can often find discount moving Ottawa. Discounts can help you save a little and make the price of moving completely fit into your budget. So, be careful, and choose the most favorable and efficient solution for your move.

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