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To achieve a successful relocation it only takes having a good plan ready. Once you manage to follow it entirely you will find yourself enjoying everything your new home has to offer. If you decided that Orleans, Ottawa is the best place for you and your family you are in for countless surprises. But, moving to another place is not all about transporting your items and settling in. It takes some time to adjust to new things around you. If you have kids, this process will be both interesting and somewhat challenging so you better start gathering information on time. Although this suburb is not immense, extra help is always good and it will definitely help you blend in faster. Let’s go through some tips and tricks for exploring Orleans after moving with kids.

Arriving in Orleans, Ottawa

Considering that you already have a good plan for your relocation and will rely on movers in Ottawa area, arriving here will be pleasant for everyone. Try to choose the best season to do it, meaning you should avoid bad weather. As a result, you will not have disturbance while traveling and unpacking your items. Your first step should definitely be exploring things near you. This includes your neighborhood and community. Orleans has a wonderful community that will welcome you from the very start and introduces local events to you. But exploring your neighborhood also means you will have to include your kids in the process.

parents walking and exploring Orleans after moving with kids
Your kids will need some time to adapt to the change so make sure to help them do it!

Your main goal is to make this process pleasant for them. Kids usually have a hard time adjusting to new places especially if they are teenagers. Give them as much time and space as they need so it is easier for everyone. If you go through this step properly they will adapt faster both in school and in your new neighborhood.

Make a plan in advance

Simply arriving in Orleans and leaving everything to chance won’t be enough. You will need some time to make a strategic plan for exploring Orleans after moving with kids, so leave the relocation to residential movers Ottawa. While they are dealing with your inventory you can write down some important points that will help you later. It is extremely important to include your kids in this as they will as adults and will enjoy doing it. If you wonder what exactly should your plan include, that mostly depends on you. Think of activities your kids love and enjoyed back home. You can also make a “wishlist” and try to fulfill it along the way. The more creative you are, the more things will be interesting for everyone.

Be careful not to dive too much into this part though. Perfect balance is the key and you should know that there will be some other tasks waiting for you upon arriving. Other family members can help you multitask and feel free to include your older kids in this as well. It won’t take too long for you to see if the plan working. If your kids are showing that they are against some things or not enjoying them, make sure to go with a different option on time. Stressing them prior to relocation will only make things worse. Keep in mind that this relocation is supposed to make everyone happy, so make that your priority!

Prepare them for Orleans, Ottawa

If you start exploring this topic early, you will see that including your kids in the entire relocation process will give much better results. This means letting them help with inventory, pack, unpack and of course, get to know the new place. If you never had a chance to visit Orleans before try to do it at least once before officially moving. This will be a great chance to meet the place together and even choose some places to visit first upon arriving later. Since visiting in the middle of your relocation can be too risky, you can do it after making arrangements with moving companies Orleans. You will know the official date for your relocation and can plan this short trip in peace.

parent and kid holding hands
A great method for having a good relocation is to include your kids in the process!

Another great method, if your kids are a little bit older, is to let them find their own way to get to know Orleans. they can use social media, and friends or organize the trip by themselves. Kids nowadays can find better solutions for some common issues so have a little trust in them as well. Since this is all considered preparation for arriving in Orleans, having multiple options ready is always a good choice. This way, relocation to Orleans will be an amazing and bonding experience for everyone involved. 

Exploring Orleans after moving with kids

If you are in the Ottawa area, local movers Ottawa will carry out your relocation in no time. As soon as they finish their part of the job, your relocation is over and you will finally be in your dream home. It is highly advised that you have a first-night kit, as it will help you spend the first night there. the kit should include essentials, like personal items, chargers, snacks, food, and everything else that you may need. Exploring Orleans after moving with kids can begin in the days that follow. This process will allow you to spend quality time with your kids, and meet Orleans and its lovely residents. Although coming across interesting locations yourself is interesting, it is good to know some tips and tricks for an even better experience. 

Since Orleans is located in the east end of Ottawa and along the river of the same name, there will be plenty of things to see and do here. All you need to do is make a schedule that suits everyone and simply look for things you love. You will get a chance to experience all four seasons in Ottawa so that can be your guide. Start with activities suitable for the weather and enjoy what is to come. To make things much easier for you, let’s see what tips and tricks are proven to be the best!

Enjoy outdoors with your kids

Soon enough you will have to start exploring the area around you. As your kids should be included in this as well, make sure you do it right from the start. Get ready for amazing scenery in Orleans, Ottawa, and beautiful landscapes you can enjoy. You will see the difference right away as the air is fresh here and it feels like you are away from all the city rush. The lovely smell of grass and trees will be at every corner and it genuinely feels like your private paradise. With a setting like this, you won’t find it difficult to spend time outside with your kids. 

park in spring
Parks in Orleans are a great place for meeting new families and starting amazing friendships!

Your first stop should be Petrie Island Park which will be a great place for long walks and refreshing picnics. The park is always full of families with kids so expect your kids to make new friends almost immediately. The park has bike and hike trails so all you need to worry about is getting good shoes and being in a great mood. Many new residents claim that the park was their first stop upon arriving so make sure you give it a chance as well.

Visit attractions

If you take some time to go through moving blogs Ottawa, you will see that they usually advise you to move when the weather is nice and warm. Not only relocation will be easier but you will get to enjoy different things outside much faster than usual. When we talk about attractions in Orleans, there are a couple of amazing ones and your kids will love them. They will also be a great place for bonding and making new memories. It is always good to see something new and making plans to visit these places early will get rid of all blue and nostalgic feelings.

The first place to see here is most definitely Aquamermaid. This park contains all kinds of water rides and activities and your kids will even get a chance to meet mermaids! Aquamermaid welcomes countless families with kids daily and provides an experience to remember. If anything is certain is that they will remember this experience forever and you will love it yourself. Just remember to make your reservations on time as this place is one of the most popular in Orleans. Feel free to make trips here your little tradition during summer or on other occasions. 

water rides in aquapark
Exploring Orleans after moving with kids must start with visiting the aquapark!

Go for a post-moving shopping

You probably didn’t know that Orleans is amazing for shopping. It has amazing stores and malls that you can spend hours and hours exploring. Planning to go shopping after relocation has many benefits and one includes old items you should leave back home. The best thing you can do, to avoid piling old items up, is to go with packing services Ottawa. This way you will not have to get the packing material yourself and waste your precious time doing it. Professionals will do it for you and you will have much more time for exploring Orleans after moving with kids.

Choosing the right moving services Ottawa can give you enough space and time for organizing your new home and bringing some new things into it, which is really important for all big changes like this one. Leave all things you no longer need behind or give them to someone in need. Your new home will be fresh and you won’t feel bad about having to say goodbye to them.

This opens the door for super interesting and fun shopping with your kids in Orleans. They will probably need some new things for school and you will enjoy getting something for yourself as well. You will enjoy the service there and the hospitality of the locals. Feel free to stop by some traditional restaurants and take a break to enjoy Orlean’s culinary wonders.

kid with glasses in the classroom
Incase your kids need French course, make sure they start on time!

Other things to know about exploring Orleans after moving with kids

In case you are coming from the USA and not Canada, you should know that French is widely spoken there. Orleans for instance has a majority of its residents who speak it and that is something you should keep in mind before moving. As French is one of two official languages here, don’t be surprised if you come across signs and names written in this language. If you and other family members never had a chance to learn it, you can attend easy and fast French courses before moving here.

The cost of living in Orleans is not too high and you can keep your previous lifestyle after moving. Nevertheless, relocations can sometimes be tricky if you do them on your own so make smart decisions from the start. Moving companies can provide a free estimate so you know the approximate price and organize your budget according to that. Just avoid making last-minute changes as they can alter the price and cost you more than previously planned.

Get to know your new neighbors

Since Orleans is not a huge place, your arrival will be noticeable in the neighborhood. Embrace new people coming to say hi to you and your family and ask them to help you understand the area better. You will love how nice and welcoming everyone is, so expect some of them to offer their help while unpacking. Be careful not to put too much work, not on you or them. For larger and more fragile items, make sure to have professional movers in mind. Piano movers Ottawa can even take care of your instruments, so in the end, everything is covered.

kids playing outside
Make sure to listen to their wishes during the first couple of months in Orleans as they will feel much better about the entire moving situation.

In conclusion about exploring Orleans after moving with kids

And just like that, Orleans is your new home. Before you know it, you will love every corner of it and will be proud of making this decision. Exploring Orleans after moving with kids will be an experience of a lifetime for everyone!


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