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We all know that relocating is a serious business. You must organize the packing process, declutter, handle legalities, and find reliable movers in Orleans Ontario. But what bothers us the most is the moving budget and the time we have on our hands. Those two will dictate the overall complexity and pace of your moving endeavor. Therefore, we will try to make it a bit easier and organize you better by pointing out the cheapest time to relocate. Let us find a moving date that suits you best.

When is for you, the cheapest time to relocate?

In the ideal world, if you have a month to organize your move, you won’t have any trouble. But we usually have much less than that. Our busy schedules won’t allow such a commodity. Therefore, at least two weeks is what you should aim for. We understand you probably can’t take two weeks off from work. But one week to work and pack, and rest to relocate is enough to cover everything.

A woman browsing, trying to find the cheapest time to relocate
Go online and find a reliable moving company to assist you on this journey.

So, before you start choosing your moving date, know that Winter and the Autumn are non-peak seasons. While on the other hand Summer and Spring are crowded with relocation requests and therefore, a bit more expensive. The best tactic would be to choose a season, month, week, and finally, your moving day.

Let us find the moving company first

Once you figure out the moving date you want, start searching for moving companies in Ottawa. You want to check straight away if the best local companies have the date you chose available. Usually, highly ranked moving companies are booked months in advance, so you’ll have to be smart and find your movers somewhere in the middle. Thorough research is ahead of you. Start by browsing online until you find a dew viable choices. Then, narrow it down by checking their website, moving reviews, moving services, prices, and more.

Ensure your movers have all the tools, equipment, manpower, and vehicle for the job. Most importantly, they should have experience in the moving business and license to operate in the area. So, take a few hours and sit down, browse online, and you’ll find what you seek. The earlier you do this the better. Secure the moving date you desire and an adequate moving team to handle it.

A better price is always welcome

The cheapest time to relocate does not mean the best time, and the cheapest moving service does not mean it is a good one. So, as we said earlier, find a healthy balance somewhere in the middle. The same goes for the moving date. The best time to move regardless of the season is the middle of the week and the middle of the month. Somewhere between 10th and 20th in the month is the ideal time because people move less. Usually, it is crowded around the 1st because leases renew and expire. People swap houses and move a lot in a week before and after. Hence, avoid it and pick your date somewhere in the middle.

Hopefully, you can pick your moving date freely. Choose one that is most convenient for you.

And for other moving stages, you can find a better deal as well. For example, you can buy your moving boxes Ottawa from your moving company. Use the packing service and let movers bring materials, pack, and unpack in a day. Or buy packing materials online at half price and pack yourself. One way you will invest more money and move quicker and safer. And the other way around you’ll invest more time and save your budget. Of course, guided by your preferences, you will choose whatever works best for you.

Summertime relocation can be pricey

We prefer relocating while the weather is good. It is safer and much more pleasant. Although, such an environment attracts customers, and movers are booked tight. And because there is a high demand, many movers keep their prices set in stone. Moving prices over the peak season are similar across the board. But you can’t expect to get a discount because the guy behind you will pay the full price just to snatch a moving date they desire. Therefore, be prepared to pay the full price and sometimes even a higher one if you move over summer.

Also, due to extreme heat summer can bring, take precautionary measures. Wear lighter clothes, use sunscreen, hats, drink enough fluids, and pack in early hours while temperatures are lower. And remember, your AC is your best friend at these times.

A yellow moving van
Summertime relocation is extremely popular but tightly booked. Contact your movers at least a month in advance.

Winter relocation is surely the cheapest time to relocate

Usually, people move over the colder period only if they have to. But, if you think about it for a second you will realize that a winter move is actually safer then a summer move. There are fewer vehicles on the road overall and everyone is driving with caution. Also, because there is a lower demand, movers offer many discounts to attract customers. You can get up to 30% off just because of the moving season. So, this would be the perfect moment to check moving services Ottawa based available to you. Since you’ll get a lower price, you can invest in the safety aspect, or in the packing process, or maybe in a certain special service. All in all, you’ll have a stretching budget for sure.

Now, you must know that the snowy and rainy environment raises safety concerns. Winter is the cheapest time to relocate but the moving period where you must take some precautionary measures. You want to be sure that the area between your home and the loading dock is safe. You must use salt to melt down the ice and cardboard to soak the rain. This way you will avoid slippery situations and unnecessary damages. Although, if you have valuable possessions and you do not want to risk it, consider purchasing moving insurance. This way you will protect yourself and your cargo.

And there we go, now you know when the cheapest time to relocate is. You’ll be able to calculate your moving budget and organize it easier now. Do the math up front and try catching the date that is most convenient. Good luck.

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