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    When you decide it’s time to move, there’s no doubt you’ll be forced to consider moving clothes. While there are some of your clothing items that can fit into a box, there are others that cannot. And everyone has some pieces of wardrobe that hang in their closet and need to be moved. So, you shouldn’t forget about those items while planning the packing process. Because you don’t want your jackets, dresses, or long skirt to damage or clutter. So, we have gathered the most useful and practical tips on how to pack and move hanging clothes.

    How to pack and move hanging clothes?

    As we already mentioned, moving can often get challenging. Except when you hire Ottawa movers, then you’re set. However, preparing to move hanging clothes and packing up a closet isn’t always fun. You must do it right, or you could end up with a closet full of wrinkled shirts and skirts. So, the first thing to do before you pack hanging clothes is to wash them and fold them the right way. Only after, you are ready to commit to the ways to pack and move hanging clothes.

    Clothes on hangers
    You have to prepare to pack and move hanging clothes.

    Buy several wardrobe boxes for high-end hanging clothes

    Before you start packing clothes for moving, you have to sort them out. Meaning, you won’t be packing all the hanging clothes the same way. For instance, when packing nice clothes, start with wardrobe boxes. These boxes are made of cardboard and are small, portable closets. They are specifically designed to hang and fit your clothing. So, that’s one of the ways to go when packing and moving hanging clothes. However, the size of these boxes may vary. But most wardrobe boxes are two feet wide and about three feet long. They have a built-in metal hanger bar that imitates your closet. Also, the corrugated box keeps your hanging clothes protected and without wrinkles.

    The downside of wardrobe boxes

    However, there is one downside of this option for packing hanging clothes. The price of this kind of box goes from $20 to $50 and that isn’t cheap. But many people will tell you that the convenience that a wardrobe box gives you is worth the price. That’s also what movers Stittsville advise.

    Use trash bags to pack and move your hanging clothes

    One of the most used ways to pack hanging clothes is large trash bags. Especially given the high price or wardrobe boxes previously mentioned. This option is a cheaper method for moving less expensive clothes. This is an easy-to-find and low-cost option, perfect for packing clothes for moving. Here are some of our advice on how to choose the right bag to pack and move your hanging clothes.

    • First, use drawstring bags that are capable of holding anywhere from 30 to 50 gallons.
    • Then, to pack hanging clothes inside the trash bag, bundle your hangers and clothes together. Afterward, slip the hanging clothes inside of a trash bag while holding onto the hangers.
    • Finally, tighten the drawstrings around the hanger hooks, tie and secure with the hooks outside the bag.
    Woman writing on a moving box
    Sometimes, you can even use a moving box to move your clothes.

    An alternative way to pack clothes in a trash bag

    Another alternative for packing hanging clothes in a trash bag is to cut a small hole at the bottom of it. Then, place the clothes inside with the hangers towards the bottom of the bag. And once the hooks are through the hole at the bottom of the bag, tie and secure them. You can use a rubber band or string, for instance. Also, the top part of the bag should contain the bottom portion of your clothing. Finally, once the hanging clothes are placed inside, tie the drawstrings closed to keep everything together. During this whole process, pay attention and prevent moving day injuries.

    Don’t forget to protect hanging clothes before packing and moving

    It is never too much protection for your hanging clothes. So, add an extra layer of protection by using garment bags. These kinds of bags can be used by themselves. Or you can use them in addition to wardrobe boxes and trash bags. You should know that garment bags are great to transport and move hanging clothes.

    As for the price, the covers usually cost anywhere from $10 to $40. That’s depending on the type and quality of the garment bag you choose. Sure, you can always ask your local dry cleaners for free garment bags. These bags will make it easy to keep hanging clothes together when packed inside. Or you can find affordable movers Ottawa offers and let them do the work.

    Use your suitcases to pack hanging clothes

    Sometimes, the easiest way to pack hanging clothes is to use your travel luggage. You can simply pack your closet items inside a suitcase. Because suitcases are designed to hold clothing and personal belongings. Therefore, they make for a perfect hanging clothes moving solution.

    In addition, to maximize the space inside the suitcase and prevent wrinkles, use this trick. Try rolling your clothing before placing them inside a suitcase. This trick works for blouses, shirts, pants, and underwear. Also, you can try using packing cubes. Those are small, fabric bags that make it easy to group items of clothing. This will keep your clothes organized during a move.

    Woman packing wardrobe in a suitcase
    Finally, use a suitcase to pack a hanging wardrobe.

    Vacuum seal bags can help you pack and move hanging clothes

    Another great way to pack your clothes and move them is to store the clothes inside vacuum seal bags. This option provides complete protection for hanging clothing while moving. As opposed to cardboard moving boxes. These reusable storage bags prevent dirt, moisture, dust, and bugs from damaging your clothes. Also, they are perfect for keeping seasonal clothes in storage. Luckily, vacuum seal bags are quite affordable. The price is from $15 to $40, and it includes multiple vacuum seal bags.

    So, now that you’ve read the most practical tips on how to pack and move hanging clothes, you’re ready. But before you start preparing for your new home, you can clean out your closet and get rid of some unneeded items. That way, you’ll have a fresh start at your new home.

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