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When you decide it’s time to move with a little bit of help from Ottawa movers, there’s no doubt you’ll be forced to consider moving clothes. While some of your clothing items can fit into a box, there are others that cannot. And everyone has some pieces of clothing that hang in their closet and need to be moved. So, you shouldn’t forget about those items while planning the packing process. because you don’t want your jackets, dresses, or long skirts to be damaged or cluttered. Because of their nature and the fact that everything should stay that way, you must have a different approach. Just follow these useful and practical tips on how to pack and move hanging clothes!

How to begin the process of packing and moving clothes?

As we already mentioned, moving can often get challenging. Except when you hire local movers Ottawa, then you’re all set. However, preparing to move hanging clothes, and packing up a closet isn’t always fun. You must do it right, or you could end up with a closet full of wrinkled shirts and skirts. So, the first thing to do before you pack your hanging clothes is to wash them and fold them the right way.

Clothes on hangers
You have to prepare to pack and move hanging clothes.

Only then should you commit to the methods for packing and moving your hanging clothes. The number of hangers and items will define how long the process will be, but even if you have multiple items, there are some hacks to make it faster. You may have some experience with this, as you probably packed them when traveling for vacation or business trips.

Buy several wardrobe boxes for high-end hanging clothes

Before you start packing clothes for moving, you have to sort them out. Meaning, you won’t be packing all the hanging clothes the same way. For instance, when packing nice clothes, start with wardrobe boxes. These boxes are made of cardboard and are small, portable closets. They are specifically designed to hang and fit your clothing. So, using quality wardrobe boxes is one of the ways to go when packing and moving hanging clothes. However, the size of these boxes may vary. But most wardrobe boxes are two feet wide and about three feet long. They have a built-in metal hanger bar that imitates your closet. Also, the corrugated box keeps your hanging clothes protected and without wrinkles.

However, there is one downside to this option for packing hanging clothes. The price of this kind of box goes from $20 to $50 and that isn’t cheap. But many people will tell you that the convenience that a wardrobe box gives you is worth the price. That’s also what movers Stittsville advises.

How to prepare your hanging clothes for packing and moving

Since we are talking about very delicate things and materials as well, simply packing everything is not enough. You will have to prepare your clothes for the trip and bags before you pack everything. There are two ways you can do this and it all depends on how much time you have and how much money you are willing to spend. And while choosing is completely up to you, you should do this way before residential movers Ottawa arrive. Your two options include:

  • Taking your clothes for a professional cleaning. This is a much safer option but you must know that it will cost you a certain amount. Different services have different prices and if you never took your clothes there before make sure to inform yourself in time. Once you leave your clothes there, employees will tell you when they will be ready for pick up. Expect your clothes to be there for at least a day, depending on how much of it you plan on cleaning.
  • Cleaning clothes yourself. The second one may be a cheaper option but it definitely carries more risk. If you have experience with this you can wash your pieces and let them dry properly. No matter how short on time you are, you shouldn’t pack your clothes while still wet. This can cause mold and the damage will be unfixable.
two jeans on hangers
It all begins with good preparations and categorizing

Things to avoid when cleaning or washing your clothes

Apart from leaving your items wet, there are other things you must be careful with. Try to use proper cleaning solutions if you decide to do everything yourself. Every single clothing piece has a tag where you can inform yourself on how to properly do it. If the tag says that washing in the washing machine will damage the item, don’t try to do it. These pieces must be taken to dry cleaning services as you won’t be able to do it at home. Also, try to skip DIY cleaning hacks, at least those you have never had a chance to try before. As good as they may be, sometimes they will simply not work for many different reasons. It is best you go with a safer option.

Person ironing clothes
Carefully iron your clothes so you don’t damage the material

And finally, if you don’t have enough time to deal with this, don’t push it and don’t let other people clean your clothes. Your hanging clothes could be really delicate, and even the tiniest mistake could damage the fabric. In particular, be careful with ironing as it causes the most damage to any sensitive fabric you may have out there. Again, always check the tags before doing anything drastic, as there you can find the most accurate instructions for a particular piece of clothing.

Start gathering the right packing materials

Since you will be moving your clothes as well, prepare a couple of extra boxes for your items. This will make packing and moving much easier, especially if your clothing items have some smaller parts. This includes attachable caps, button collections, ties, etc. Next, you should have tape by your side as well as markers for labeling. If you have just a couple of hangers to pack and move, then markers are probably not essential. On the other hand, for those who have dozens of them, the situation is a little bit different. Don’t worry if you get more boxes than necessary, as there are always some ideas about what to do with leftover moving boxes. If you have already had a chance to move, then you can determine how many boxes you will need without having an excess at the end.

Use trash bags to pack and move your hanging clothes

One of the most common ways to pack hanging clothes is with large trash bags, especially given the high price of wardrobe boxes previously mentioned. This option is a cheaper method for moving fewer expensive clothing items. Moreover, this is an easy-to-find and low-cost option, making it perfect for packing clothes. Here is some of our advice on how to choose the right bag to pack and move your hanging clothes:

Woman writing on a moving box
Sometimes you can even use a moving box to move your clothes.
  • First, use drawstring bags that are capable of holding anywhere from 30 to 50 gallons.
  • Then, to pack hanging clothes inside the trash bag, bundle your hangers and clothes together. Afterward, slip the hanging clothes inside a trash bag while holding onto the hangers.
  • Finally, tighten the drawstrings around the hanger hooks, tie and secure with the hooks outside the bag.

An alternative way to pack clothes in a trash bag

Another alternative for packing hanging clothes in a trash bag is to cut a small hole at the bottom of it. Then, place the clothes inside with the hangers towards the bottom of the bag. And once the hooks are through the hole at the bottom of the bag, tie and secure them. You can use a rubber band or string, for instance. Also, the top part of the bag should contain the bottom portion of your clothing. Finally, once the hanging clothes are placed inside, tie the drawstrings closed to keep everything together. During this whole process, pay attention and prevent moving day injuries. Of course, trash bags are not made for this purpose, and at some point, your hanging clothes could be damaged during transportation or packing. This is where you need to be extremely careful. If your clothes are expensive and you are not willing to take risks, there are other ways way to do this.

Use cloth and garment bags to protect hanging clothes before packing and moving

You can go with a slightly less expensive option and use garment bags to pack and move hanging clothes. That being said, professional movers providing packing services Ottawa can help you with the rest of your items, but they can also do this step for you. These bags are easy to find and buy as you can come across them in any shop or supermarket. Usually, the packaging consists of 10 bags you can use more than once. As a result, you will have a neat collection of these delicate things that you can move anywhere you want. When you finish, you can even level your hanging clothes in these bags for extra protection. If not, make sure to pack them back again, as you never know when you will need them again. Keep in mind that these special bags come in different sizes and types as well. If you get really expensive ones, they will even have a zipper for easier use.

man writing on the moving boxes
Find a solution for items you won’t be using anymore

It is never too much protection for your hanging clothes. So, add an extra layer of protection by using garment bags. These kinds of bags can be used by themselves. Or you can use them in addition to wardrobe boxes and trash bags. You should know that garment bags are great for transporting and moving hanging clothes. As for the price, the covers usually cost anywhere from $10 to $40. That depends on the type and quality of the garment bag you choose. Sure, you can always ask your local dry cleaners for free garment bags. These bags will make it easy to keep hanging clothes together when packed inside. Or you can find affordable movers Ottawa offers and let them do the work.

Use your suitcases to pack hanging clothes

Sometimes, the easiest way to pack hanging clothes is to use your travel luggage. Simply place your closet items in a suitcase.Because suitcases are designed to hold clothing and personal belongings. Therefore, they make for a perfect hanging clothes-moving solution.

Woman packing wardrobe in a suitcase
Finally, use a suitcase to pack a hanging wardrobe.

In addition, to maximize the space inside the suitcase and prevent wrinkles, use this trick. Try rolling your clothes before placing them inside a suitcase. This trick works for blouses, shirts, pants, and underwear. Also, you can try using packing cubes. Those are small, fabric bags that make it easy to group items of clothing. This will keep your clothes organized during a move.

Vacuum seal bags can help you pack and move hanging clothes

Another great way to pack your clothes and move them is to store your clothes inside vacuum-sealed bags. This option provides complete protection for hanging clothing while moving. As opposed to cardboard moving boxes. These reusable storage bags prevent dirt, moisture, dust, and bugs from damaging your clothes. Also, they are perfect for keeping seasonal clothes in storage. Luckily, vacuum-sealed bags are quite affordable. The price is from $15 to $40, and it includes multiple vacuum-sealed bags. Once you see how economical they are, you will proceed to use them for the rest of your items as well. Speaking of them, focus on packing big items in these bags. Pillows and blankets will fit there perfectly and will save you huge amounts of space.

Using a portable hanger to pack and move hanging clothes

Speaking of great hacks you can use when moving your hanging clothes, why not use a portable hanger? Of course, this is most efficient for local relocations where you won’t spend hours and hours traveling. When you start choosing moving services Ottawa, make sure to mention that you will have one or a couple of portable hangers. Movers will transport them safely in their vehicles, and you can immediately set them up. If you decide to go with this option, there are a couple of rules you must follow.

Using bags is essential here as your clothes will be out in the open. Luckily, there is no need to buy expensive ones as the trip will be short. For those who still wish to use this method even when going on a longer trip, you must consult your movers about it. They must confirm that hangers can be transported that way and that everything will fit.

If you can’t move some of your clothes, consider using storage options

We all know how plans can change overnight. Making last-minute changes is not something you should do while moving, as you are risking a couple of issues and, of course, extra fees. But even if you get yourself some packing supplies Ottawa and find them still not enough, maybe you should consider doing something else. Keep in mind that lack of space is a common issue for people who are moving, and you shouldn’t worry too much about it. What you should do is continue with the preparations and make sure everything is ready. But instead of moving those items, you can simply put them in storage for a while.

white clothes drying outside
The more delicate fabric is, the more careful you must be

Storage has been a useful tool for many different situations, and it will work for you too. You can use storage units Ottawa for as long as you want, without being anxious about what is going on with your items. Pack everything in bags and ask storage employees to help you place your hangers or boxes in there. By the time you set up your new home, you will probably find more space for those clothes. Inform the store employees that you would like to come and pick them up and schedule your visit on time.

Pack and move hanging clothes on time

Even if you manage to finish everything and pack your items properly at some point, you may be short on time. Relocations are tricky when it comes to this matter, and it is always good to be prepared for it. There could be many reasons why you could be short on time, some of which include:

  • Bad weather
  • Last-minute change
  • Adding new inventory 
woman looking at her laptop
Gather as much information about packing and moving your clothes

The list goes on and on, but more importantly, you must know how to avoid being late. The thing about hanging clothes is that you will not achieve any good effect if you are in a hurry. You will just wrinkle everything, and when you start unpacking the stress may kick in. This is your first sign of the importance of creating a home inventory list before moving and packing. If you manage to do it properly and start packing one room at a time, you will avoid even the slightest possibility of being late. Movers are extremely punctual, so expect them to arrive on time as well.

Even if it doesn’t sound right, get rid of the items you no longer need

Your final step would be to make some harsh decisions. You are moving to a new place, and a new chapter of your life is about to begin. With that, if you must make some huge decisions regarding your clothes, don’t be afraid to actually do it. When you start packing and organizing your clothes, start categorizing everything. When you come across an item that you no longer use or need, you should set it aside. There are countless options that you can go with when deciding what to do with them. In your area, there are probably some charitable organizations that will make good use of them. If not, why don’t you give it to friends or family members?

woman writing down labels on moving boxes
If you have many bags and items don’t forget to label them

It is completely normal that you don’t take everything with you when moving. Some items will be too old and used, and for other items movers can refuse to move. Always keep good communication with your movers as they can help you do this right.

Follow your instincts and have fun while you pack and move hanging clothes

So, now that you’ve read the most practical tips on how to pack and move hanging clothes, you’re ready. Before you start preparing for your new home, you can clean out your closet and get rid of some unneeded items. That way, you’ll have a fresh start at your new home. Just follow the feeling that you are moving to a better place but should properly say goodbye to the old one. Things will start unfolding in the most natural way, so just go with it. If at some point, things become too difficult, you will have movers by your side, and they will give you the most useful advice. Before you know it, your relocation will be over and you will be enjoying your new home and area.

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