What are the best packing supplies for fragile items?


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Packing is a stressful and time-consuming process. And it only gets more frustrating when you remember that fragile items require extra attention. Nothing can ruin your day faster than realizing all your precious items were damaged during the transit. However, with some preparation, you can evade these uncomfortable occasions. By using the best packing supplies for fragile items and getting help from the best moving companies Ottawa, you can rest easy, knowing that your items are being moved in the best possible way. Here are some tips and further information about packing supplies that might help with your move.

Be sure to stock up on packing supplies for fragile items

When it comes to the majority of packing materials, you really can’t have too much. Most of them are quite cheap, like packing paper, so for little money, you’ll get tons of it. And by the time the packing is done, you’ll probably go through most of it. Although packing paper is the cheapest there is, if you run out of it there are always alternatives, like old paper that’s lying around or newspapers. Other packing supplies for fragile items that you should have aplenty before packing are:

  • Boxes,
  • Bubble wrap
  • Styrofoam materials (packing peanuts and styrofoam blocks)
  • Tape
  • Markers
  • Rags and towels (just in case)

Use appropriate boxes and mark everything!

You might think that all boxes are the same, and start tossing things into them, without giving them a second thought. This is a common beginner’s mistake that can increase the chance of your items getting damaged. Always use boxes that fit your items. The goal is to have as little empty space as possible. This will stop the items from moving or tipping over in the boxes, greatly reducing the risk of them getting nicked. There will always be some empty space though, but you can fill it with packing supplies for fragile items, like packing peanuts. If you are still having problems, you can always contact packing services Ottawa to ensure the safest possible transit of your belongings. When you finish packing, cover all corners with tape, and don’t forget to write ‘fragile’ on all four sides. Just in case.

A person writing 'fragile' on a box
Always mark the boxes with fragile items

Take your time and use the best packing supplies for fragile items

You have found a sturdy and firm box, just about the right size. So what now? Start packing, of course. You should always place the heaviest items on the bottom of the box. This will give it stability and it will make it harder for the box to fall. Of course, the heavy item shouldn’t be touching the cardboard itself. Place bubble wrap and packing paper below it. Use paper or packing peanuts to fill in any remaining space. This will absorb vibrations and lower the risk of scratching your items. If you are packing glasses, bowls, or any stemware, you should use dividers to keep the glassware from clashing. A great (and cheaper) option is to pack fragile glassware in the original box with all the packing components. The size of the box is similar to the size of the items and it will minimize the damage.

A person taping a box
Cover all corners of the box with tape

Bubble wrap is a safe and reliable choice for packing supplies

We’ve all seen and played with bubble wrap. Those air pillows are what make the bubble wrap so reliable and practical to use. Bigger the air bubble, the safer the item. It is also very light, so it won’t make the boxes heavier, unlike some other materials. You can also use bubble wrap, or bubble cushioning, to line the walls of the boxes. In case an item tips over and falls, it will land on a soft surface. While bubble wrap is one of the best packing supplies for fragile items, it does have one drawback; it costs more than the alternatives. This problem can easily be solved, however. The trick is to combine bubble wrap with packing paper. The fragile item should be wrapped in bubble cushioning and then in packing paper to achieve the highest possible protection.

A person wrapping a bowl with bubble wrap, one of the best packing supplies for fragile items
Bubble wrap is one of the best packing supplies for fragile items

Packing foam is very versatile, making it a must-have packing supply

Packing foam is available in many different forms and sizes, making it a perfect choice when packing delicate items. If you are packing larger items, we suggest going for foam sheets and rolls. On the other hand, smaller items, like jewelry and picture frames, can easily fit into foam pouches. When it comes to the simpleness and ease of packing, foam is one of the best packing supplies for the fragile items there is. Another packing foam’s use is to protect furniture, like TVs, with foam corner guards. To get just the right form of packing foam, hire packing supplies Ottawa. It is also one of the lightest packing materials, making it that much better.

Moving blankets are perfect for large furniture

Moving blankets are the largest packing materials for fragile items, measuring around 6 feet in width and height. They are perfect for moving furniture, appliances, and similar large objects. Blankets are made of a few similar materials, making them thick and extra protective. Their main purpose is to wrap large items in the van, keeping them clean and protected, but also keeping them in place to prevent shaking. If necessary, they can be used for longer periods of time, even in storage units Ottawa, where they will keep your items unscratched. Another use of moving blankets is protecting the hallways as the movers are constantly entering or leaving your home.


Moving is a process already filled with risks. So, in order to reduce your anxiety, you should look for the best packing supplies for fragile items. These will keep your delicate belongings safe and sound during transit. You can’t prevent 100% damage to your fragile items, but with the appropriate type and amount of supplies, you can rest easy, knowing that you’ve done your part.

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