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Moving happens to be one of the most stressful events in life. It’s a monumental change that involves lots of preparation and planning as well as consulting companies such as movers Kemptville. Even our pets experience the stressful effects of moving, except they cannot talk about it like humans can. No matter if someone else did the planning altogether or you’re exuberant about the fact that you’re moving into your brand new home, there’s likely an element of stress to be involved both mentally and emotionally. That’s why it’s really important to look after yourself during a move. Self-care need not be glamorous or elegant or even expensive – it could be as simple as brushing your teeth, having a nutritious meal, having friends over, or planning stuff in advance. In order to learn how to take good care of yourself on moving day, follow these self-care tips.

Self-care tips to reduce moving anxiety are essential when learning how to take good care of yourself on moving day:

Starting each day off right – how to take good care of yourself on moving day

When you’re in the midst of a moving process, it’s easy to forget about your daily habits and the way you live life. We get it. It happens to all of us. Instead, try this. When you wake up, try not to think about things you have to accomplish throughout the day such as asking for a fee a moving company such as senior moves Ottawa charges. Instead of thinking about moving the moment, you wake up, try to take the first 30 minutes of the new day for yourself. Have breakfast, drink a cup of tea, and enjoy your morning. This way you will start the day fresh with a clear mind and feel energized throughout the rest of it.

A person packing things slowly is the best way to take good care of yourself on moving day
Meticulous packing is the best way to take good care of yourself on moving day

Planning you meals

Another thing easy to lose track of while you’re moving is your meals. Even if you’re moving with the help of serious companies such as moving help Ottawa, food tends to become an afterthought, especially if you do not have time to cook. As a result, what follows is eating fast food or skipping meals which isn’t good. Instead, try taking one day of the week to plan out food for the week. Plan out each meal, whether you’re cooking, going to a restaurant or it’s a takeout. It’s always a good idea to prepare all your food in one day and label the containers. That way it’ll be easier to grab one when you’re ready to eat. This means you will have healthy meals even on a tight schedule whilst moving.

Take some time for yourself

While it’s tempting to finish the moving process in one go, by following the exact formula you’re risking burning yourself out. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving with the help of residential movers Ottawa, it’s crucial to separate some downtime every day. Whether it’s yoga, watching a movie, reading a book, going to the spa, or spending time with family or friends, doing small things such as these days in and out can make a world of difference when keeping your mental health in balance.

A woman sits between the most important stuff packed first
Packing the most important stuff first is a good way to start your moving

To-do list and schedule

Following a to-do list and having a schedule is crucial to a stress-free move. When you improvise, there’s a lot of room for mistakes and rushing. Instead, taking the time to organize and plan each segment of the moving removes the worry of missing out on something or even forgetting stuff. Knowing it’s all planned out, you can follow a smooth protocol knowing you don’t have to do it all at once.

Digital detox

It’s natural for people to think too much when they feel stressed. It leads to overanalyzing and going into details. This type of behavior only adds more stress and leaves people restless. One thing you can do to avoid this is calm your mind by avoiding social media. Instead of spending time on digital platforms such as Google or Facebook, it’s better if you decide to read a book or take a walk. Spending time offline will you allow to refresh yourself amidst the stress that is moving. It’s no secret that you will feel much better following a digital detox.

A woman making a list of most important stuff
Writing down most important stuff is a good way to plan your moving

Gratitude diary

If you’re new to this, then your current moving phase might be an ideal time to get to know the perks of keeping a gratitude diary. You may start by recalling all positive events leading up to your move, although you need not stop there. You might as well list negative and challenging situations that you’ve overcome. Keeping a list of all these achievements will remind you that you possess stamina, energy, and persistence when dealing with these types of situations. That might act empowering on you.

Coping with relocation depression

Even though the stress of the moving is long gone, a phase generally known as “relocation depression” is real. Feeling sad and lonely after moving to a new area, you got thousands of items to unpack, you miss your friends and you’re trying to establish yourself in a new city? Yes, it’s definitely real. Try these self-care tips that will help you deal with it:

Exploring the city

Whether it’s by foot, bike, or even a bus, exploring a new city is the best way to familiarize yourself with a new place of residence.

Making new friends

It’s always a good idea to start introducing yourself to neighbors and coworkers or joining social events like concerts. Trying to approach people with the intention of getting to know them will definitely garner some positive results. If nothing works, there are dating apps. You may not find a significant other, but you may end up with a new friend.

Calling old friends

Don’t forget old friends. Just because you’ve moved to a new place, doesn’t mean those friendships have to suffer. Nevertheless, you can keep them alive by being in contact through social media.

Try meditation

Meditation can be seen as coming into touch with your true self or becoming aware of awareness. In the midst of the stressful process that moving is, it’s easy to forget about oneself. Mediation is there to offer a calm, still place in the middle of a cyclone.

Do something new

A new hobby can boost your identity or even build a sense of community. Try joining a gym or signing up for a yoga class. You never know what’s around the corner. Learning how to take good care of yourself on moving day goes hand in hand with going easy on yourself and the best way to do that is to try something new.

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