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The lovely city of Brockville, otherwise known as the “City of 1000 Islands” is certainly a nice place to live. It’s located on the St. Lawrence river, right across the U.S. border, and two international bridges connect the city to the American state of New York. Also, the capital city, Ottawa, is not too far away either, which makes commuting much easier. However, the ideal location and plenty of activities you can do by the river are just some of the top reasons to move to Brockville in 2023! If you want to learn a little bit more about the city before you contact Ottawa relocation services to come here, you are at the right place.

Welcome to Ontario

When you look at the map, you’ll see that Brockville is in the southeast corner of the Ontario province, which is called “The Province of Opportunity”. It is a fact that Ontario is among the finest locations to live in Canada, as it offers its residents a great mix of peaceful living, nature to explore, and entertainment options. So, it’s no wonder that many Canadians consider relocating to one of its numerous prominent cities at some moment in time.

A city in Ontario Canada
Every city has its own charm, but the cities in Ontario province are even more charming.

Also, the area is one of the most densely populated, and it’s home to Canada’s biggest city by population, as well as the nation’s capital. While it’s famous for its parks and beautiful tourist destinations like Niagara Falls, Ontario also has great public academies, free healthcare, and the choice between living rural or city life. That said, there are numerous other factors you need to consider, particularly if you’re considering relocating to any of the major cities. There are many different moving companies operating in their areas. For example, movers in Ottawa area have a lot of work helping other Canadians come over.

Get to know Brockville

Previously known as Elizabethtown, the beautiful city of Brockville was settled by Europeans in 1785, but its history dates back centuries. Nowadays, it’s a small but bustling city, with 22,116 residents as of 2021. It got its nickname as the “City of the 1000 Islands,” after the Thousand Islands area it’s located in. The location is also home to Canada’s first railroad tunnel which was later changed into an LED-lit underpass with cheerful music for pedestrians. However, history is not why so many people contact residential movers Ottawa residents recommend in order to start their new life in Brockville.

Thousand Islands Area close to Brockville
The beautiful nature that surrounds this city is one of the reasons to move to Brockville in 2023

If you become a citizen of Brockville, you can enjoy a bunch of arts and entertainment possibilities, social community events, an improved healthcare system, and a top-notch academic system. There are yearly family-friendly celebrations, boating, art shows, sports, skating, and many other options and recreational activities. Local government is doing its best to make Brockville an “age-friendly” and cycle-friendly community, so you’ll certainly feel welcome here. Also, you could join the Newcomers Club, which helps new citizens to associate with old ones and experience a wide collection of social activities. 

The Newcomers club is one of the top reasons to move to Brockville in 2023

The real Brockville adventure begins the day you stroll into your new house. The Brockville Newcomers Club encourages new citizens to join the neighborhood and meet the old residents. This allows them to become acquainted with their surroundings and discover everything they require for daily life. This is an outstanding opportunity, assuming one of the greatest challenges of relocating to a new area is the lack of understanding of the local culture. So, there is no need to worry about that in this place, as you can make new relationships, connections, and friends that will assist you and ease the relocation to a new home.

People having drinks together
Having the support of the community after moving is a big thing, and you’ll have that in Brockville.

You can join the club the first week you move here. Or you can wait and join it anytime in the next 5 years from the moment you move there. The club is welcoming and always offers different types of social activities, for both males and females. Now you can go there with the goal of making friends or just so you can learn about the city. Whatever your goal is there is a place in the club for you. Do you know any other cities that go out of their way just to help their new residents? Many moving companies Brockville boast about constantly helping people move in. So it’s no wonder the club was created in the first place.

A good location is one of the advantages of relocating to Brockville this year

One of the top reasons to move to Brockville in 2023 is its location. Not only is Ottawa less than one hour away, but the city is also located midway between Toronto and Montreal as well, on Highway 401. This route also links to Interstate 81 which leads straight to the state of New York in the US. You can also enter the US by two Multinational bridges. Nevertheless, you will require to have the proper papers to pass via the border legally.

But this location also brings more benefits, like work opportunities for example. You can commute to so many different cities and even go to the US! This is a location straight out of heaven for people that need to travel. Actually, some of the people came here precisely because of that. And this way, they can easily avoid insanely long driving hours and traveling costs. If you live in Brockville, there are so many places you can visit in under two hours of driving! And if you use some of the packing services Ottawa movers offer, you’ll have even more time to explore the amazing area that surrounds Brockville. For example, you can appreciate panoramic views of the St. Lawrence River and the 1000 Islands from the shore.

Art and entertainment options are some of the things that make Brockville special

If you need even more reasons to move to Brockville in 2023, then you need to consider the arts and entertainment scene in this city. Many young artists look into the affordable movers Ottawa offers with the plan to move here. The successful arts neighborhood in this area will attract those who maintain an artistic side and enjoy spending more time with different artists. Brockville has it all – from modern art showrooms to local art shows. The well-known Brockville Arts Center is the center for masterworks by local artists and renowned global ones. This arts hub is also believed to be among the finest mid-sized theaters in Canada. And it can effortlessly house up to 700 visitors without any problems. You can witness impressive plays here and appreciate skits, dramatic performances, concerts, and art exhibits throughout the year.

Some outdoors and wildlife activities to explore

You can also discover the Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve around the majestic St. Lawrence River. This is one of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserves in the country and acts as the ideal attraction to see with your relatives and kids. There are various outdoor sports here, and you can bike, trek, picnic, or swim in this biosphere.

A boy in an aquarium
There are plenty of attractions to see with your loved ones.

The 27,000-square-foot aquarium that lies in the core of Brockville is likewise an extraordinary place for families and singles. The Aquatarium allows you to discover the real attractiveness of the 1000 Islands. And it presents an unprecedented immersive adventure that gets a lot of tourists here on an annual basis. You can appreciate the marine life from a fish’s-eye perspective with submerged immersion and guided tours of the place. FOr those who love spending time in parks, it’s good knowing that this city is home to numerous waterfront parks that present panoramic views, outdoor recreational sports, and a chance to spend some time with your family.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly community, Brockville is a place to be

If at this point you need even more reasons to move to Brockville in 2023, you should know there is more! You can find services for moving boxes Ottawa movers offer and come here to have some family time! Are you looking for some family-friendly events and activities to do in Brockville? Well, fortunately for you, the local community always pays special attention to organizing plenty of family-oriented and family-themed festivities throughout the year.

A small family having fun
Going out with your family has never been more exciting!

From live music shows for kids to painting lessons in the park, all members of your household will have something to do here, so you’ll be able to reinforce your family bonds. People can also go boating, canoeing, fishing, as well as sailing during the suitable season and join as one in the open waters. There are also conducted tours of the lake where relatives can go jointly and have a special dinner on top of a boat during the night.

The fact that the city cares for its people is among the reasons to move to Brockville in 2023

You will barely see any homeless people in this city. As the city committee attempts its best to take care of everyone and present reasonable accommodation choices and meal opportunities for everyone. Except for the rare shenanigans from the more youthful inhabitants, this location is nearly perfect for households with kids or retirees looking for an active but still peaceful area to settle down.

Most of the retirees and grown-ups become associates of the Brockville Country Club and spend their days playing and being active with a bunch of age-friendly sports in the club. During the right season, the lake presents water-based exercises that households can do together, such as kayaking, fishing, and sailing. It is the perfect place for those who don’t care much about nightlife but are looking for a place to settle down and raise a family.

Job opportunities you can expect in this city

There are many reasons to move to Brockville in 2023, and job opportunities are one of them. There are plenty of jobs available in the city. Not to mention the ones outside as well. Due to its prime location, the city offers endless possibilities, like commuting to the neighboring cities or even going to the US. That means that you will always find something to do, and you’ll easily find a job in retail, sales, and hospitality here. And when you consider that Brockville has good wages and low living costs the situation becomes even better. That’s especially the reason why many young professionals and their families come here to start a new chapter in their life.

Woman driving a car
From here you can work anywhere, as there are many places in the driving range

Overall conclusion on reasons why you should move to this lovely place

As you can see, Brockville is a beautiful city, offering its residents plenty of natural sights, as well as many opportunities. On top of that, its prime location gives access to many different cities and even other countries. Also, the city council gives its best to help citizens, so they even established a program to help new residents fit into the community better. On top of that, they do their best for kids as well. Investing in education and many fun activities for kids and their families. Whatever angle you look at it, Brockville is a great area to live in.

Among the many reasons to move to Brockville in 2023, you should also include the attractions in the city as well. Festivals, concerts, parks, waterfronts, art scenes and so much more. Every time you think you discovered everything you stumble onto a new side of this city. So it’s okay to say you will never be bored here no matter your age. And if from time to time you start missing nightlife, you can easily go to one of the close cities and have fun.

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