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When moving from one city to another, we often look for advice that will help us get adjusted to the new environment faster. Sometimes, when the differences between the two cities are too great, those tips and advice become our lifelines. To make your transition easier, you can also find different discount moving Ottawa companies to help you out. Meanwhile, if you’re moving from Manotick to Mississippi Mills, here is what you need to know!

Even though you are moving from Manotick to Mississippi Mills, you’ll stay in the same province

Although there are differences between the two cities, both Mississippi Mills and Manotick are located in the province of Ontario, within 50 kilometers of each other. So, as you start planning the whole process of moving from Manotick to Mississippi Mills, at least you won’t have to move too far away. And as you already know, Ontario has some of the best places to live in Canada. It’s no wonder, seeing that it’s the largest and most populous province in Canada, with as many as 40% of Canada’s population residing here.

A lake and trees next to it
This province is known for its beautiful rivers and lakes as well as the landscapes surrounding it.

However, although many cities are located here, there are many differences when it comes to their size and population, education, and so much more. Therefore, people planning to move here don’t just look for the best packing services Ottawa offers, but also search for information about their destination. A fun fact about this area is that is famous for its lakes and rivers. Even the name “Ontario” actually means “beautiful water”, which makes sense as many towns and cities are located on the waterfront.

What was living in Manotick like?

If you are moving from Manotick to Mississippi Mills, we will assume you have your reasons. But for many people, this place is a great place to live. Manotick, Ontario, is a rustic suburb located approximately 25 kilometers southwest of downtown Ottawa. And like you already assumed, like many other cities in this province, it is located on the banks of the Rideau River. Its name is actually translated as “island in the river“, and many Manotick residents live exactly there. Talking about the residents, you should know that this city has 5,313 inhabitants, so it’s a pretty tight-knit community.

Woman looking up details about moving from Manotick to Mississippi Mills
Moving from Manotick to Mississippi Mills will be much easier if you’re sure of your decision to relocate.

After all, most of Manotick’s residents were born here and raised together, forming lifelong bonds. However, over the years many people decided to try living somewhere else, so they took a step further calling Manotick movers and moving away. And of course, no matter how beautiful a place is there will always be people that won’t like it. So if you make a decision about moving from Manotick to Mississippi Mills, you can be sure that you’re making the right choice!

Arriving at Mississippi Mills

Before moving from Manotick to Mississippi Mills, you will probably learn at least some basic facts about your new place of residence. So, when the movers Mississippi Mills residents recommend leave your apartment, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the city. Don’t be surprised if the downtown area appears familiar! As you look at the streets of Mississippi Mills, you’ll notice stunning architecture and a charming historical small-town vibe. It will look like a scene from a movie, and you won’t even know how right you are! That’s because this stunning city has graced the backgrounds of nearly a dozen different films and series.

A typical sight you might see after moving from Manotick to Mississippi Mills
There are many breathtaking sights in Mississippi Mills worth relocating here for.

Some small towns experienced situations in which a large number of people left for larger cities. But that is not the case here, as Mississippi Mills attracted an influx of people who like living in this community. Nowadays, almost 15,000 residents live here, which is almost four times more than in Manotick. If you move here, keep in mind that Mississippi Mills doesn’t have big stores and luxuries like bigger cities. However, what it does have are local businesses and a community that supports each other.

You’ll love the culture of Mississippi Mills!

Moving from Manotick to Mississippi Mills will open your eyes to your new town’s unique culture. This area has received two National Trust for Canada Awards for its hard work in maintaining the heritage of provincial buildings. The structures in question are the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, as well as five newly rejuvenated structures in Almonte neighborhood. Aside from having rich traditions and cultural heritage, this lovely town 

One significant reason to brag about being the birthplace of Dr. James Naismith. If you’ve never heard of him, you should know that he’s the inventor of basketball. His bronze sculpture stands soaring over the Almonte Center. There is some debate among US citizens about which school he attended when he invented basketball. But no one can dispute where he was born. He is unquestionably from former township of Almonte, which now belongs to Mississippi Mills. If you’re in the mood to listen, locals can tell you many more stories about him and other important people from this area!

The education differences you will notice after moving from Manotick to Mississippi Mills

Education is one of those factors that parents that are moving from Manotick to Mississippi Mills will look into with great detail. In fact, many parents decide to move in order to make sure their kids will only receive the best education possible. Manotick is a small neighborhood, it has made a name for itself because of its exceptional educational system. However, while there are some educational opportunities for older kids and teens in this city, the ones with the most choices are kindergarteners! Keeping that in mind, plenty of parents start looking for affordable movers Ottawa because they found Mississippi Mills schools to be better for their children.

Children in classroom
The choice of school will affect your kid’s future. Luckily, you can be sure that you’ll pick a good school in Mississippi Mills!

If you look at schools in Mississippi Mills,  you will notice that the school rating is above average. As the community is small and invests in itself, it’s only natural that they invest in their kids too. And since Mississippi Mills is bigger than Manotick, it’s expected that this city has more schools. Moreover, these schools are of better quality. From kindergartens, all the way to high school your kid will be in the care of professionals, and people that generally care for their wellbeing. And if even that is not enough for you there are more schools in areas around it. But we honestly doubt you will be unsatisfied with the education offered here. Just make sure that you contact the schools on time before moving, and arranging the transfers. After all, sometimes it can take a little longer than you anticipate.

Be ready for a change in shopping and entertainment options when you move to your new city!

People living in Manotick can satisfy their shopping needs without having to leave the town. As the town develops, more and more stores come to this lovely place. However, residents still prefer small grocery stores and boutique shops that have a rustic appeal. But even with that, there is still a 90,000-square-foot shopping zone full of stores like Home Hardware, a beer store, a pharmacy, and more. If you want to eat out, there are a couple of eateries and pubs to pick from. Just by asking around, you will get directions to some of the local favorites. But if you don’t want to do that, you can pick a random one or choose one of the most famous bars in Manotick. You’ll be pleasantly stunned by the number of possibilities you have for a night out in a small town like this one.

On another hand, after moving from Manotick to Mississippi Mills, you will notice a difference. Most of the people who use moving services Ottawa companies offer to move here are seniors. This is one of the most popular destinations for Canada’s seniors who wish to retire. However, don’t think that you won’t have fun living here as a younger adult! Yes, it’s true that many older people come here to spend their retirement. However, there are also many young residents living in this beautiful area, and the community is quite lively. People here don’t like big chain stores, so there aren’t many in this area. If you want to shop, visit local stores owned by your fellow residents. The same is true for cafes and restaurants. The cafes are warm and cozy, with local drinks. Meanwhile, restaurants are family-owned businesses passed down for generations with some of the best recipes you will encounter.

Job opportunities you can expect after moving from Manotick to Mississippi Mills

Mississippi Mills’s urban core, a neighborhood of Almonte, is a place where you can find a thriving downtown main street as well as a budding business park. This business park is home to cutting-edge companies that set Mississippi Mills apart from other small towns in North America. Some of the businesses that operate here are Dairy Distillery, which produces vodka as a by-product of processing milk, and HFT- Healthy Food Technology, which is currently investing in making a healthier donut. However, here you can also find Sport Systems Canada, which creates, manufactures, and installs sporting goods for school districts, communities, and sports facilities around the world.

Workers talking in a cafe
If you’d like to work in or support local businesses, Mississippi Mills will be a great place to pursue your career.

However, local shops are not the only places offering job opportunities in Mississippi Mills.  Many professionals decide to settle down here because of its small-town charm and accessibility to Ottawa. While some of them decide to move their business to this community, plenty of them also work remotely from home. So, if you’re planning to hire furniture movers Ottawa to relocate here in search of a better job, here’s where you might find work!

How to make the move from Manotick to Mississippi Mills happen?

Now that you know more about your new city and the differences between Manotick and Mississippi, it’s time to make a relocation plan. Making a moving plan requires you to consider packing your belongings, moving heavy furniture, and deciding if you want to do the entire move yourself or hire professionals. Since the distance between these two cities is not that big, this is going to be a local move, so you might think you can do it yourself. However, it’s not without reason that people look for the best residential movers Ottawa when moving from Manotick to Mississippi Mills. With reliable professionals by your side, you wont have any moving day complications, and you’ll get to enjoy your new apartment in no time! Local movers charge by hour, so you might be prompted to look for the cheapest company on the market. However, that would be a mistake since the company’s credentials, standing, and experience should be on top of your list.

A couple packing their belongings when moving from Manotick to Mississippi Mills
After you find the right moving company, packing and other moving tasks will be much easier.

Start packing your possessions as soon as you choose the best moving company and a date for the move. You can ask a moving company to provide moving goods. For example, cardboard boxes and bubble wrap, to save you time. However, you should be aware that you’ll likely need to disassemble the bigger, bulkier furniture first before packing. Measure each doorframe in advance to ensure that the furniture will fit through the door and prevent moving complications.

Final thoughts

Moving from Manotick to Mississippi Mills will be much easier if you know more about the city you’re moving to. After all, Mississippi Mills is a beautiful place to live in. Therefore, you can be sure that making the decision to begin a new chapter of your life here will be fantastic!

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