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When moving home, a huge problem can be the robust furniture and hard-to-handle items we all have. And we are sure you have a few of those as well. Some people move a gun safe while others have a huge piano on their hands. In your case, moving a pool table is no different. It is yet another item that requires several people to carry it over and a lot of preparation. Therefore, let us cover all the safety tips and prepare your pool table for the journey ahead.

Moving a pool table will require a specialized moving team

As you already know, moving a pool table will require a specialized moving team. So, to find the best movers Ottawa, you should search for them online. Browse a bit until you have a few viable choices in hand. Then compare prices, services, and read a few moving reviews. Try to obtain internal and external information to confirm your movers are legit. It would be best if you can obtain references or word of mouth. Once you are sure you have your movers, give them a call and communicate further. Ask if they have all the tools and equipment for the job.

Movers taking out the couch
You will need a moving team specialized in moving robust furniture. Find one online.

Explain the whole situation and tell them about the pool table you want to relocate to. They will form a moving plan around it and ensure it is relocated safely. Also, do not forget to mention all other robust and heavy items you have in your possession. Finally, confirm your movers are licensed and permitted to work with the moving industry. If necessary, double-check if they are registered online on one of the moving-related government sites.

Prepare the environment

If you have a game room where your pool table is located, then you won’t have to worry much. But if your pool table is located in one of the cluttered rooms, then you’ll have to work around it. Firstly, you must measure all the doors, exits, and hallways to ensure your pool table can come through. Keep in mind that there will be at least two movers and they add a few inches to the whole measurement. If you do it right, you will avoid damaging your property.

Moreover, you must clear the path entirely. Remove all the furniture, boxes, and other household items out of the way. Hopefully, your pool table can come through without any difficulties. Although, if you have troubles with it or if it is located on the second floor, then you might want to consider disassembling it entirely. Check out the moving services Ottawa and consult with your movers. They can help you pack, unpack, and disassemble furniture. Figure out how much will it cost and if it is worth the trouble.

Use the proper equipment for moving a pool table

If you still haven’t decided if you are going to enlist a professional moving team or seek help from friends, one thing is certain. You must have the proper equipment to relocate a pool table. You, or your movers, should have the following:

  • Straps
  • Corner pads
  • Dolly
  • Basic home tools
  • Blister packs
Find movers to help you moving a pool table
You’ll need proper moving equipment to relocate such a big item.

In case you are disassembling your pool table, you’ll need some of the tools like a socket wrench, power drill, screwdriver, and a hammer. And to wrap each piece individually and protect it from bumps, you should use blister packs. Use corner pads as well for additional protection. And of course, straps for lifting and a dolly for rolling out. Simple, right?

Disassemble if necessary

We already mentioned that you can disassemble when moving a pool table. It is even recommended unless it is close to the exit and the only item you are relocating. But before you do, you should take a photo of each piece just in case you have any troubles later when you want to assemble it again. Even better, if you have an instruction manual, use it. If not, you can surely download one from the manufacturer’s website.

So, with the tools we mentioned earlier, you should patiently and slowly remove all the rails, pockets, slates, felt, and legs. Wrap each piece individually to protect it and you are ready to move. And again, if you are not sure of how to do it right, purchase packing services Ottawa and let the professional moving team handle this one.

On the other hand, if you have no space for a pool table in your new apartment, you can either sell it online or rent one of the storage units Ottawa and keep it there for better days to come. Disassembled or not, it doesn’t matter as long as it is protected adequately. So, wrap each piece individually and cover it with a sheet or a tarp. Your pool table will wait for you in the same condition you left it. Therefore, check with your movers on the storage solutions available and pick one that is cheap, accessible, and preferable close to your new home. You can even set a pool table inside a unit and play a game with a friend once in a while. Great idea, right?

Secure and label each part

Once you disassemble the pool table, ensure you wrap each piece individually and label it right. You can even wrap the whole batch in a blanket and add straps from all sides to keep it all tightly together. Especially all those pins, screws, and bolts. Keep them in small baggies or a dedicated box. You do not want to lose a single piece.

A guy taping a moving box
Keep all the small pieces in one box and label them right.

Load the moving truck

The final step is to load a moving truck and to do it right. If you disassembled all the pieces, you will load them individually like you would any other piece of furniture from your home. But if you are transporting your pool table as a whole, you will need a ramp or a lift. And this is where movers come into play because we are sure you do not have that kind of a moving vehicle in your possession. Let your movers load this one and avoid damages and unpleasant situations. Do not worry, your pool table will reach the other side undamaged.

As you can see, moving a pool table is not so hard but it does have a few tricky moments. If you are moving it as one unit, it can be dangerous and almost impossible. But If you disassemble it the right way, it becomes easy as relocating a lamp. Therefore, follow our guide when the time is right and relocate your precious pool table safely. Good luck.

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