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Are you wondering how to move to a new home that you found? It is normal that you find the moving process stressful. Especially if you plan to do it on your own. The best option is to find professional moving companies Ottawa and let them handle the job. This way you will not have to worry about a thing. The only thing left for you to do is to enjoy your new home with your loved ones. And what is the better way to celebrate your new house than a nice housewarming party for your old and new friends and neighbors? There is no better relaxation than a small house party. And it is a perfect chance to meet new people who live nearby. If you are still not sure about it, just keep reading and you will figure out why it is a perfect idea!

Why should you throw a housewarming party?

Firstly, when you are considering this question, you should think about yourself. You worked very hard and finally moved to your dream house. For sure you did put a lot of effort into this. Don’t you think that you deserve to enjoy it and celebrate it together with your family? When you have long distance movers Ottawa helping you with the moving, there are not many other things you will have to worry about. The most important thing for you is settling down in a new place. So why not throw a housewarming party?

Family and friends having lunch together in the garden.
Throwing a housewarming party is the best way to get to know new people!

Besides that, you will have to meet your new neighbors. Having them over when you settle down is the best way for a good start. Have some drinks and snacks and see if you can fit in with new people! The good thing when throwing a housewarming party is that you can feel the house in the right way. How many people can fit in, how loud can you be? You will see the advantages and disadvantages of your new home.

When is the right time?

Of course, even if you hire some movers Kanata, you will be stressed and nervous during the relocating. After your things arrive safely in your new home, first of all, you will have to unpack them. Arranging your new home might take even days until it is done. But that is fine and completely normal. Take your time and don’t rush. You want to arrange everything how you imagined so you will be comfortable in your new home. No one is rushing you to prepare for the housewarming party the first night when you move in. Not even the first week. Only do it when you are finally settled in and feel relaxed to do so.

Making a guest list for your housewarming party

If you decided to make a housewarming party, now there are some things to consider. Before choosing a party theme and which decorations you want to use, you will need to decide who to invite.

  • Neighbors should be at the top of your list. After all, they are one of the main reasons why are you throwing a housewarming party, no?
  • Your old neighbors and friends. They also need to check out where do you live now and meet the neighborhood.
  • Don’t forget your family and relatives.
  • If you have a new job since you moved, try inviting your new colleagues, it’s nice to get to know them better.

Amazing housewarming party ideas to choose from

Now, the main thing! What will be your theme? How will you decorate? Will your guests like it? What will they think about it? First of all, it’s important not to panic about it. You will do it. There are many possibilities and options to make your party interesting and fun. Packing services Ottawa will make sure that your things are packed and shipped right in time. So you will have all the supplies for the perfect housewarming party. Now, you only have to choose the theme!

Family playing games together in the garden.
Game night is always a fun theme for housewarming parties!

1. Wine tasting

The most common one, usually the favorite. Have a chill night with various types of vines and cheese. You can even prepare a nice dinner. Discuss the flavors with your guests and get to know them better.

2. Garden BBQ party

If it’s warm and sunny outside, you should for sure move your party to the garden. With a little bit of decoration, it will be like a dream party and it’s in your own garden! Music and a little bit of decorative small lights on trees, candles, and an open bar. And combine it with a BBQ. Of course, don’t forget to include some snacks or desserts. This is also a perfect fit if you will have children at the party.

3. Game night

This is the perfect fit to meet someone better and connect. There are plenty of group games, even board games that you can play. With a small dinner and a few drinks, what else could be more fun? Also, it is a perfect fit for children, since you can let them play kids’ games separately in the room next door and still have fun with your friends.

4. International cuisine

If you are not sure about the food and drinks, you could always make an international cuisine night. You might not know the ethnicity of your new friends, so why not explore it with different tastes. You can even ask them to bring their favorite or traditional dish to make it even more fun.

Polaroid pictures next to the glasses on the table.
It might be the most memorable night of your life!

Let the party start!

Moving to a new home is a big deal. It is a new chapter in your life, and you want to have a fresh start. So there is nothing better than hosting a nice housewarming party for your new neighbors and yourself. You can choose the theme yourself and decorate it however you want. Also, if you run out of ideas for decorating, don’t hesitate to look them up. Your only concern should be how to enjoy the night in the best way possible. Make some new friends and lifetime memories to remember. 

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