Reasons why you shouldn’t move a hot tub by yourself


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Moving can easily become a very overwhelming process. Apart from everything you need to do during this period, moving complex, bulky and fragile items can be really stressful. Now, this does not make moving such items on your own impossible. However, it is not advisable. Today, we will help you learn why you shouldn’t move a hot tub by yourself and how to do it properly. Hiring discount moving Ottawa services, for example, is a much wiser choice than deciding to move these items by yourself. Moving an item such as a hot tub is not an easy task whatsoever. In fact, if you are going to move such an item, you will need a lot of time, patience, and skill. Now, this is something many people do not have when moving. Because most relocations have a time limit, it will be best to find an alternative solution.

Reasons you shouldn’t move a hot tub by yourself

Now, before we start talking about the reasons to not handle a hot tub alone, we have to answer one question: Can you do it on your own? Technically, yes you can. Moving an item as bulky and complex as a hot tub can be done on your own. However, there is no exact information about how long it will take you and whether or not you will be successful in the end.

a hot tub that is outside of a house, making one of many reasons why you shouldn't move a hot tub by yourself
Many hot tubs can also be built-in, which makes their relocation much harder

Of course, you can always consult a guide on how to do it, but words differ from actions. Some of the main reasons you should not undertake such a task are:

  • Moving complex items like that is difficult
  • The process of preparing it for the move will take too much time
  • High chance of injuries or damage
  • It will require high skill and knowledge to be assembled again

Moving complex items like that is difficult

The first reason why you should not handle an item like a hot tub on your own is that it can be very difficult to do so. First of all, carrying or handling such an item on your own will take too much time and effort. Second of all, if you are going to do it, you will need to disassemble it first. Disassembling items you are not familiar with can create serious issues in the future. Especially when the time comes to assemble it again. Not to mention the fact that it has other accessories that you need to remember to either plugin or install back. Therefore, hiring full-service movers might not be a bad idea for this type of relocation.

The process of preparing it for the move will take too much time

Moving a hot tub can be time-consuming. This is especially true if you have no experience moving or working with hot tubs. Due to its size, as well as the complexity, moving a hot tub without any experience can take hours or even days. Furthermore, if you plan on using storage solutions Ottawa, you need to know the conditions under which you can store the hot tub. This all can consume a lot of your time. The time you might not have while you relocate.

various tools on a wooden surface
Even with the right tools at hand, moving such a bulky and complex item alone will take too much time

Therefore, you shouldn’t move a hot tub by yourself if you do not have the experience with them or if you lack time, in general. Moving such an object from a household will require a lot of patience and knowledge. Especially because you have to take each part of it separately.

You shouldn’t move a hot tub by yourself due to high chances of injuries or damage

One of the main reasons why you should avoid moving hot tubs on your own is the risk of injuries or damage. Namely, moving such delicate objects creates a lot of risk in the household. Furthermore, as there are heavy parts of the hot tub, they can pose a risk to your own well-being. If you lack experience or are not familiar with how hot tubs function, this can be a serious issue. Carrying an item that is heavy can lead to injuries which will then delay your relocation process. This will induce high levels of stress and make the process very difficult. On the other hand, moving such an object alone can also create a risk of damage both for the item you are moving, as well as those in the vicinity.

It will require high skills and knowledge to reassemble again

Okay, maybe you can disassemble the hot tub. However, can you reassemble it again? This process might be harder than the actual disassembly of it. Therefore, if you lack knowledge about how hot tubs work, you are best leaving it to the professionals. Avoid moving it on your own if you are uncertain how to put it back.

various small pieces of a disassembled furniture
Not only will you have to remember where each piece went, you will also have to make sure you do not lose even the smallest of pieces

Furthermore, upon disassembly, you need to remember where each of the parts went before you decide to move them. Granted, once you arrive in your new home, you will need to remember where to place each item in order to successfully assemble the hot tub again. Yes, it might be cheaper to move it on your own but it will require a lot of hard work and attention.

Rely on professional movers to help you

If you are uncertain about how you should do this, do not do it yourself. These types of items are heavy, bulky, complex, and quite fragile. More importantly, they require someone who knows how to handle them. Therefore, consider hiring moving services Ottawa to help you do this. Because you shouldn’t move a hot tub by yourself if you do not know how to, professional movers can and should. Especially those who have experience with moving such items on regular basis. Rely on professional movers and allow them to help you adequately disassemble, relocate and assemble the hot tub.



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