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The most difficult decision people have to make when deciding to relocate is whether they will do it with amateurs or professionals. There are some key differences between professional and amateur movers. If you are currently dealing with this decision, worry not! There are benefits of relocating both ways, but looking at the bigger picture, no one can relocate you better than the professionals. And currently, there are no better and more reliable professionals than Ottawa movers. So, after you make the final decision and hire professionals for your relocation, do not hesitate to contact them and experience some of the best moving services.

Key differences between professional and amateur movers you should know

As we have mentioned, there are many differences between these two types of movers you are considering. One thing to know is that being and becoming a professional mover is not easy. It takes years of training and a lot of practice to become one of the most reliable movers like movers Kanata are. They have been trained by elder professionals and have been voted one of the most reliable movers worldwide. By using all the tips and tricks elderly employees have given them, they have become professionals. When talking about key differences for recognizing professional movers, the most common key differences between professionals and amateurs:

  1. Equipment
  2. Services they provide
  3. Employees
  4. Insurance and whether they provide it
  5. Moving trucks
  6. Price of their services
professional mover holding a box
Find out why you should hire professionals instead of amateur movers

Why is the equipment important?

One of the main reasons you should hire professionals is they have some of the best moving equipment. Those are not just the moving boxes. There are labels, packing materials, and supplies you need to use that are hard to find. Your belongings will be safe only if they are in suitable materials and supplies, and only professionals can provide you with a great variety of quality packing supplies.

Besides the packing supplies and materials, there is equipment that you are usually not thinking about. Those are dollies, tools, and other equipment that help movers relocate your bulky and heavy items without damage. Imagine relocating the piano. You will need the knowledge and the experience to move a piano from the room in your home, get it in the truck and relocate to your new home without a scratch. No one can do it better than professionals. If you move with amateurs and try to relocate your piano when moving from Ottawa to Toronto, you have a bigger chance of damaging your instrument and your home.

One of the main differences between professional and amateur movers is the number of services you can get

When hiring amateurs, they will probably offer only relocating services. You will not get a chance to get packing services, storage services, special services, like moving seniors of military moving, etc. That may be convenient for people with few moving boxes. These people usually have their transportation, so everything valuable will be related to themselves. However, if you are looking for stress-free and relaxed relocation without too many worries on your head, you should hire professional movers. Professional movers often have enough staff, equipment, and experience to offer a variety of moving services. The service you will get cannot compare to anything.

packing items in box
One of the key differences between professional and amateur movers is in the variety of the equipment

Professional movers offer top-quality packing services

Professional movers will make sure to offer swift and proper packing. That means your items will be packed and labeled correctly and properly. If you are packing yourself, you will most likely overload the boxes and mix the items, and that becomes a big problem once the unpacking time comes. You will not know where you placed something valuable and where the rest of your stuff is. Researching Ottawa relocation services and getting quality services is vital for a successful move.

If you are thinking of getting boxes by yourself, professional movers can suggest where to find the proper one. The boxes must be firm and big enough for the pile of items you want to pack. Any other boxes might cause some damage to your items. In case you are not sure whether you will know which one to get and how many of them you need, professional movers might give you some tips on that. Only professionals understand how important it is to find the right box size. Amateurs will probably try packing everything in a couple of big boxes. However, it is much better to pack items by using boxes of different shapes and sizes.

Storage is one of the key differences between professional and amateur movers

Having a place where you will be able to keep all the items you do not need all the time or use once a year is something everyone should have. However, if you do not have some extra room in your new home or you plan on downsizing in your new home, having a chance to rent a storage unit is something you would value. That is why hiring professionals is much better than hiring amateurs. The differences between these two are numerous. Amateur movers will not be able to offer you some climate-controlled storage facilities. Some of them will not be able to offer you any storage unit. So, before you decide on hiring amateurs, make sure you think about that. Do a little research about storage units Ottawa and opt for professional storage companies.

label on the box is one of the key differences between professional and amateur movers
Labeling the boxes is important.

Why are the qualifications of the employees important?

When comparing amateurs and professionals, look for experience skills, and knowledge. Professional movers are very well trained, and these guys know how to handle difficult situations. They should be able to get out of stressful and unplanned situations smoothly and easily. That is usually not the case with amateurs. This is important for people who are about to relocate some items of great value such as art collections, some expensive belongings, etc. In the end, it does not matter, everyone wants to be sure that their items will be safe and sound during the relocation.

Having insurance is one of the key differences between professional and amateur movers

It does not matter if you have something of great value or not. Almost any item you have is somehow valuable to you. It does not have to be expensive or antique, it is enough that it means to you emotionally. Damaging it will probably cause you great sadness. That is why having insurance is important. When you hire professionals, you can be sure that you will get some sort of insurance, depending on the items you are relocating. Amateur movers do not offer any sort of insurance. That piece of information should be enough for you to decide whether you will hire amateurs or professionals.

If you are relocating something really expensive, make sure you have the list and the prices of these items given to the company. This way, you can get insurance for all of your items. Keep in mind that it is easier to buy a new item than to repair the broken one. So, before you hire professionals, make sure that you contact the moving company and get all the information about the insurance that you need.

woman writting
Make the inventory list that you will give to your movers too

Professionals have moving trucks that are of different sizes

It is not the same to relocate the whole house and one bedroom home or an apartment. The main difference is the number of items you have to relocate. There is no chance you can compare the number of items for the entire house and the number of items from your apartment. That is why having the right size moving truck is important. Your items must be folded and packed in the truck in some proper order. There are rules for packing and loading huge and heavy items into the truck.

Professionals know that having enough space for all your boxes in the truck is vital. There is less chance of damage if boxes are not stacked on top of each other. You can just put some boxes into the truck and hope for the best. There are some logistics and rules on how boxes should be packed. We have mentioned before that professional long distance movers Ontario have years of training, so you do not have to worry whether your items are safe and properly packed since they will be.

One of the most important differences is the price

Logically, hiring professionals will cost you more than hiring movers. Different factors can determine the price of your relocation, such as:

  1. The moving distance,
  2. The number of items,
  3. Number of movers handling your move
  4. Types of services you used, etc

All of these factors will determine the moving price. When relocating with amateurs, you will not be asked where is your home or how many floors your home has. You will be contacted and will get the moving data and time. This is why amateurs are cheaper. In this case, less is not better, and cheaper means a lack of quality. Professional movers that perform quality moving boxes Ottawa are paid more for obvious reasons. Your relocation will be more expensive, but you will keep your head clean, and that is priceless.

A professional mover lifting boxes in front of the moving truck
Professional movers offer a great variety of moving trucks, all of the different sizes.

It is much safer when you are relocating with the help of professional movers

Imagine lifting a piece of furniture that is longer than 2 meters. Sounds petty hard, right? Not having adequate equipment and the exact number of movers to relocate this piece of furniture can end in ways. The first one is damaging the furniture, or the walls and floor. The second one is someone getting hurt. Many moving injuries are caused due to amateurs moving heavy items without the right equipment. And even if you think it will be cheaper to carry the heavy items together with your friends, do not do it. It is better to indulge in cleaning the house after all the items are loaded into the truck by professional movers.

How to determine if a moving company is professional?

As you have seen, finding reliable professional movers is key to ensuring a successful relocation. If you are wondering how to determine if the movers you are hiring are professionals, simply check out their website. A company that cares about its clients usually has a professional-looking website. They usually enlist all the services they provide and the locations they serve. A professional moving company always has an online moving calculator that will help you plan your move financially. Moreover, they will also give you a moving estimate once you contact them. Professionals will also have contact info and their address on their websites, which proves that they are not scammers.

Another great indicator is the company’s staff. If you have contacted them via phone and the customer support agent was rude, interrupting you, and not giving clear information, they probably are not the best choice for you. If they send a representative who will look at your property carefully and help you determine the moving price, they probably are professionals. It is quite a challenge to choose between hiring amateurs and paying less, and hiring professional movers and paying more. However, one of the key differences between professional and amateur movers is that professionals have more experience, better equipment, and offer various moving services.


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