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Moving to Ottawa with the best movers Ottawa will be an unforgettable and wonderful experience that you will remember. As for life in this beautiful city, many opportunities await you, from work opportunities to entertainment options. Ottawa is home to almost 1 million residents, and it’s nearly impossible not to meet new people and make friends. Also, Ottawa is one of the richest cities when it comes to entertainment, so there are many exciting locations where you can make interesting connections. We will introduce you to several fantastic locations where you can meet new people and make friends in Ottawa after moving. Let’s see what this city has to offer!

First, don’t forget your old friends after moving to Ottawa

Moving preparations can take a lot of time, and at the same time, they can be so exciting that you may forget about the people around you. Your local movers Ottawa will perform most of your moving tasks, but your role in this endeavor is also very important. After you move, a lot of work will still be waiting for you. Unpacking, organizing the space, and arranging your new home, for starters. Then comes settling into your new home after the move and getting used to the new environment. But, in all that excitement, it’s crucial that you don’t forget your old friends. We are sure you want to get to know the new city and places, go out, have fun, and meet new people, but you mustn’t forget the people you have known for so long.

video call after moving to Ottawa
The first and most important thing is to keep in touch with your old friends.

It is important to keep in touch with all your old friends and inform them of your current location when you finally settle into your new home. Communication with old friends is very important because they know you best. Also, nostalgia for your previous city, old home, and people you love may appear in the first days after the move. And who will understand you better than your friends? Therefore, before you start meeting new people, stay connected to your old friends. Better yet, invite them to your new home and throw a mini housewarming party.

Settle into your home and start discovering Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, located in the Canadian province of Ontario. Also, this city can be considered a part of Quebec. Discovering this place will bring you a lot of useful information, and you will have the opportunity to learn some of the most interesting details, such as the history itself. Ottawa is a diverse city that can offer you a lot of fun, cultural activities, and professional possibilities. What is characteristic of this city is its bilingual culture. This means that you will have the opportunity to hear English and French.

Several things make this city famous, but also unique. The first on the list is international music festivals. Then there are ice rinks, as well as beautiful nature and international cuisine. Speaking of ice rinks, did you know that Ottawa has the largest ice rink in the world? It’s actually the Rideau Canal, which was built in the 19th century to protect the city in case war broke out with America. Today, that canal is 220 km long and is the oldest continuously operating canal system in North America. Also, this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that leads to the Ottawa River, St. Lawrence River, and Great Lake Ontario. This ice rink is undoubtedly one of the places where you can meet new people.

So, if you want to have fun right away, rent storage units Ottawa, and place your belongings there for some time. Take only the items you really need to your home and start exploring this wonderful city.

How to make friends in Ottawa after moving?

Making new friends isn’t an easy job. While kids and teenagers will have an easier time making connections, this big challenge is more difficult for adults. Ottawa is a relatively fast-paced city, where you can meet many people on the streets, but almost everyone wears headphones and rushes somewhere. This means that the street isn’t a very suitable place for making connections. Also, adults surely already have their circle of friends and probably won’t want to expand it. But it doesn’t always have to be like that. What is important is to be yourself and be open in communication.

A person riding a bike in Ottawa while it's snowing
Ottawa is a city with almost 1 million residents, and we are sure that at least one of them will be your friend.

So, here you will see some useful ways how to make friends after moving:

  • Visit places where there are a lot of people
  • Be yourself
  • Use dating apps
  • Enroll in a course
  • Find groups that deal with different activities (motorcycle club, choir, etc.)
  • Be in a good mood, smile, and be open to communication
  • Visit famous places such as parks, restaurants, etc.
  • Relax and enjoy yourself

There are many ways to meet people and make friends. But the most important thing is to be cautious. Carefully choose the people you will hang out with. Some may only want to take advantage of you, so don’t share too much information until you are sure about the person you met. Now, let’s go one step further toward making friends in Ottawa!

Get to know your neighbors

After a successful move with long distance movers Ontario, and after you’ve settled into your new home, it’s time to get to know the people around you. You will have neighbors whether you live in an apartment or a house. Neighbors can be there for you when you need help or when you want to drink some coffee. We are sure that, at some point, you have wondered who your neighbors are and what kind of people they are. Well, now is the time for you to discover it.

Four neighbors at a housewarming party
Inviting your neighbors for drinks and snacks is an excellent way to meet new people and make friends after moving.

Do you remember how it works in the movies? Make a delicious drink or dish, take it to your neighbors, and introduce yourself. They will be delighted, and you will become real neighbors from that moment on. So do it! This is one of the very interesting ways to get to know the neighbor across the street from your house. But there are many more ways to do it. Organize a house party. We are sure that the neighbors also want to meet you and see your home. In this case, the curiosity is mutual, so take advantage of the opportunity.

The first step—visit popular places

At first glance, Ottawa seems like a cold city where people only work and sleep. But it can’t be further from the truth. Ottawa is one of the more urban cities where positive and smiling people live. And also, this city has many interesting and popular places for entertainment, meeting new people, and where you can spend your free time.

  • Improv classes at the Improv Embassy. Many people attend these four-week classes that cost only 80 dollars and have the opportunity to discover spiritual versions of you and make you a fun person.
  • Couchsurfing. This is a place on the global network where you can meet people from Ottawa and from all over the world. Also, this application allows you to view all events at the selected location.
  • Cycling clubs in Ottawa. Ottawa is a city of cyclists and has very well-maintained bike paths throughout the valley and through Gatineau Park. Join one of these clubs, and you will have the opportunity to meet new people and also to visit some of the most beautiful places in Ottawa.
  • National Art Gallery. This is a place where you can meet and meet a lot of solo art lovers. Even if you are not a fan or connoisseur of art, visit it. Also, this is an ideal opportunity to strike up a conversation with an excuse to talk about a picture.
  • Visit the pubs. Every evening there is a pub night. Pubs are usually located in the city center, and new people are always welcome. Here you will have the opportunity to meet many people.
Local pub as a perfect place to make friends in Ottawa after moving
Local pubs are one of the best places to make friends in Ottawa after moving.

Visiting one of the places that we will present to you can be one step forward to making new friends. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Other places where you can meet new friends

In addition to all these places, it’s important to mention a few more. To start, we would single out Arnprior. This is a small community in Ontario, or more accurately, a part of Ottawa that can offer you a lot of fun in one of the most popular places. And that is Arnprior Farm. Also, movers Arnprior will certainly recommend this place to you, whether you are moving to Arnprior, which can be a very good decision, or to downtown Ottawa.

This place is a true paradise on earth for the whole family. Arnprior Farm is visited daily by many people who want to enjoy the activities that this farm offers, such as swimming, glamping, lambing, etc. This is an ideal place to meet new people and make new friends. Pool parties and swimming lessons are also organized here. So, this is one of the must-see places.

A girl taking a selfie of her and other people at a club
Being out and about is the best way to meet new people.

In addition, Ottawa offers many other popular places to meet new people. For example, if you like going out at night, restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs are ideal places for entertainment. If you want to have fun and meet new friends, some of the must-visit places are the Whiskey bar, The 27 Club, and City At Night nightclubs.

Sports activities are an ideal opportunity to make friends in Ottawa after moving

Ottawa residents are true sports fans. Not only when it comes to cycling but also for other activities such as cross fit, hiking, gym, yoga, and other outdoor activities. And when the weather does not allow it, it doesn’t prevent them from continuing their sports activities in closed sports halls. Here are mainly people who live a healthy life and who connect with nature in this way. If you think the same, use your free time in this way. And at the same time, make a great contribution to your body.

We have already said that cycling is one of the most represented sports. But in addition, there is the Ottawa Sport and Social Club. This club allows you to sign up as a team and defeat opponents or join one of the teams. This is an ideal opportunity to make friends in Ottawa after moving. Here you can find a large selection of sports, including volleyball and football. So, if you haven’t moved yet, don’t forget to pack your sports equipment in moving boxes Ottawa. Sport is the best activity, and it guarantees quality free time.

A man and a woman doing CrossFit with ropes
CrossFit is one of the most popular sports in Ottawa and is the ideal place to meet new people.

Also, CrossFit training is one of the most popular activities in the world today. And a large number of people are engaged in this sport. In addition, this sport will greatly contribute to your health and, with a little effort, enable you to have the body you always wanted. Also, this is an opportunity to meet the close-knit fitness community in the Ottawa region. Interestingly, the oldest cross-fit member in Ottawa is 79 years old, and the youngest is only 6. It means that this is a sport for all generations. Moreover, you can find free training.

Be open to new friendships

These have been some of the popular places where you can meet many people. But if you really want to make friends in Ottawa after moving, it is important to be completely open to new friendships. So, after you’ve moved and settled into your new home, work on yourself and make sure you’re ready for new friendships and new people. And if you are still in the planning for the move phase or moving in stage, consider hiring packing services Ottawa residents recommend. Professional packers will save you time while packing and unpacking, so you can focus on your new life. Good luck!

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