5 Ways of keeping in touch after a long-distance move


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Relocating home won’t come easy for you and your family. You must shuffle through everything you possess and make it ready for a long journey. Next to all the packing and finding long-distance movers in Ontario, there is the emotional aspect of things as well. You might ask yourself, how will I find new friends to hang out with. Or more importantly, is keeping in touch after a long-distance move possible? But do not worry, it is. With a bit of effort and a few tips and tricks, you’ll gain new friends and keep the old ones. Let us show you how.

Here and now

Before you even think about what will come in the near future, we must ask, are you ready for your relocation entirely? It is quite smart to think about keeping in touch after a long-distance move but you can’t let those thoughts distract you from the task ahead.

Firstly, you must relocate without any troubles. Once you are settled in spare a relaxed moment to give it a thought. Hence, the first step is to create a moving checklist that will cover all stages of your relocation. List down the number of boxes you hold, weight, big pieces of furniture, etc. Maybe you’ll need a storage unit if you lack space at your new apartment. Also, list down all the costs related to your moving endeavor. As well as all legalities you must cover. More importantly, ensure that you found a reliable moving company to assist you.

a phone as a symbol of social networking being the best way of keeping in touch after a long distance move
Choose one of the social media networks and communicate with your friends at any time.

Movers are the best solution to this situation. Especially if you are moving with family and kids. Packing everything and working out the logistics might take more than a month of your precious time. You might agree that it is not something we can spend lightly. Therefore, search online and find a proper moving crew that will cover everything for you. Cost-wise, it won’t be much of a difference. But the time you’ll gain to focus on your mental state and other important things is priceless. We must suggest checking Professional Mover Ottawa as the ultimate moving solution. Time and money, you’ll save are unmeasurable. Give it a try.

Keeping in touch after a long-distance move is much easier than you think

We all have friends for life and they will understand that this is a path you must take. They will honor your decision, and real friends will stick with you no matter where you are. But keep in mind that you are the one who is leaving. This means that the first step in establishing long-distance communication is on you. But worry not, your options are vast. Here are some of the examples:

  • Social networks
  • Long-distance calls
  • Chat groups
  • Letters
  • Traveling

Social networks

The easiest way of keeping in touch after a long-distance move is the social networks available today. There are many social platforms out there that you can create and connect with your friends. There you can post pictures, statuses, chat, and have a blast with your friends. But you probably already have one, just be sure to find time once in a while to poke your friends to see how they are doing.

Long-distance calls

Yet another common and simple way. Simply pick up the phone and call. If you relocated anywhere within the US, you won’t have a problem with your phone bills. But if you are on a different continent, you’ll want to do it online. Choose an application that suits you best. The most common is Skype, but there are hundreds of others. Make a deal with your friends and schedule calls occasionally. Make a video call and have time of your life even if you are half a world away.

A woman and 3 other people on a video call
Making a video call is not that hard. You can even do it on your cellphone.

Chat groups

Keep open chat groups with your friends. It is a lucrative and easy way to send a quick update or share something funny. You do not have to talk if you don’t feel like it, but you can still communicate with your loved ones. You can use any application out there but the most common ones are Viber and WhatsApp.

Send a letter

For the old fashioned and sentimental types, sending a letter is the way to go. It is a slow way, but you can write a page or two explaining what was going on in the previous week. Or simply describe how you feel and share with them on paper. It is a nice and warm gesture that will stick with your friends forever.


Most of your friends have busy lives of their own. Sometimes, you can go for weeks without having a chance to talk to them. Busy schedules tend to keep people apart. Therefore, organize traveling groups occasionally. It can be once in 3-6 months depending on everyone’s schedule. Make a thing out of it and twice a year bundle up with your friends and families and hit the countryside, beach, or some of the many camping sites in Ontario. Whatever suits you best.

A woman looking at the map
Pick a destination and travel together. The more the merrier.

Visiting each other is the best way of keeping in touch after a long-distance move

If you are the lucky one and if your working schedule allows it, you can visit your friends once a month. You can organize regular gatherings at your favorite place. This does not mean that you are the one who will travel all the time. They can visit as well. Work it out with them and figure out what is the best option. One month you can travel and meet them, and once in a while, they can crash at your place. Organize and think about it, see your friends in person and strengthen the friendship you all cherish.

There we go, a few tips for keeping in touch after a long-distance move. It won’t be easy for sure, and it will be emotionally hard at times. But it is a part of life and you are ready for the next chapter. Your friends will understand as you will as well when the time comes. But at the moment, you must focus on the relocation that lies ahead. Contact your long distance movers on time and secure the safest and cheapest service possible. And when you settle in, contact all your friends and establish the everyday communication the way you desire. Good luck with your relocation and we wish you the safest journey possible.

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