5 Ways of keeping in touch after a long-distance move


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Moving to a new place can be exciting, but it also means leaving behind friends and loved ones. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to keep in touch after a long-distance move. Whether you’ve relocated within Canada with Professional Movers Ottawa or ventured to a different country altogether, staying connected with those you care about is easier than ever. With the help of technology, you can maintain meaningful relationships despite the physical distance. From video calls to instant messaging, platforms like Skype, WhatsApp, and FaceTime allow you to see and hear your loved ones in real time. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram help you stay updated on their lives through posts and photos. And don’t forget the power of good old-fashioned phone calls or sending letters and care packages. Discover which techniques you can use for keeping in touch after a long-distance move.

Are you genuinely ready for the relocation?

Before you even think about what will come in the near future, ask yourself are you ready for your relocation entirely? It is quite smart to think about keeping in touch after a long-distance move. But you can’t let those thoughts distract you from the task ahead. Start by creating a moving checklist. This will organize every step of your move. Write down specifics like how many boxes you have, their total weight, and any large pieces of furniture. Consider renting an adequate climate-controlled storage unit if your new place lacks space. Next, document all expenses associated with your move. This includes the cost of moving services and any legal requirements you need to fulfill. Most importantly, choose a trustworthy moving company. This is crucial, particularly if you are relocating with children.

a phone as a symbol of social networking being the best way of keeping in touch after a long distance move
Choose one of the social media networks and communicate with your friends at any time

Keeping in touch after a long-distance move is much easier than you think

We all have lifelong friends who will respect your need to move. They’ll support your decision and remain your friends regardless of distance. Remember, since you’re the one moving with long-distance movers in Ontario, it’s up to you to keep the communication lines open. Luckily, you have many ways to stay in touch. For instance, you have social networks, long-distance calls, chat groups, and letters to choose from. Even, you can travel to meet your loved ones! Each of these methods offers a unique way to maintain relationships over long distances. Start by choosing the one that best fits your lifestyle and your friends’ preferences.

Social networks

After relocating, staying connected with friends and family through social networks can be highly effective. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great for sharing daily updates and special moments. You can post photos, videos, and status updates to keep your loved ones in the loop about your new life. Moreover, these platforms support instant messaging, making conversations easy and immediate. For example, Facebook Messenger allows real-time video chats and group conversations, helping you feel closer to those far away. Additionally, Instagram’s story feature lets you share quick snippets of your day. In addition, this expires after 24 hours, keeping your content fresh and engaging. With millions of users worldwide, the chances are that most people you care about are just a click away. By using these tools, you can maintain strong ties despite physical distances, ensuring no one feels left out of your new adventures.

Long-distance calls are also one of the ways of keeping in touch after a long-distance move

Yet another common and simple way of not losing touch with loved ones. Simply pick up the phone and call.You won’t have a problem with your phone bills. f you relocate anywhere within the US with small movers Ontario. But if you are on a different continent, you’ll want to do it online. Choose an application that suits you best. The most common is Skype, but there are hundreds of others. However, several apps besides Skype can help:

  1. WhatsApp: Offers free voice and video calls over the internet. You can also send messages and create group chats.
  2. Zoom: Popular for video conferencing, it’s great for group calls, especially if you want to chat with multiple people at once.
  3. FaceTime: Ideal for Apple users, it provides high-quality video calls.
  4. Google Duo: Works on both Android and iOS devices, offering reliable voice and video calls.
  5. Viber: Similar to WhatsApp, it offers text, voice, and video options, plus fun stickers.

Choose the app that best fits your preferences and ensure your friends also install the same application. Then, schedule regular calls to catch up. Video calling, in particular, can make you feel like you’re right there with them, bridging the gap across any distance. Regular video chats can turn into exciting events, keeping your relationships strong and enjoyable.

A woman and 3 other people on a video call
Making a video call is one of the easiest ways of keeping in touch after a long-distance moveYou can even do it on your cellphone.

Chat groups

Keeping open chat groups with your friends is a simple and effective way to stay connected. These groups allow you to send quick updates or share humorous content. If you’re not in the mood for a phone call, chat groups provide an alternative way to keep in touch. You can use various apps, but Viber and WhatsApp are among the most popular. For example, Viber allows you to create groups, send messages, share photos, and even make voice and video calls. It also includes fun stickers and GIFs to enhance your conversations.

a woman holding a pen and writing a letter
Writing a letter might be old-fashioned but it is an endlessly charming way to stay in touch with your loved ones

WhatsApp offers similar features, with the added benefit of end-to-end encryption for better security. It supports group chats, voice messages, and file sharing, making it versatile for different communication styles. Other apps like Telegram and Facebook Messenger are also excellent choices. Telegram prides itself on speed and security and offers large group capabilities, perfect for keeping in touch with multiple friends. Facebook Messenger integrates seamlessly with your Facebook contacts, making it easy to connect with friends already on the social network.

Send a letter

For those who appreciate a nostalgic touch, sending letters is an excellent choice. Although it’s slower, it offers a personal way to communicate. You can write a page or two detailing your week’s events or express your feelings and thoughts. Sharing these details on paper creates a heartfelt and enduring connection. Writing letters allows you to reflect deeply and compose meaningful messages. It’s a tangible expression of your friendship that they can keep and cherish. The physical presence of a letter, handwritten and mailed, stands out in today’s digital age. Furthermore, receiving a letter can be a delightful surprise that brightens your friends’ day. It serves as a reminder of your bond and the care you put into maintaining the relationship. Consider using decorative stationery or adding a personal touch like a photo or a small keepsake to make the letter even more special.

Traveling is probably one of the best ways to stay in touch after a long-distance move

Maintaining friendships across busy schedules can be challenging, but organizing group travel can bring everyone together. Consider setting up traveling groups that meet every three to six months, depending on how everyone’s calendars align. Making a regular event out of it helps ensure that no one misses out due to your move to Ottawa this spring. Twice a year, you could plan trips where friends and family gather to explore new places. The destinations might include the countryside for a peaceful retreat, a beach for some sun and relaxation, or one of the many camping sites in Ontario for those who enjoy nature. The key is to choose locations that suit to the group’s preferences, ensuring that everyone has a good time.

A woman looking at the map
ick a destination and travel together with your friends and family

Visiting each other is the best way of keeping in touch after a long-distance move

If your work schedule is flexible, consider visiting your friends once a month. You can set up regular meetings at a favorite spot. Remember, the travel shouldn’t always be on you. Your friends can visit you too. Discuss and decide together the best arrangement. Perhaps one month you travel to them, and the next, they come to you so you can show them around. Regular face-to-face gatherings will help maintain and strengthen your cherished friendships. Plan these visits thoughtfully.

Using apps can help coordinate these meetings:

Google Calendar: Share calendars to see when everyone is available.
WhatsApp: Use for quick chats to discuss and plan your visits.
Trello: Organize your plans, who’s hosting next, and any activities you want to do.

Keeping in touch after a long-distance move is crucial for preserving relationships. Thanks to technology, geographical barriers barely impact staying connected. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple text message through WhatsApp or SMS to brighten someone’s day instantly. If you prefer voice calls, apps like Viber and Google Voice provide cost-effective solutions, especially internationally. To manage different time zones, tools like World Clock can help. Regularly scheduling these interactions can turn them into anticipated events that strengthen bonds despite the miles. Remember, maintaining relationships is a two-way street; effort from both sides fosters enduring friendships.

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