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When is the ideal time to move? This is a question that most people will want to ask when deciding to settle down somewhere else. We already know that the most affordable moving time is out of moving season, because during that period moving prices are lower. However, it’s also important ti figure out the time of the week when you should move. So, deciding whether to move on a weekday or weekend is a big dilemma. But, don’t worry, because we will help you to choose the best moving time. Whether you are moving to Ottawa or some other city in Canada, our best moving companies Ottawa is always at your disposal. During weekends, holidays, and every work day. Meanwhile, here’s what you should know if you were wondering when is the more convenient time to move.

Should you move on a weekday or weekend?

This can be a big dilemma and you will definitely want to look for the answer. But, in that case, long distance movers Ontario, can help you to make the final decision. There are many pros of cons of moving during weekdays, but also a lot of pros and cons of moving during weekends as well. And for that reason, to make the best decision you need to consider them all. Our professional movers can give you a lot of advice when it comes to choosing an ideal moving date. But also, they can warn you of all challenges you can come across. And, of course, help you to overcome them all. So, before we help you to choose the ideal moving time, we want to tell you that moving with professionals is always a good option, regardless of whether you are moving on a weekday or weekend.

Girl choosing moving date
Choosing the ideal date for your move is one of the most important things, so choose carefully!

Also, when you choose the perfect day for your move, you need to pay attention to some things. Like what is the most affordable day to move and when are there the fewest crowds. But you need to pay attention to the weather forecast, the moving season, holidays, and other things. In those moments, you need to consider every situation and choose what is best for you. So, in order to help you, we will reveal to you all the important things you need to know about moving on weekends and weekdays.

Advantages of moving on a weekday

Moving during weekdays can be a big challenge, but, it has many advantages. If you decide to move on a weekday, you need to know that in that case, you need to have a flawless organization. First of all, you need to coordinate your move, obligations, work, and school and find the ideal time to move in order to avoid crowds. Also, you need to know that not every day of the week is favorable for this matter. Especially when it comes to more complicated types of moves, such as office moving. But, we are sure that our company will offer you the best office moving Ottawa options, and that they will manage to coordinate your time and obligations that await you during the move.

Pros of moving on a weekday:

  • Moving companies are less busy during the week, so the price is more favorable.
  • Your neighbors will be at work during your move, so you can avoid strange looks and various questions.
  • If you have rented an apartment, it’s less likely that you will meet many neighbors in the corridors and thus have free passage.
  • Your children will be in school then, and you won’t be worrying about their mischief, safety, or mood swings.
Traffic jam in Ottawa
Traffic jams on weekdays in Ottawa can be terrible.

In order to be sure if this time is your best choice, you have to consider the positive and negative sides and see what is best for you. For example, if you are moving to Ottawa, the traffic jams are the biggest in the period from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. every day of the week. The traffic jams can be quite big, and it may take you about 20 minutes to cover the 10km road.

Cons of moving during weekdays

You must have wondered at least once if it’s cheaper to move on weekdays. Moving costs can generally depend on the type of move and mostly on the distance. But choosing the day of the week can have little effect on that. The best days of the week to move are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Precisely the reason for that is that moving companies have less work on those days because people are generally busy and use their annual vacations and weekends for moving. Whereas, for example, moving seniors can take place during the weekdays because they have much more free time. But senior moves Ottawa are at your disposal at any time.

See the cons of moving on weekdays and make the final decision!

  • Traffic jams
  • It’s hard to take a day off work to move.
  • Your children have obligations such as school, training, and other extracurricular activities.
  • Your friends will be at work and will not be able to help you.
  • If you only have one free day, you may be limited by time.
A person who adjusts a watch
If you are moving during weekdays, you may be limited by time.

One of the biggest cons of moving during the week is that you will be limited by time. That is, you have to plan it well. And it will be the most difficult if you have only one day at your disposal and a longer distance. But, in order to speed up your moving preparations, packing services Ottawa are at your disposal. So, what you have to do is organize your moving day well. You have to fit in the travel time and try to avoid traffic jams. Also, you have to plan your time according to your obligations outside of moving.

Pros and cons of moving on a weekend

It could be said that moving during the weekend is the best thing, and at the same time it can be considered the most logical decision. Because everyone is free on weekends, so you have Friday afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday at your disposal. And that’s enough time to settle into your new home. Even if you have furniture movers Ottawa next to you who will take care of the furniture for you to disassemble, pack, move, and reassemble. This looks like you have nothing to worry about. But, unfortunately, even moving after the weekend has its cons. Consider them before making a final decision.

Pros of moving during the weekend:

  • You won’t have to take a day off, you won’t fall behind with work, and it’s an ideal time if you’re starting a new job in a new city
  • Your children will not miss school, obligations, and all extracurricular activities
  • Fewer traffic jams
  • You will have more time to settle into your new home and maybe a little time to rest before the start of the new working week.
Couple prepare for moving on weekend
Moving on a weekday or weekend can be a bigger dilemma, but maybe moving on a weekend wins!

Did you know that in Canada most moves are for new business opportunities? And in that case, moving during the weekend will be your best decision because you will have enough time to finish all the tasks that await you during that period. And besides, if you’re moving to Ottawa, keep in mind that this is a city with a low cost of living, hovering around $1,872 for one person, according to data from

Cons of moving on the weekend

To make sure that moving over the weekend is the right option for you, then you should consider these cons. Because that’s the only way you’ll be able to make the right decision.

  • During the weekend, moving companies are usually busy, which means that you will have a hard time finding free movers
  • You will have to schedule your move months in advance
  • You won’t catch the discounts, and you might end up paying more
  • Maybe a little more stress if Monday is your first working day
  • You will have limited time for unpacking but don’t worry, our climate controlled storage Ottawa is always at your disposal.
  • If you are moving into an apartment, your neighbors are there
  • Your children are here, and you will need a babysitter and that is an additional expense
A person who thinks about when it is more convenient to move on a weekday or weekend
Look at all the pros and cons in order to see when it is more convenient to move on a weekday or weekend.

What you can conclude is that there are more cons in this case when it comes to moving during the weekend. Also, keep in mind that this is only your decision and no one can influence it. But the best solution would be to consult with your chosen moving company. Also, remember that our movers are available 24/7 and can help you make the best decision for you. Also, we can offer you packing supplies Ottawa and at the same time help you find suitable packaging and thus save time.

What is better – move on a weekday or weekend?

If you ask the professionals, they will say whenever it suits you. In a way, the answer is correct. For example, our company offers you services during the weekend, all weekdays, and during holidays. But the important thing is to schedule your move on time. In addition, when you decide to move at any time, you can request a free estimate and tell your chosen company all the details of your move, including the time you have available, your responsibilities, job information, and details about the move. Based on that, moving experts will make you an offer for your move and suggest several moving options. And of course, the final decision is yours.

A moving expert who explains the moving strategy for moving on a weekday and on weekend
Whether you choose weekday or weekend, our PromefessionalmMovers Ottawa will do its best to prepare the best moving offer for you.

It’s difficult to say when the best time is to move because it may depend on your reasons for moving as well as your needs and wishes. Well, let’s say you want to save a little money, then the best option is to choose a day in the middle of the week because you can catch discounts from 10% to 20%. Also, if you can’t get a day off for your move, then the best option would be to move during the weekend. Especially when it comes to long-distance moves because it can happen and you spend the whole day on the road. Therefore, the answer to this question will depend exclusively on your needs and possibilities.

Whether you move on a weekday or weekend, plan your move!

Whether you move on a weekday or weekend, there is something you should think about. And it’s moving time. Ideally, you should start your move between 8 and 10 in the morning. And there are several reasons for that. Let’s say, the temperatures are lower in the morning and you won’t have a problem with high temperatures. But in general, Canada’s climate is known for low temperatures, which means that during the summer months, you can expect daily temperatures of around 27c. While during the winter it’s not really advisable to move because the temperatures are below zero. However, this isn’t an obstacle for our movers. Also, if you start your move earlier, you will have less chance of getting into traffic jams. But, in addition, you have more time during the day to unpack and settle into your new home.

Call us, we can help you whenever you move!

Okay, by now you might have concluded that it’s very difficult to choose the right time to move because everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s say, the weekend is more convenient for moving in because of the more time you have available. While weekdays are more convenient for tracking because of discounts. But regardless of whether you decide to move on a weekday or weekend, we are at your disposal. Don’t forget that!


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