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The idea of focusing completely on your items and new home when moving is not always a good thing. When you have the best moving companies Ottawa by your side, you will have enough time to do some other things, including getting to know the place you will be moving to soon. Finding popular restaurants and other attractions nowadays is very easy. All you need to do is spend a couple of minutes online and explore the most popular things to see and do. However, Ottawa hides many other locations that you will surely love. Let us list some hidden gems to discover after moving to Ottawa and add them to your bucket list!

Why does it matter?

One of the key steps that will help you blend in after your relocation is to get to know both the locals and the area. This does not imply that you must change your lifestyle or habits, but keep in mind that you will be moving to a new location. Locations in Ottawa like the National Gallery of Canada or the Canadian Museum of Nature are extremely popular among tourists, and most of the time they are packed with people. Checking them out is essential as they will be part of your new hometown, but you will still need to find places that will make you feel more connected to the city.

waterfalls in the forest, as one of the hidden gems to discover after moving to Ottawa
Hidden gems to discover after moving to Ottawa will fill up your energy and help you get to know the area better

If someone were to ask you what things to visit in your current city, you would have a couple of similar ideas for them as well. This is why it is important that you start exploring Ottawa as a resident and not as a tourist. Considering that the capital of Canada is huge, prepare a list and make sure to consider visiting these places after your relocation.

Go shopping at ByWard Market

Once residential movers Ottawa unload their trucks and you finally unpack, it may be time to go shopping. ByWard Market will be a perfect location to start as it can offer pretty much everything you will need. If you plan to stack up your kitchen right away and buy a couple of items for your living room, you can do it all in one go. This neighborhood’s shops sell everything from food to spices to jewelry. Most of them are family-owned and have a long history, while others belong to local young artists. You can find it on Byward Market Square, and if you happen to live close, visiting it will become a tradition. Always count on fresh groceries and pastries, and of course, seeing your closest neighbors.

As a newcomer, take the food tour

The entire country of Canada is famous for its cuisine, which you are probably familiar with if you live in another city. But after moving to Ottawa, you can easily discover more delicious meals and drinks by taking a food tour. There are a couple of agencies in the city that can organize your trip, during which you will check out many restaurants in one day. Most tours visit traditional places with a long history and at least one specialty that they are famous for. Those who will be moving to Ottawa from another state will find this experience even more interesting. Get ready to try delicious beef meals, deserts, and, of course, Ottawa’s special cocktails!

food and vegetables at the market
Apart from checking popular places, you will also have to find those locals love

It is good to mention that these places will include food trucks and bakeries as well. All places that earned the title of hidden cuisine gems will be on the list. Usually, tours will last for an entire day, but you can make a special deal with the agency. Once it is over, you will know exactly what place to visit next time!

Hiking in Gatineau Park

To all nature lovers out there, Ottawa is keeping a special place for you. Gatineau Park is the largest green area in the region, covering more than 361 square kilometers. If you are moving with the help of long distance movers Ontario, you will surely need to relax after your relocation is over. There will be no better way to do it than to organize a hiking day in this park.

woman hiking in one of the hidden gems to discover after moving to Ottawa
And once you get tired of the city, go hiking with your new friends

Considering how spacious it is, you can invite your friends, coworkers, or even neighbors to spend the entire day with you. The park is famous for its fresh air, beautiful forest, and cool locations for resting. In case this will be your first time hiking, the park offers a guide that can go with you. The most suitable season to visit is definitely early spring. Nature is breathtaking, and once you go back home, you will be full of energy.

One of the hidden gems to discover after moving to Ottawa is the Experimental Farm

A lot of people know that Canada is pretty famous for its agriculture and as a fresh source of goods. There is one place in Ottawa that will not just remind you of that, but help you learn more about the process. The farm was established back in 1886, and since then it has been helping people understand agriculture in Canada much better. You will get a chance to see gardens, greenhouses, and even a couple of botanic exhibitions. Once that part is over, their employees will tell you a lot of interesting facts about the place and how it came to be. At the very entrance of the farm, there is a small shop where you can purchase souvenirs and some smaller plants as well. If you are still setting up your home, consider getting one and making your place even neater.

Skate on Rideau Canal

Everybody knows about the Rideau Canal and you probably wonder how could it be a hidden gem. Well, to find out you will have to be there during winter. When temperature drops and winter begins, the canal will have a completely different purpose. Those who love skating will be able to do it right there as a lot of people who live in the area do. Once the officials determine that the canal is safe and ready to become a skating ring, you can go there every day. This will be an even better idea if your kids are moving with you. Locals usually bring their entire family and a lot of them stay to skate even at night. Even though there are a lot of skating rings in Ottawa, you will find this one to be quite special.

ice skating shoes
Ice skating and other winter sports are very popular in Ottawa

If you currently live in a different neighborhood of this city and will move with the help of local movers Ottawa, you know how winter sports are popular in this city. But even if you don’t have skating equipment, you can find it for excellent prices in Ottawa. Almost every shop will have good deals before and during winter, and it will not take too long to find a good set.

Hidden gems to discover after moving to Ottawa must include Hogs Back Falls

After relocation, you will have a lot of work around your home. There will be an unpacking process waiting for you, cleaning, and setting all those items where they belong. At a certain point, you will need to take a break and visit a place that will help you relax. Hogs Back Falls is precisely what you are looking for and it will cost you almost nothing to check it out. No matter where in Ottawa you will move, the location will be easy to find. It is located in the city center and is giving out-of-this-world vibes. The waterfalls are beautiful and there are many trails and benches around. In summer, this place is perfect for having a picnic or simply spending a couple of hours with your family or friends.

There is also Watson’s Mill

Knowing that there is just a couple of operational mills left in Canada, try to leave some time to visit Watson’s Mill. You can find it in the Manotick village and while your affordable movers Ottawa unload their vehicles, you can enjoy spending time there and relaxing. While tourists who come by will explore the mill and learn more about its history, you can do much more. There is a nearby park you can spend time, or take a walk by the river. Locals in the village are famous for making delicious onion soup, and you will surely enjoy stopping by some of their restaurants. The Watson’s Mill is available to the public every day so traveling to visit can be a perfect day trip for you. 

Black Squirrel Books is another of the hidden gems to discover after moving

While exploring Ottawa and all its wonders you will come by a really urban part called Old Ottawa South. This neighborhood offers many trendy shops and boutiques, as well as restaurants. However, there you will find one of the oldest bookstores in the city as well. Black Squirrel Books offers all kinds of books but their specialty is used and rare ones. Some of them can be pretty expensive, but all those who love reading and collecting books know how precious they can be. As one of the oldest hidden gems to discover after moving to Ottawa, you will surely love spending time there and making it your main source of literature. Apart from books, they also sell notebooks, souvenirs, pencils, and all kinds of decorative accessories for readers and writers.

person finding book as bookstores are considered to be hidden gems to discover after moving to Ottawa
And if you love reading, there is a perfect bookstore waiting for you

If you plan on moving some of your valuable books, this bookstore will have all you need for their maintenance and safekeeping. You can find special holders and cleaning solutions that are suitable for older pages. Before you move, rely on packing supplies Ottawa for additional protection of your precious items.

Dine at Wilfrid’s

Speaking of old and magnificent spots, the last of our hidden gems to discover after moving to Ottawa is Wilfrid’s restaurant. it is considered to be the oldest one in the city, as it is in the same place since 1933. The entire atmosphere in this place reminds you of some old and wonderful days, and the place still has its previous elegance, after more than 90 years. Their menu focuses on traditional Canadian cuisine but you will also be able to order delicious salads, pastries, and sandwiches. When you decide to reserve a table in this restaurant, expect it to become one of your favorite places to eat out in the city.

table in a restaurant
Ottawa has plenty of family-owned restaurants with a long history

And finally, one of the hidden gems to discover after moving to Ottawa is the Elgin Street

One of the most beloved locations by all locals is Elgin Street. It is full of restaurants, shops, bars, and bookstores which have been in the business for a long time. Elgin Street is suitable for all ages and professions mainly because it is one of the most vibrant places in the entire city. And while some places there are very famous, others are real gems waiting for people to explore them. As a resident of Ottawa, you will find spending time here extremely relaxing. However, Elgin Street could benefit you in another way as well, and it is good to know it on time. 

Since you could be moving your business with the help of office moving Ottawa, Elgin Street is a great candidate for your shop or even office space. Since a lot of young people own small businesses there, you can use its suitable location as well. You will have a great opportunity to reach new customers and present your services and products in the best way possible.

In conclusion

Of course, there are much more hidden gems to discover after moving to Ottawa and you will surely come across new ones. It will not take too long for you to blend in, and start calling this wonderful city your home. Get to know your new neighborhood and community, and let them guide you through upcoming events and traditions in Ottawa.

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