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While there are many things to take care of and plan for when packing for a move, glassware requires extra care. You need to be very careful with things like glasses and cups and glassware in general. And that goes for everything from handling them before packing to packing itself. Another important part of preparing glassware for storage and moving is making sure that you do your research and hire one of the better moving and storage companies Ottawa to handle moving it. Because they are going to have a lot of experience and will know how to handle it without damaging it. Here is how to prepare glassware for storage properly and to avoid damage when moving it.

The first thing to do is to take inventory and make a plan

Packing is one of the biggest parts of moving, and if you want to prepare glassware for storage it is going to be a lot of work. That is why it is going to require a lot of time. And it is important to make a plan when you are going to do it and figure out how long it is going to take. And you can estimate how long it is going to take by making inventory and knowing how you are going to pack it. Make sure that you also gather all the necessary packing supplies Ottawa before you start packing. As you don’t want to waste time having to go back to get more supplies Having everything ready and knowing how long the packing going to take is going to make everything much easier and less stressful. Some of the essential packing supplies are going to be:

  • Boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
Woman writing on her notebook a plan how to prepare glassware for storage
Taking inventory of your glassware and making a plan will make everything much easier

One of the bigger parts of preparing glassware for storage is finding a good storage

Finding good storage is just as important as packing your glassware properly. Because you want it to be safe while it is in storage too. And that is why it is important to do your research properly and check the reviews of the storage provider. And make sure that they offer insurance so that you can further protect your items in storage. Another thing you can do when looking for storage solutions Ottawa is to ask your movers about their storage services. More often than not your movers will offer a variety of services aside from moving itself. And they might give you a good price on storage if you include it with the move. It is definitely worth asking.

An important of preparing glassware for storage is cleaning it

You need to clean your glassware properly. Ensuring that it is clean is just as important as packing it properly. There are many ways to easily clean drinking glasses and other glassware. But it is important to have a controlled water temperature so that it’s not too hot, as that can damage your glassware. You can also get washing-up liquids to clean your glassware and make it shinier. And while being careful make sure that you thoroughly clean your glassware. Then you need to dry it, you can leave it on a draining board. Or you can hand dry the glassware by using a dry cloth. And after it has dried you can use a microfibre cloth to wipe it clean and remove things like fingerprints from it.

Person pouring water on a drinking glass
It is very important to clean your glassware before packing it

Prepare the boxes and glass for packing

When you get all the necessary packing supplies you can prepare glassware for storage by packing it. It is important to prepare the boxes properly to avoid damage during the move. If you don’t have time for this or you prefer to leave it to professionals you can inquire with your movers about their packing services and let them take care of it. If you prefer to do it on your own. Then first you need to line the boxes with a layer of wrapping plastic and bubble wrap. You need to make sure there is a lot of padding for your glass items. And you can also reinforce the box with packing tape to make it sturdier.

Extra care should be taken when wrapping glassware

Now that you have the boxes ready you need to take care of the last part of preparing glassware for storage, wrapping it. If you are wrapping glass or bowl, put some newspaper in the hollow part so that it absorbs any moisture if there is any. Then carefully wrap bubble wrap around it, and make sure that you use a lot of bubble wrap. Then wrap things like handles and stems with bubble wrap too. And be careful when doing it as they are the most sensitive parts. If you are also packing dishes for moving, you are going to go through the same process. When you finish packing it all use a lot of packing tape to secure it all together. And don’t forget to label the boxes as fragile to make sure that they are handled with care.

Man taping a box with scotch tape
Prepare glassware for storage by sealing the boxes tightly

Place the boxes in storage with care

After you finish packing your glassware and bring it to storage it is important to place it properly. Especially if you are leaving it there long-term. One of the biggest things to watch out for is dampness, which is common in storage units. But it shouldn’t be a problem if you find a good storage unit. Or use a climate-controlled storage unit to further protect your items from temperature changes. Make sure that your boxes are not close to the floor and walls. You can use wooden pallets for example. Or if you already have things in storage, just put these boxes on top. It is also important to don’t put anything heavy on top of your boxes to avoid damage. And that there is nothing nearby that could fall on them and break the glassware inside the boxes.

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