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Moving home is hard and includes many steps and tasks you must accomplish. You should organize, set a budget, make a moving checklist, pack, find one of the moving companies Gatineau, and rent an appropriate storage space if needed. People rent storage space all the time and it always proves useful and cost-efficient. But what most people do not think about, is the fact that the storage unit should be maintained and kept clean. Now, you become a storage unit owner and you need a few tips and tricks on how to handle it all? Worry not, we will show you how to maintain and pest-proof a storage unit.

How to find and pest-proof a storage unit?

In case you are still looking for a proper unit, we will recommend a few tactics on how to find one. But in case you already did, you should keep the knowledge for future reference. So, to keep the highest levels of hygiene and pest-proof a storage unit, you must consider a few things. Firstly, the biggest problem with low maintenance units is rodents and pests. And the first red flag should be the environment. Surely you will inspect the unit you are renting first, and when you do it, you should check out and inspect the surroundings. You want to make sure that there is no trash, visibly neglected growth, or anything similar that would attract rodents.

A woman using her laptop
Find your storage unit online but inspect it in person.

If possible, talk to the facility manager and ask how often they take out the trash, do they have a pest control policy, do they have a maintenance and landscaping crew, and what are the health and safety measures they apply. And a serious storage unit provider should have it all in line. Moreover, you should check in what condition are the doors separating your belongings from the rest of the world. If you see that locks are clingy and doors corroded, that should be a clear sign that you should skip and find another place to store your items in. And we can recommend storage units Ottawa as a place where you’ll find the best storage units in the area. Check it out and treat yourself to a storage unit you deserve.

Pest-proof a storage unit with proper packing methods

Now, you must know that there are several unit type choices in front of you. You can rent an outdoor unit, a unit inside the facility, or a climate-controlled storage unit. The last one would be the best choice when it comes to storing items and it provides the highest levels of protection. But also, you must know that no unit will keep your items in a good shape if you do not pack for storing the right way.

You must use appropriate packing supplies Ottawa and boxes of good quality. The best solution is plastic containers. Preferably once with air-tight lids. Especially if you are storing clothing and other similar items that can deteriorate over time. Moreover, you can keep anything inside plastic bins, as long as you clean them beforehand appropriately.

But to be fair, most people reuse their leftover moving boxes for this occasion. It is much more practical and cost-efficient. Therefore, you can pack cardboard moving boxes the same way you would for your relocation. Although, keep in mind that you are not allowed to store any hazardous materials, liquids, food, flammable objects, etc. You can find a full list online and it varies from state to state. So, make sure you check it out before you store anything questionable.

Perishables are not allowed inside the unit

As we already mentioned, you shouldn’t bring any food inside the unit. Whether it is by mistake or on purpose, you should avoid it at all costs. Even the tiniest leftover can attract rodents and pests. Not to mention that bringing food is forbidden in most of the more serious storage facilities, let alone storing it. Therefore, take this topic seriously and do not bring your lunch inside nor you should store anything that has an expiration date. If you do it you will have to deal with pests shortly.

Various vegetables sitting on a table
Bringing food in is prohibited. Do not make a mistake and attract pests unnecessarily.

Storing items properly will help a lot

Ok, you covered the packing process. Now you must learn how to store your items properly. The main rule is not to put your boxes directly on the ground. You should use a wooden pallet and place the whole stack on top of it. This will keep the air flowing, pests won’t reach it easily, and you’ll keep the moisture out. Moreover, you should use the shelving system if possible, and do not forget to use the whole space.

Use hooks to hang items on the walls and on the ceiling. As for furniture, you should cover it all with sheets and a tarp. Also, leave enough room in the middle of the unit so you can reach everything easily and move around without any trouble.

Use wooden pallets to pest-proof a storage unit
Use wooden pallets as additional protection for your boxes.

How to prevent and maintain?

If you pest-proof a storage unit properly from the start, you won’t have to think about it later. So, you should obtain air moisturizer and rodent repellants from your nearest hardware store. Your choice is which product you’ll use depending on the budget and your personal preferences. You already know that some of the products are designed to kill while others are used as a trap.

Therefore, set a mousetrap here and there and trap the rodent so you can later release it outside unharmed. But ultimately, you’ll decide on the best solution and go for it. The Point is to use the right protection from the start and you’ll keep all kinds of pests out of your storage unit.

Keep your unit nice and clean

The key to clean storage is maintaining and cleaning it regularly. Firstly, ask your storage unit provider if there is a maintenance crew and how often they are cleaning outside the unit. You want to be sure that the whole place won’t be neglected while you are not there. And depending on how often you visit, you should clean a bit each time you do. Let the fresh air in and use a broom for a quick sweep. But if you are visiting once a month or even less, then each time you stop by you should give your unit a thorough cleaning.

Now you know how to pest-proof a storage unit. It is quite simple, to be honest. Just clean it each time you visit and use a few rodent repellants. Also, note that you can bring pests in through your items. So, do a thorough inspection of all furniture and boxes before you store them. Moreover, each time you visit, inspect your items to be sure that there are no signs of pest damage.

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