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When it comes to moving, your book collection may fall at the bottom of the priority list. After all, books have a fairly consistent shape and appear to be quite simple to pack in a box. However, some books are bulky, while others are delicate. It’s not as straightforward as you may assume to pack. Reliable movers Ottawa have put together a list of tips to assist you to pack your library for the move in Gatineau.

If you follow these book packing strategies, you will be able to move your home library with ease

  1. Curb your shelves to pack your library for the move in Gatineau

One of the best things about relocating is that it gives you the perfect excuse to get rid of some of the books that have been collecting dust on your shelves.

Take a couple of trips through your bookshelves a month or two before your move day and ask yourself if you really want to carry each book to a new location. The answer will almost always be a resounding NO. Don’t look at a book you’ve chosen to give away again; instead, take the bags to a secondhand bookshop, library, or Goodwill to sell or donate them and put them out of your mind.

a pile of books
You can get rid of the books you do not need to help you pack your library for the move in Gatineau
  1. Classify your books based on size and type

Separate your books into hardcovers and paperbacks after sorting them and before placing them into boxes.

Sort your books by:

  • size,
  • shape,
  • or color.

These groupings will enable you to cram as many books as possible into each little box. While it may appear to be a clever approach to lighten a box by combining paperbacks and hardcover volumes, it might cause damage to the paperback copies.

  1. When it comes to packaging, use the right materials

Strong boxes are ideal for storing and transporting your books. Look for any gaps or empty spots after you’ve packed as many books as you can into a box. Fill up the gaps with bubble wrap or packing paper. This prevents book collections from shifting during the transporting process, which is a typical cause of damage.

If your books are going into storage and you opt for Ottawa relocation services, you will store them in boxes for an extended period of time, include a silica gel packet in the boxes (the little packets that come in shoe boxes or Amazon boxes when they arrive to you). Any moisture that could harm your books will be absorbed by this.

Add layers of stiff cardboard between each book if you’re packaging first editions, collectible books, family photo albums, or other more delicate volumes to keep the spines straight. Ensure that such books are placed in a well-padded box with no chance for movement during transportation.

If you do use larger boxes, only fill them to roughly 75% capacity. Use the remaining space for clothes, office supplies, or other light items. Don’t overpack the box to the point where it falls apart during the move. Worse, it’s too hefty for someone to pick, so your library collection is repackaged. To safeguard the books, fill the tops of boxes with paper or bubble wrap.

person packing books in a box
Make sure the boxes you use for packing are strong
  1. Be innovative with your packaging options

If your relocation isn’t too long, we’ve found that liquor store boxes, reusable grocery bags (especially the $1 ones), storage baskets, and even brown paper bags work great for packing books.

We suggest that you transport your books using wheeled luggage and put your clothes (far lighter!) in boxes. Make sure the bottom of whatever you’re using is stable – books hurt when they fall on your feet.

  1. Be careful when packing

If you plan to put your books in storage facilities in Ottawa before or after your move, pack them spine down to keep them safe. You can also stack books upright or lay them flat. It is possible to employ a mix of the two strategies. Make sure you don’t stack any of the books at an angle or curve them in an unusual way, as they will be distorted when you remove them. Also, make sure you use high-quality moving supplies, to keep your books safe.

  1. Pack strategic and clearly label the boxes to pack your library for the move in Gatineau

When you’re getting ready to pack your books, plan ahead. Keep books that you have put together in the same box so you don’t have to sift through boxes looking for books that go together while unpacking.

Spend some time labeling your boxes so that they make sense to you. This will save you time and aggravation in the long run. Take photos of your shelves if you like how you’ve set them up so you can remember where books go in general.

Also, make it obvious that they include books. This acts as a reminder to anyone lifting the box that it is likely to be quite heavy. Moving companies Gatineau will know how to handle them. When packing and relocating your library, clearly identifying book boxes is the best way to avoid injury.

woman reading in a library
You can rearrange your new library in any way you want
  1. Keep in mind your mandatory reading materials

Don’t bring all of your books with you! This is especially true for those of us who never leave the house without a book. If you’ll be without your entire library for an extended period of time, make sure you leave a few selections to read shortly before and after your move.

Place these books in the same box as your other “important” items, such as contact information, medications, and phone chargers. It would be a disaster to be without a decent book.

How to pack your library for the move in Gatineau – summing up

Packing your library for the move might not be the first thing on your list. But that does not make it less important. Make sure you follow our tips to pack your library for the move in Gatineau. And moving your library will become one less task to worry about.

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