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Moving your home or a business is no small feat, especially if you’ve been living in Ottawa for your entire life. This could make the decision to move very difficult, which is completely understandable. Memories tie us to places and it’s not pleasant to think about not being around the place where they were made. This is especially true when moving long-distance, to another city or another state. As if this wasn’t enough, there are so many other worries about what could go wrong. Even when you’re dealing with professionals and have managed to get some moving help in Ottawa, you could still be harboring serious worries. Let’s dive into the last 24 hours of moving and address some of the most common moving day concerns.

How to prepare

If you’re all set on moving from Ottawa to Toronto you probably have most of the basics already dealt with. You’ve contacted professionals and they will be at your door soon. This solves many problems you’d have to deal with yourself, but it doesn’t wrap everything up. There are plenty of things that could affect how smoothly you go through this entire process. For example, something as simple as not leaving enough room for the packing team to work could drag out this part of the job. Making sure they’ve got enough room to maneuver and move around is very important.

Punctuality is key, especially when it comes down to the last day before the move. Being where you need to be, and being there on time, is crucial to making sure everything runs like clockwork. Last but not least, most of the workload is on the movers, but you should still be available to help in any way you can.

Some of the most common moving day concerns are:

  • Timing
  • Packing and loading
  • Transportation
  • Unloading and storage


Delivery man writing information on a pad.
Hiring trained professionals who could plan the entire process from start to finish will save you from the unnecessary stress of worrying about common moving day concerns.

Common timing concerns

When it comes to moving, or doing anything as important, timing is crucial. However, life is unpredictable. This means that, no matter how failproof a plan may seem on paper, there is probably going to be something that could get in the way. With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to leave enough time for just those cases. Not everything should be planned in a way that could trigger a domino effect. Because of this, it is a good idea to always leave room for less predictable factors like weather conditions and traffic. Most important of all – make sure you’re on location on time, or earlier.

Common packing and loading concerns

It’s not always the most pleasant thing to allow strangers to handle your prized possessions. When it comes to this, it’s natural to worry that they may not take the same care you would, if you had been the one doing the packing. Be aware that, if you hire long-distance moving specialists, you should know that they have teams who have received special training for just this job. Packing and loading is their area of expertise and you should be able to expect the team to take utmost care when handling your property. One way to make sure you’ve done your part is to clearly label boxes with instructions, in case there needs to be special care taken when handling them. You may even be able to pick packaging materials that would be provided by the moving company, in case you’re unsure where to get packing supplies in Ottawa.

Delivery man sitting in his van, leaning on a box, inspecting a clipboard.
With proper packing methods and materials, this is one less common moving day concern to have on your mind.

Common transportation concerns

Okay, everything is on-board and ready to go. Now you are probably going to be concerned about what could go wrong along the way, right? Traffic jam? Accident? Some of these factors could be out of anyone’s hands. Still, when it comes to the quality of service for transporting your property, your moving company should have it covered. This is why moving companies hire experienced drivers for their transportation services. These are usually drivers with multiple years of experience on the job, operating vehicles specialized for moving purposes. Whether it’s a van or a truck, you will be issued an appropriate unit, capable of handling the required load and dimensions of everything you wish to take with you.

Driver in a van, setting up his GPS system.
Reliable moving companies have professional drivers operating high quality vehicles specialized for your moving day needs.

Common storage concerns

A storage unit may be required for plenty of reasons, and sometimes this becomes apparent last minute. Perhaps your new place of residence needs some decluttering, or a room in your new home is still being renovated. This means you need to be able to store your things safely somewhere for a short time before you’re able to relocate them to your new home. Serious moving companies usually offer solutions for just these cases. While there are plenty of storage facilities in Ottawa, it’s important to pick the right units. Some of the most important things to keep in mind when picking your unit are:

  • Storage conditions
  • Unit size
  • Security

Reliable moving companies such as Professional Movers Ottawa often partner up with a trustworthy storage provider. This relieves a lot of stress when dealing with situations where you’re just not able to set up everything you’ve brought with you right away. One more moving day concern out of the way.

Time to move

Congratulations on your successful moving prep! As it turns out, most of these common moving day concerns are nothing to worry about if you’ve got the right company for the job. In truth, once you’ve hit moving day, everything should already be in place. This is why the most important thing is to put your moving process in the hands of trained experts. Once you’ve done that, you’re all set as it’s never been easier to move long-distance swiftly and efficiently. Now just lay back and let the pros handle it.

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