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    Moving home is often stressful and time-consuming. Not to mention that it is costly and dangerous as well. It requires a proper moving plan, packing logistics, and one of the best movers Ottawa to assist you. Hopefully, you will find such a team and they will help you relocate successfully. And upon the job well done, it is appropriate to tip movers in Ottawa. Or is it? Let us help you find the answer to this question and figure out is it ok to tip your movers or there are other ways to show your appreciation. Let’s take a look.

    What a reliable moving company brings to the table

    If you are in the middle of your moving plan, let us quickly cover a few basic steps one shouldn’t forget. No matter how big your relocation is, you can’t complete all the steps without a reliable moving team by your side. Of course, if you have only a few boxes that can fit into your personal vehicle then you won’t have to think about it. In all other situations, you must search for your movers online and compare prices, services, and reviews. Once you do, give them a call and figure out if they are licensed, equipped for the job, and if they are following moving safety protocols. And when you confirm this, then take a closer look at the moving services Ottawa available to you.

    a mover with a box
    Movers bring irreplaceable moving services to the table. Maybe they deserve a tip after all.

    Movers offer a variety of services that can be quite useful and most will make your relocation easier and safer. For example, you shouldn’t miss packing services Ottawa as it is the best way to pack and unpack all your stuff in a day. Movers will bring all the materials required and handle the whole process. On the other hand, we have special moving services related to fragile, expensive, and extremely valuable items. As well as robust, heavy, and dangerous furniture and other household items. This means that movers have the answer to any situation. And once they relocate you safely, it is understandable you want to tip movers in Ottawa. But is it ok and how will they respond to it? Let us find out.

    How to say thanks? Tip movers in Ottawa and be done with it

    We must point out right from the start that you do not have to give your movers anything apart from saying thanks. Yes, this is hard labor and usually, movers do more than you paid for. But they are already getting paid by the employer and all costs are covered in the moving contract. And in most situations, honest movers will refuse any additional payment. Cash on hands can be a sketchy thing on both sides and in a serious moving business, it is not considered welcome.

    But again, it is an individual thing and it may vary from company to company. Depending on their policy, movers can be forbidden to take any kind of additional payment if not required by the process. And there are companies that are completely fine with this. So, it is a slippery slope and you must ask them first if they are allowed to take cash on hands as a way for you to show appreciation for a job well done.

    How much should you give?

    Ok, we are not talking about hundreds of bucks here. Somewhere between $15 and $30 is completely fine. Or you can tip movers in Ottawa with any amount you see fit. But take into consideration the work they have done. For example, if you had a few moving boxes Ottawa more than you initially reported, movers are obligated to charge you extra. If this is only taking 10 minutes of their work they might overlook the whole situation and handle it anyway. Of course without charging you extra. It is a nice gesture from their side and you can repay it with $50 if you like so the whole moving team can buy food and beverages to treat themselves after a successful relocation. In the end, it is entirely up to you.

    A man pulling a five dollar bill out of the wallet
    What is the appropriate amount? Only you know the answer to this question.

    Tip movers in Ottawa if they have done a good job

    Now, there are a few situations when you simply must try and tip movers in Ottawa. If they refuse to take it, it’s fine. At least you tried. So, the most common situation is the weather condition. Yes, you followed the forecast but all of a sudden rain is pouring all over your cargo. Movers were swift, agile, and successful in preserving your belongings and they helped immensely. They had the tools, expertise, and a strong will to save the day. And they did. Now, this is a moment where you can say thanks and give them a sizeable tip to show your appreciation.

    But in most situations, the complexity of the job and the extra mile they take will determine if you should tip them or not. Movers tend to keep their customers happy and satisfied. And if you have such a team by your side, show them you appreciated the effort and the amazing professional approach they have.

    Is tipping movers appropriate?

    As we explained earlier, yes and no. It depends on the situation, to be honest. Because you will pay the whole service with a credit card, the tip you give your movers will be in cash. And how you hand it out matters the most. You should be discreet but at the same time ensure that everyone is getting a share. Usually, there is a moving representative in the team who oversees legalities, paperwork and meddling with contracts, bills, complaints, etc. You can either give it to them and hope they will share. Or you can give each mover $20 and rest assured that you tipped everyone appropriately.

    tip movers in Ottawa but pay for the service with a credit card
    Remember, you are paying with a credit card. Tips come in cash only.

    Say thanks in another way

    You can say thanks, the other way. It doesn’t have to be related to the “cash on hands” situation. Consider the following if you want to avoid tipping mover in the most common way:

    • Simply say thanks.
    • Offer your movers beverages and snacks.
    • Make lunch and invite everyone over once the job is done.
    • Organize a BBQ in your backyard and schedule a break where everyone can have some fun, rest, and have a proper meal.

    Be a good host. Offering money can be a bit cringy but providing food and non-alcoholic drinks is a good thing and a common courtesy. Usually, this is the best way of saying thanks.

    It’s pretty simple

    In the end, it is your choice if you are going to tip movers in Ottawa or not. If they are well-mannered and professional you tip them. If not, you don’t. Simple as that. Now at least you know what to consider before doing it. And remember, simple thanks and a few drinks will be more than enough.

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