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Moving houses is often stressful and time-consuming. not to mention that it is costly and dangerous as well. A successful move requires a plan, elaborate logistics, and a proper packing process, but also the help of one of the best moving companies in Ottawa. When you find such a team, your move will be much easier, faster, and less stressful. So, you must have thought about tipping your movers after they finish the job, and you’re wondering if that’s okay. We at Professional Movers Ottawa company have decided to reveal to you some details about how much you can tip movers in Ottawa and how. Stay with us and see!

What a reliable moving company brings to the table

If you are in the middle of making your moving plan, let us quickly cover a few basic steps one shouldn’t forget. No matter how big your relocation to or from Ottawa is, you can’t complete all the steps without reliable movers in Ottawa by your side. Of course, if you have only a few boxes that can fit into your personal vehicle, you won’t have to think about it. In all other situations, you must search for your movers online and compare prices, services, and reviews. Once you do, give them a call and figure out if they have the licence, equipment for the job, and if they are following moving safety protocols. And when you confirm this, then take a closer look at the moving services Ottawa has available. This moving service will be of great help to you.

a mover with a box
Movers bring irreplaceable moving services to the table. Maybe they deserve a tip after all.

Movers in Ottawa offer a variety of services that can be quite useful, and most will make your relocation easier and safer. For example, you shouldn’t miss packing services Ottawa, as it is the best way to pack and unpack all your stuff in a day. Movers will bring all the materials required and handle the whole process. On the other hand, they have special moving services related to fragile, expensive, and extremely valuable items. as well as robust, heavy, and dangerous furniture and other household items. This means that movers have the answer to any situation, and in that way they can help you. Moreover, once your movers safely relocate you, it is understandable that you would want to tip them. But is it okay, and how will they respond to it? Let us find out.

Is tip movers in Ottawa one of the ways to say thanks?

We must point out right from the start that you do not have to give your movers anything other than your thanks. Yes, this is hard labor, and usually, movers do more than you pay for. But they are already getting paid by the employer, and all costs are covered in the moving contract. And in most situations, honest movers will refuse any additional payment. Cash in hands can be a sketchy thing on both sides, and in a serious moving business, it isn’t considered welcome. But again, it is an individual thing, and it may vary from company to company. Depending on their policy, residential movers Ottawa can be forbidden to take any kind of additional payment if it is not required by the process. And there are companies that are completely fine with this.

Man tip movers in Ottawa
Think about tipping, choose the right moment and the best way to say thank you.

So, it is a slippery slope, and we advise you to ask them first if they are allowed to take cash on hand as a way for you to show appreciation for a job well done. If your movers aren’t allowed to take a tip, you can find another way to say thank you. Also, don’t insist on taking a tip because you can put them in an awkward situation. Giving a tip is considered a nice gesture and one of the most frequently chosen ways to reward your movers or other people who provide you with some services in other situations, in addition to saying “thank you.” In the continuation of this story, you will learn more details about how much a tip should be and also about other ways in which you can express your gratitude.

Choose the right moment to tip your movers!

The most important thing is to choose a good moment to reward your movers. Payment for the provided moving services is usually made after the work is completed. Your chosen moving company will send you an invoice, after which you will have a deadline for the reference. Such situations are common when it comes to office moving Ottawa. An invoice will be sent to you, and in that way, you will justify the money in your company. At this time, you will not have the opportunity to type the names of your movers who brought you to your office or home. So, this moment falls away.

packing services
After the movers finish their work, you can treat them to coffee and reward them for their services.

You can reward your movers during the moving process when you see that the work is nearing completion and that everything went well. If you are satisfied with the service provided, you can do so at the end of the move. So, for example, when the senior movers Ottawa are done with the job and have successfully moved and unpacked the belongings of our oldest, you can reward them as much as you see fit. Also, if you use individual moving services, you can do it right after the movers have done the job. Therefore, the best time for tipping movers in Ottawa is after a successfully completed job.

The main question is “how much to tip movers in Ottawa?

How much you can tip your movers? This is a question you definitely want to ask us. Somewhere between $15 and $30 is fine. Also, the tip for your movers should be as much as you think is appropriate. But consider the work they have done. For example, if you had a few more moving boxes Ottawa than you originally declared, the movers are bound to charge you extra. If this only takes 10 minutes of their work, they could overlook the whole situation and solve it anyway and meet you that way. No additional charge. It’s a nice gesture on their part. Then you can treat them to $50 if you want, so the whole moving team can buy food and drinks to treat themselves after a successful move. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

A man pulling a five dollar bill out of the wallet to tip movers in Ottawa
What is the appropriate amount? Only you know the answer to this question.

How much you tip your movers should depend on the amount of work your movers have done. Also, it may depend on the number of movers, but also on the availability of your budget. If you are planning a budget, maybe you should set aside money for this as well. Let’s say, half a day’s work, and two people, you can build them with 20 to 40 dollars on average. If the movers had a full day of work, struggle with heavy furniture, or move you from an apartment or a house with many stairs, then their tip should be a little higher. An ideal average is around $40 to $50 for a full day per person. This may help you determine the ideal amount of tip for your movers, based on how much work they have done. And when it comes to individual services, $5 to $20 is fine.

Situations when its reccomendable to give a tip

How many tip movers will depend on their work. When you decide to take this step, it is very important that you avoid the following situations:

  • Your organization. If you decided to do a certain job by yourself, and your movers came, help you, and set aside extra time for you, you should appreciate that. You can reward their efforts in this situation. This is one of the situations where you should tip your movers.
  • Bad weather conditions. You can follow the weather forecast for days ahead, but you can never be 100% sure that the weather will be on your side. When it’s raining, snowing, or hot, long distance movers Ottawa do their job well, regardless. Maybe this is also a situation when they should be rewarded.
  • The move is taking longer than expected. Preparations for moving, and packing your belongings for a three-room apartment or house usually last from 7 to 10 hours. If the movers work hard, and you are satisfied with the service provided, and in addition, their working hours have long passed, be sure to give them a tip.

In addition to these situations, you can also reward your movers for their kindness, responsibility, and good behavior. Also, your movers will certainly help you in other situations during the process of your move, which isn’t in their jurisdiction. They will always be happy to take their time to meet you and meet all your expectations. But remember, if you aren’t satisfied with the service, don’t tip. Because it isn’t mandatory!

Tip movers in Ottawa if they have done a good job

Now, there are a few situations where you just have to try to tip people moving around in Ottawa. If they refuse to take it, that’s fine. At least you tried. So, the most common situation is the weather. And the weather can really make their work much more difficult. You’ve been following the weather forecast for days, but suddenly rain pours down on your cargo. The movers were quick, agile, and successful in keeping your belongings safe and extremely helpful. They fought against all the obstacles. They had the tools, the expertise, and the strong will to save the day. And they did. Now, this is the moment when you can thank them and give them a substantial tip to show your appreciation.

A person who carefully handles things in a storage unit, which is also one of the reasons to tip movers in Ottawa
Professional Movers Ottawa will take great care of your item regardless of whether you want to move or store them.

But in most situations, the complexity of the job and going the extra mile will determine whether or not you should tip them. As we have already said, it depends on the amount of work they perform. Movers have the main mission, which is to make their customers happy and satisfied with the provided moving service. Also, this is the attitude when it comes to renting storage units Ottawa. They will do their best to ensure that your things are properly and safely stored. And if you have such a team by your side, show them that you appreciate their hard work and the incredible professional approach they have. A few dollars won’t mean much to you.

Is tipping movers in Ottawa appropriate?

As we explained earlier, yes and no. It depends on the situation, to be honest. Because you will pay for the whole service with a credit card, the tip you give your movers must be in cash. And how you hand it out matters the most. You should be discreet but at the same time ensure that everyone is getting a share. Usually, there is a moving representative in the team who oversees legalities, paperwork, and meddling with contracts, bills, complaints, etc. You can either give it to them and hope they will share. Or you can give each mover $20 and rest assured that you tipped everyone appropriately.

tip movers in Ottawa but pay for the service with a credit card
Remember, you are paying with a credit card. Tips come in cash only.

Also, as we explained previously, some moving companies don’t allow tipping, and you must respect that. Because you yourself can assume that the movers could find themselves in an unpleasant situation. Of course, asking the movers if they want a tip is a very unpleasant way to do it, so don’t do that either. Also, it is important that you know that you are under no obligation to tip movers in Ottawa, but that it is your goodwill. Loca movers Ottawa will be really grateful and appreciate your gesture. But if movers don’t accept tips, look for other ways to reward them.

Other ways to say thanks to your movers in Ottawa

So, if your movers refuse to take a tip, don’t insist, but find another way to reward them. And know that some things in life cannot be solved with money. Also, we have already said that taking money from you can put them in an awkward situation. So, don’t do it regardless of how good a job they did. Therefore, take a look at some of the following ways to reward your movers for successful work and effort:

  • Simply say thanks.
  • Treat them to coffee and cookies.
  • Offer your movers beverages and snacks.
  • Make lunch and invite everyone over once they finish a job.
  • Organize a BBQ in your backyard and schedule a break where everyone can have some fun, rest, and have a proper meal.
thank you note
You can always simply say thank you, but your nice actions will leave a good impression on your movers in Ottawa.

Be a good host. The supply of money can be too simple and impersonal and it can leave the impression that you can’t wait for them to leave your home. But if you are a good host, offering them coffee, cakes, or preparing lunch is a good thing and a common courtesy that your guests don’t come across that often. This is usually the best way to say thank you. Also, you can treat them and give them a tip at the same time. The combination of these two ways will create a very nice image of you and your hospitality. And the movers will really appreciate your time for this gesture.

Write a review – Another way to reward movers!

If you are satisfied with the service provided, and the work of your movers, and if your move went without any problems, one of the best things you can do is to write a moving review. Reading moving reviews is one of the biggest rewards for any moving company. To us, at Professional Movers Ottawa company, customer satisfaction is very important, so we want to fulfill everyone’s needs. That is why we are very pleased when we read reviews on our website, which are left by our satisfied customers. So, if your moving experience was positive, take 15 minutes of your time and write a review. And at the same time, you will help other people to make a good choice.

Man witting moving review after moving to Ottawa
Your review can help other people to make safe choices and choose a proven moving company in Ottawa.

Writing moving reviews won’t take much time. As we said, 15 minutes at most. If you haven’t written reviews yet, we’ll show you how you can do it easily. To begin with, you need to think about your entire moving experience. If, for example, you moved a piano, think about the work of your piano movers Ottawa, evaluate their work, and praise their dexterity, speed, attentiveness, kindness, etc. Write whether their help meant a lot to you, as well as whether you are satisfied with the final outcome of your move. Your moving review will help other people to make a good and safe choice for their move. Because today you can come across a lot of fake reviews, so, please write honestly!

What to do if your movers didn’t deserve a tip?

With a little effort, you can always choose a reliable moving company. But it also happens that some people make mistakes. If you’re not sure if your movers deserve a tip, then read this part of the story. So, if you have noticed that your movers are rude and arrogant, as well as that they don’t handle your items carefully, draw their attention to it. If they are correct, you can tip them at the end. But if they continue the same, then they definitely don’t deserve a reward. Regardless of whether they are in a situation to work overtime or encounter adverse weather conditions. Also, if the movers don’t act according to your instructions, and don’t and here to the organization and plan that you made together, then they don’t deserve to be rewarded in this situation either.

In the end, everything is quite simple!

So, everything is simple. It’s your choice whether or not to tip movers in Ottawa. If you are satisfied with the provided moving service, if your movers act according to your instructions, then you are free to reward them. So, as we said, you need to look at the situation and accordingly determine how much should you tip movers in Ottawa. If you aren’t satisfied with the service, don’t tip them. Also, it is important that you know that you, as a customer, are under no obligation to tip your movers. And now you at least know what to consider before doing it. And remember, a simple thank you and coffee and cookies will be more than enough.

Coffee and cookies
Prepare coffee and cookies and serve your movers during their break. Your movers will surely like this gesture.

Another way to express gratitude to your movers and the entire moving company is to write a moving review. So, as we already told you, this little job will only take you 15 minutes, and it will be of help to someone. So, praise your movers, and describe your cooperation. For example, if furniture movers Ottawa dragged your furniture from the tenth floor, mention that too, or if they successfully coped with bulky furniture feel free to mention it in your comment. Good luck with your move, and hopefully it will be a good one!

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