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They say finding a perfect place to live is one of the most exciting things ever! And if your choice ended up being Toronto- you are among the lucky ones! This beautiful city attracts thousands of new residents and tourists and it is a perfect place to raise a family, start a career or continue the one you already have. If you never had a chance to visit Toronto before you will instantly fall in love with all its wonders. From museums, zoos, parks, and much more, here is your short guide on exploring Toronto after a move and everything else you need to know!

Exploring Toronto after a move

You probably heard many times that relocations are difficult stressful and time-consuming. This is not even remotely close as every relocation has a certain set of rules to follow. You just need to make a strategic plan, get a discount moving Ottawa and pack for your relocation. But have you ever wondered what happens after that? What is your first step upon arriving in Toronto! Well, as soon as you settle in, exploring Toronto after a move should be first on your list! Get ready for some amazing places your entire family will love! 

woman watching giraffes in the zoo as an example of things you will see while exploring Toronto after a move of
Toronto Zoo is a perfect place for your entire family!

Toronto Zoo

Who doesn’t like animals? Upon arriving in Toronto make sure to visit this zoo as soon as possible! While it is generally believed that kids enjoy visiting zoo the most- you will have a time of your life as well! Animals are displayed in areas that look like their natural environment and there are thousands of different species. Public transportation is operating on this route constantly and the zoo is super easy to find. For everyone who is moving from Ottawa to Toronto, visiting this place can be the first family trip after the move! 

The most beloved resident in the Toronto Zoo is the polar bear everybody loves! If you never had a chance to see this animal- this is something you will remember forever! Tickets are pretty affordable and you can even get some snacks and nice, cold drinks! Make sure to book your tickets on time, as Toronto Zoo is an extremely popular location!

High Park

For all nature lovers, High Park is definitely one of the best locations in Toronto. This huge area is perfect for picnics, morning walks, and pure enjoyment. If you don’t manage to get tickets for Toronto Zoo on time, High Park has one on its own! After residential movers Ottawa finish their job and your relocation is over, there is no best place to boost up your energy than here! Before you know it, it will become one of your favorite places in this city. Exploring Toronto after a move is all about finding new places you will love! 

High Park is also a perfect place for meeting new people. Chances are big that your new neighbors love this place and often come to spend time here. This will be a great opportunity to blend in even faster so feel free to introduce yourself if you see some familiar faces. Your kids will love the place and they will meet many new friends here as well. Don’t be surprised if you hear that some big events are happening right in High Park. This area is extremely big and it offers enough space for different celebrations and events!

people in the park
High Park is the place where you can get to know your neighbors or have a nice picnic with your family!

Restaurants and bars in Toronto

It is completely understandable that you want to take a break from cooking after relocation. This was not an easy process and you need some time to get used to changes. There are countless restaurants and bars in Toronto you can visit. They are basically everywhere and you will have all the time in the world to check them out. Whatever your favorite cuisine is, you will find a place with it. Prices are pretty affordable and the service is excellent. Before deciding where you want to go, check the reviews and the menu so you don’t waste too much time looking for a place to eat or have a drink.

Don’t think that here you won’t be able to find some cool and urban nightclubs as well. Weekends are amazing in this city and you can choose between live music, DJ performances and much more. after a long and hard-working week, exploring Toronto and its clubs will feel like a reward. If you plan on celebrating your birthday or some other big event, book your reservations on time. You can do it by calling the place or online. 

Royal Ontario Museum

If you love art and culture, Royal Ontario Museum is a must-visit place. Exploring Toronto after a move will definitely lead you here and you will simply love the place. There are many galleries and exhibitions you can enjoy and tickets are super affordable. Here you will get to know the history much better and learn some things you never knew before. It is an amazing opportunity to spend a day with people dear to you and have fun looking back at some historical events. Remember that if you are a true art fan and have some art pieces in your household, choose the suitable Ottawa relocation services! Your items must be protected and they require a different approach!

restaurant table with food and drinks
While exploring Toronto after a move you will come across many different restaurants and bars!

In conclusion

Take all the time in the world exploring Toronto after a move! You will find many hidden gems all around the city and will slowly blend in. If your relocation gets complicated, rely on movers and storage solutions Ottawa to avoid losing too much time. Once you arrive in Toronto, set everything up and focus on getting to know the city and everything it has to offer! This is a new chapter in your life so embrace it as soon as possible!

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