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If you ever wondered what it’s like to live in Stittsville, don’t worry, we are here for you. Stittsville is a community in Ottawa, a nice place to call home, known for its vibrant culture and rich history. There’s also a plethora of volunteer initiatives and community clubs which is why Stittsville makes it easy for new residents to get familiar with the community. It doesn’t matter if you prefer outdoor or indoor fun, Stittsville has something for everybody with parks with manicured walking paths and community recreational centers. It even has moving companies such as movers Stittsville worth checking out. On top of that, Stittsville retirement home is located near local amenities which means everything you need is only a quick trip away. The only downside is that there aren’t many activities for young kids and teenagers to be involved in. If you’re wondering what it’s like moving to Stittsville in 2022, continue reading!

Are you looking to relocate to Stittsville? See for yourself what life is like in Stittsville before opting to do so.

If you’re searching for a perfect suburb you need not look any further. Just a stone throw away from the national capital, this wonderful and family-oriented city is what makes people fall immediately in love with upon arrival. It’s also known for its tranquil atmosphere, and remarkable living standard. If you’re thinking of moving to Stittsville, here’s some stuff to bear in mind before thinking of buying a place to live in this beautiful community.

A pair of hands packing stuff before moving to Stittsville in 2022
Packing your stuff prior to moving to Stittsville in 2022

Stittsville in a nutshell – moving to Stittsville in 2022

Stittsville dates back to the beginning of the 19th century even though it wasn’t proclaimed a village in a public way until many years after. It officially merged with the national capital at the being of a new millenium and has progressively evolved ever since. Today, there are more than 2500 thousand people living in Stittsville and the demand to buy homes has seen a steady increase.

Stittsville is a perfect area regarding the house-buying market. Only 25 miles away the center of Ottawa, Stittsville is blessed with a plethora of restaurant chains, global retailers, local businesses, great schools, and gorgeous nature trails. On the other hand, Stittsville can boast about its perfect rural ambient feel, which is truly on. In addition to all this, you should check residential movers Ottawa for the best quotes regarding the move.

Free time in Stittsville

What sets Stittsville apart from other communities and the reason many buyers search for homes in Stittsville is its vivacity. Here’s a handful of things you can do in Stittsville:

  • If you have pets, they’ll absolutely love one of the many dog parks Stittsville has to offer. This pet-friendly hotspot with all the picnic tables and walking paths a is a true haven for your furry friends.
  • There are a number of local green spaces that are a home to a plethora of public happenings. It’s also a melting point where people of all backgrounds meet to share their life views and creativity.
  • Stittsville has a unique market where you can find anything from jewelry to toys and books. Visiting this one-of-a-kind unique market proves to be a truly rewarding experience.
A black SUV
Using a car to move your stuff is one of the fastest ways there is

When looking to move your own stuff, it’s always preferable to check the quotes a moving company is offering prior to moving yourself. Moving services Ottawa is always a good choice when choosing a company.


Stittsville is an area with lots of benefits. It’s a place where you can encounter a plethora of famous eateris, supermarkets, and other market brands. You can find them along either Hazeldean Road or Main Street. In addition to this, Stittsville Shopping Centre proves to be real heaven when it comes to everyday life. It has hair salon, drug store, and offers many other services that make everyday life easier.

While on the one side exhaustive residential amenities can make life easier, you can not forget community’s professions. Stittsville acts like a whirlpool where they meet – where residents come to enjoy each other’s friendship.

Common practice is visiting pubs that are all about mixing your favorite brew with homey comfort food. On the other hand, there’s a plethora of famous eateries with everything on the many including things such as lobster risotto. Last but not least, if it’s the tranquil ambient that you are after, check out Quitters for an espresso. Later in the dead of the night, you can come for some alcohol and cheese place.


Many people prior to moving to Stittsville worry about having to walk or drive in order to reach certain locations. Lucky for them, Stittsville is only a stone’s throw away from Ottawa. Stittsville district has the benefit of having a bus line that despite making stops in the country’s capital, it also stops near countless arcades and entertainment centers. In addition to that, motorists are on the lucky end – reaching downtown requires 30 minutes when using the motorway. Looking at the bigger picture, Stittsville is extremely open to drivers meaning you’re able to find sufficient parking when you are outside running errands. When choosing transportation services, it’s worth checking out Professional Movers Ottawa.

A couple packing stuff together
Teamwork makes the dream work

The living standard

What sets apart Stittsville from other areas is the plenitude of the area at one’s disposal for starting a new life. The money that you intend on spending on house fares a lot better in Stittsville than in country capital, meaning a lot more space and bigger house property. Even though there’s little to no houses in Stittsville for a single person, you’ll be surprised to encounter a plethora of of semi-detached and row-house options. While on the one hand there are properties dating a while back, there are also plenty of new era structures. This proves ideal if you’re looking for something you don’t have to nurture all the time.

As far as the price goes, a house for one person sells on average at close to $600K, semis and townhomes for roughly $400K, and condominiums at roughly $300K. Now that you bear all this information in mind, you’re ready to start moving to Stittsville in 2022. If you’re still thinking of moving to Stittsville, you should check what other people have to say about one of Canada’s most tranquil and convenient locations.

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