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The creation of art and its quality plays a big role in the country’s development, culture, and history. Canadian art industry is pretty famous, so no wonder Canada is one of the world’s most popular destinations for young artists.  The limitations seem to not exist, making it a place for all kinds of artists  – from visual ones all the way to filmmakers and entertainers. While the path to evolving into a well-rounded artist is not by any means short, there are big contrasts between seeking an art career in a small town compared to one of the country’s bigger cities. And as such, many artists decide to move from one place to another. For example, moving from Ottawa to Toronto is quite common among this group of people. If you’d like to pursue this career yourself, here’s a list of the best cities in Ontario for aspiring artists!

Welcome to Ontario

Located in the east-central region of Canada, Ontario has all the right to brag about its magnificent natural appeal. Besides that, the area is also one of the most densely inhabited. On top of that, it’s home to Canada’s most populous city as well as the country’s capital. Known as the “Province of Opportunity,” it comes as no surprise that many aspiring artists think about making one of its larger cities their home. With a lot to offer, this province by far exceeds many others, taking its spot among the best places to live in Canada. Many new residents don’t take long to grasp the opportunities this place can provide. From high-quality transportation systems to rich culture, good nightlife, safety, and so much more, Ontario is a place to be.

Skyline of one of the best cities in Ontario for aspiring artists
When saying “one of the best cities in Ontario for aspiring artists” many cities come to mind.

If you also decide to move here, the best moving companies Ottawa has to offer also try to make the whole experience of moving here a delight. Now, you just have to choose the city where you want to settle down. The competition will be tough, because when talking about the best cities in Ontario for aspiring artists, there are more than just a few to name.

Ottawa is among the best cities in Ontario for aspiring artists

In the eastern part of southern Ontario, looking at the Quebec border, lies charming city of Ottawa. It’s only five hours away from Toronto by car, as well as one hour away from the US border. Originally an Irish and French Christian territory, it has grown to become a big city with a rich, diverse population and culture. Namely, according to the most recent census, the city had more than a million residents. In the country, Ottawa ranks second for its quality of living on the continent and 14th highest on the globe. The fact Ottawa is also the second-cleanest city in Canada and the third-cleanest city in the world further boosts its popularity. Therefore, many of the furniture movers Ottawa work nonstop in order to accommodate everyone who is moving in and out of the city.

But why is it one of the best cities in Ontario for aspiring artists? Keeping in mind that in every corner of Canada’s capital, you’ll discover spectacular urban art in form of murals, statues, models, and graffiti. Ottawa’s various streetscapes and lovely green areas come to life with these amazing innovations! You can look at the Ottawa Murals map if you want to look through some of Ottawa’s artsiest districts. Meanwhile, here’s a list of Ottawa’s most interesting neighborhoods for artists!

Downtown Rideau

There are some places in Ottawa all artists should see after hiring affordable movers Ottawa has, and one of them is Downtown Rideau. The Downtown Rideau region is rich in cultural topics of interest for aspiring artists, making it stand out among other Ottawa neighborhoods. Street art exhibits of murals done in vibrant colors can be found throughout downtown Rideau. Here you’ll find two enormous murals representing the Rideau Canal (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) that curves all the way through downtown Ottawa.

Beautiful city of Ottawa, one of the best cities in Ontario for aspiring artists
Ottawa is also rich in beautiful architecture, and that in itself is a form of art.

On the east side of the Laurier Bridge tunnel, you’ll see work done by Ryan Smeeton. Also, make sure to pay attention to the west side too, and see works by Cassandra Dickie and Dodo Ose. Idols and well-known characters from the Franco-Ontarian record industry are featured in a mural located at 98 George Street.Finally, you’ll also notice many cool sculptures here!

ByWard Market

Although some people use the storage facilities Ottawa has to offer in order to store their art, some people decide to show it to the world. And there are few places in Ottawa better for would-be artists to show their art than ByWard Market. The historic and major area of the ByWard Market is famous for its farmers’ market, unusual boutiques, as well as festive eateries and nightlife. Keeping that in mind, this area is perfect for people looking for inspiration.

As such, many young artists use moving services Ottawa to relocate to this city and try their luck in ByWard Market, and no one can blame them. If they’ re lucky, one of their statues will also decorate streets in the ByWard Market neighborhood. As of now, there are 14 small bronze statues of Alley Cats in and near the Murray Street parking garage. But that’s not all! Look up at the ByWard Market building, to see an unbelievable paper mâché statue.

Little Italy

The third and last district of Ottawa that we will mention is Little Italy. West of downtown Ottawa, Little Italy’s proud Italian roots are easy to see, even to outsiders. This beautiful place features many sculptures and murals as well as other kinds of artistic expressions. decorated by the love of people for their home country.

Inside of a beautiful chapel
People will find different types of art inspiring. Some may even get inspired by people and culture.

It is a vibrant area filled with diners, pizza joints, authentic cafes, and so on. Everything works together to create a lovely environment for aspiring artists. Due to its warm and cozy atmosphere, it attracts many newcomers. As a result, residential movers Ottawa frequently find themselves working here.

Orleans is not really a city, but it should be on the list of the best cities in Ontario for aspiring artists

Famous for its many French-speaking residents, Orleans is an inexpensive Ottawa suburb, which developed significantely since the 1970s. A close-knit community and many opportunities to spend time in the nture give life to this small suburb. So, it’s not a surprise that many people who hire moving companies Orleans to relocate here are young and aspiring artists. After all, this is an ideal calm location for people who require peace and quiet. But at the same time, its close ties to Ottawa make it a perfect spot to travel from one to the other. giving people more options for displaying and showing their art.

Virgin Marry statue in Ottawa, one of the best cities in Ontario for aspiring artists
Many artists like living in smaller cities in suburbs. That way they can concentrate on what’s really important to them.

Just imagine it! Waking up in a nice sune-washed area filled with greenery. Birds sing as you take time and leisurely sip your morning coffee thinking of your new art. And at the same time, you still have the option of sitting in a car or public transport and going into a big and active city looking for inspiration or work.

Artists love living in Toronto

Toronto is coming close to Ottawa on our list of the best cities in Ontario for aspiring artists. For those looking for a vibrant city with an almost free ticket to a good life and a healthy lifestyle, Toronto is usually at the top of their list.With the largest population in the country, it is a hub for multiple things, including art. Also known as “New York North,” the metropolis presents the ideal blend of business, art, and amusement.

Anorther thing artists love in Toronto is that it’s a true culture melting pot. Even just by walking through this city, you will notice many different cultures blending and living together perfectly. In Toronto, you’ll find blend of different nationalities, beliefs, and cultures, living in harmony. Despite the fact that more than half of Toronto’s residents were born outside of Canada, you will scarcely see disputes among the locals.

People in front of the Toronto sign
People all over the world gather in Toronto and help develop and inspire each other.

Why is Toronto one of the best cities in Ontario for aspiring artists?

It’s not without reason we claim that Toronto is among the best cities in Ontario for aspiring artists. It’s simply a location where artists tend to blossom thanks to the enormous influence of culture, sponsorships, and job possibilities. While it certainly does help to be a bit more known here, numerous young artists have used this area as a place to develop and launch their careers, morphing them into something bigger.

What’s the creative hub of Toronto like? One place that stands out among many others is the Art Gallery of Ontario. It’s not only the building exterior that’s beautiful, but the inside is a true work of art as well! Moreover, this gallery has collections from some of the greatest creative minds. Plus, there are even kid-friendly events!

Hamilton also has a great art scene

Can we really talk about the best cities in Ontario for aspiring artists without mentioning Hamilton?  Hamilton is a medium-sized city in southwest Ontario, only 75 kilometers away from Toronto. The City of Hamilton contains the ex-cities of Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough, Glanbrook, and Stoney Creek. The southern part of the city contains the Niagara Escarpment, which the residents also call “the mountain.”

Waterfalls can inspire many artists
Nature is one of the biggest inspirations for art!

This is also a nice place for the young artist, especially ones that look for urban areas that dont have any rush and stress. This city can provide you with the opportunities you only find in big cities, but also the calm of the suburbs. Many opportunities are waiting on every corner. Although it’s not the biggest city in the region, it’s by far one of the best ones to live and work in. With good living conditions as well as good healthcare and a nice job market, Hamilton is on every young artist’s list.

In short

Canada has a lot to offer. And that is easy to see if you look at any of the best cities in Ontario for aspiring artists. You will be able to find a place that fits all of your tastes, as well as the best place for your art. Among many cultures and beliefs in this region, people from all walks of life come together to form a pleasant community. Appreciating art and respecting each other’s tastes and cultures is pretty normal here. So people are free to express themselves the best they can, and many will appreciate their art as well.

It may not be easy to be a young and aspiring artist. But with enough commitment and a good city to live in, everything is possible. All you have to do is clench your teeth and go over the thorns to reach the rainbow. And your fellow artists will surely support you as well. There are many groups and places where artists gather and help each other. These are not the best cities in Ontario for aspiring artists just for show!

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