5 things to know before moving into a high-rise building in Toronto


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Moving out of your home is a big step, no matter if you’re moving just a few blocks away or to a completely different city or state. These changes can be especially difficult to process when there is a significant difference between your old living space and the new one. If you chose to move to a high-rise building, and never lived in one before, you need to thoroughly prepare for it. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you out. Moving into a high-rise building in Toronto can be a fun experience, and this article will point to the things you should know about this relocation before the moving day comes. So, without further ado, let’s jump into it.

Downsizing will be very helpful when moving into a high-rise building in Toronto

If you’re moving from one apartment to another, downsizing may not be needed, but it still wouldn’t hurt to declutter a little bit. But, if you’re moving from a house, you will almost certainly have less living space available which is why you should downsize before moving. Moving every single thing into your new apartment would make unpacking and organizing the living space almost impossible.

A couple sitting on a couch before moving into a high-rise building in Toronto.
Decluttering before moving into a high-rise building in Toronto will make the relocation easier.

Just imagine if you’re moving Ottawa to Toronto and after finally reaching the destination, you realize that there is no space for all of your items. It would certainly be an unpleasant beginning of your new life chapter. So, what are the best ways to downsize before moving to a high-rise building?

  1. Getting rid of duplicates
  2. Selling some of your stuff(online, garage sale)
  3. Making a donation
  4. Throwing away

Just to be clear, this is only in regards to the stuff you no longer need. Important items will find their place in your new home one way or the other.

Keep in mind the size of your future apartment

This adds up to the previous section because when you’re downsizing, you have to consider the size of your future apartment if you want to do it right. But, to some extent, this is a different story in itself that needs to be approached carefully. This is because the size of your apartment doesn’t only affect the number of your items. It affects how you’re going to place them as well. For example, measuring doorways in your new high-rise apartment is important in order to know how you’re going to put your stuff there. Ottawa relocation services will be very helpful with transferring your belongings, but they won’t be able to help you if some large pieces of furniture can’t fit inside your new living space. Therefore, analyze your new space carefully and act accordingly.

Get yourself familiar with the regulations of your new high-rise building in Toronto

It’s safe to say that every apartment association in Canada has some rules that need to be followed. Maybe in some smaller cities, you won’t find any strict rules. However, Toronto is the largest city in the country. Because of this, the high-rise buildings in the city surely have a set of rules and regulations for the tenants. So, before you move there you should definitely check these regulations out. Just to give you an example, if you have any pets, there might be some rules that affect your pet. Due to the nature of these buildings, they might have strict move-in and move-out procedures. Therefore, you should get familiar with all these, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises that might happen when the moving day comes.

Buildings in Toronto photographed from above.
High-rise buildings usually have a set of rules for tenants and you should get familiar with them before the moving day.

Notify the building management about your moving day

In addition to getting yourself familiar with the rules and regulations of your new high-rise building, building management should definitely know about your move-in date. We mentioned that there are likely going to be some specific rules in regards to moving in. This is why your building management needs to be aware of your arrival. So, notify them as soon as you set the date with moving companies that offer discount moving Ottawa. If you do this, your moving day should be silky smooth.

Considering a storage unit as a temporary solution

If you want to unpack in peace and take your time with organizing your new living space, asking for storage services Ottawa might be a great option. Putting some of your belongings away for a while will give you some breathing space, and your relocation will certainly be more efficient. But, don’t forget to pay attention to the conditions inside the facility. It would be best to opt for a climate-controlled one, the safety of your belongings will depend on it.

Moving into a high-rise building in Toronto is much easier with experienced movers by your side

The final thing to know about your move into a high-rise building is that it’s much better to leave it to the professionals. DIY moves are very risky in these situations, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Experienced movers know how to handle these relocations. For this reason,  you won’t have to worry about the safety of your items, which is a big plus. And, the fact that you won’t have to tackle any physically-exhausting tasks is the icing on the cake. So, choose the safest moving option, and start your life in the City of Toronto on the right foot.

A man sitting in a white van.
Your transfer will be safe and effortless if you ask moving professionals for some help.

Final thoughts

For people who have never experienced living in a high-rise building, this change might come as a shock at first. But, sooner rather than later, you’ll get used to it, and the simplicity of smaller living space might actually suit you. Still, as you saw in this article, there are some things to know about moving into a high-rise building in Toronto, and hopefully, we helped you prepare for the upcoming journey. We wish you the best of luck!

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