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Living in a small space, such as a studio or a small cozy house, has many advantages. It’s much easier to clean and keep organized and you will also have a smaller environmental impact. Also, moving, especially with the help of Professional Movers Ottawa, will be much easier in the future. However, small space living in Smiths Falls has its drawbacks as well. Living in a small place can seem claustrophobic to many. Here are five strategies for small space living in Smiths Falls to keep your living space organized and comfortable.

The key to small space living in Smiths Falls is the organization

Small apartments can quickly get cluttered and claustrophobic. To stop this from happening, it’s important that you have everything organized. Look around your place and spot any small and unimportant items, like already-read magazines and old newspapers. Clinging to these unimportant things will make your space look untidy and cluttered. Another factor that can improve your small space living in Smiths Falls is the organization of your belongings. This, if any, is the best time to go through your clothes. What you don’t need and never wear, you can sell online or donate. On the other hand, if there are too many items that you find near and dear to your heart, renting storage space from moving services Ottawa might be a good idea.

An organized living room is essential for small space living in Smiths Falls
Room organization is essential for small space living in Smiths Falls

Visually bright colors do wonders for small space living in Smiths Falls

One trick that many people living in small spaces do is that they usher some bright colors in. If you want to repaint your walls, go for white or light hues. It will make the space seem spacious. Also, you can use colorful decor to your advantage. Improve your small space living in Smiths Falls by having various pops of color. Some examples of this are:

  • Contrasting throw blanket on your sofa/bed
  • Vibrant cushions
  • Colorful wall art
  • Eye-catching rugs and tapestries

There are many more ways to upgrade your home and make it warm. Sometimes, it’s best to go on your own and choose what you like the best. After all, it is your private little heaven.

Don’t be afraid to let in some light

If you want to make any space seem larger than it actually is, let some natural light in. Aside from making your home seem bigger, the light will usher in relaxing vibes. Leave your windows uncovered or choose light drapes that will let ample light through. However, a lack of windows can be a problem for small space living in Smiths Falls. An alternative is to hang a large ornamental mirror on your wall. Smiths Falls movers will safely transport it to your new home. While not as good as an open window, the mirror will still make the space bright and luminous, while also being a decorative centerpiece.

A small room with windows
Make your space roomy with natural light

Choose the right furniture for small space living in Smiths Falls

Choosing the appropriate type of furniture is a must when living in a small space. Large pieces of furniture, while comfortable and beautiful, will make the space claustrophobic and crowded. So, instead of cramping your rooms with large pieces of furniture, go for smaller furnishings. This will make your home more spacious and breathable. Space-saving furniture is a perfect choice for small space living in Smiths Falls. Some examples are:

  • Ottomans with a built-in storage
  • Drop-leaf tables for the kitchen
  • Wall desk
  • Compact chairs

Another benefit of having smaller furniture is that it will make the moving process much easier for residential movers Ottawa. While on the topic of furniture appropriate for small spaces, you should check out multi-purpose ones too. You can have a wardrobe with a built-in TV, a sofa attached to a Murphy bed, and a coffee table with storage underneath. These are all great ways to save up on some space in your home.

Make the most of your vertical space and corners

Decorating your small space can also contribute to organizing your home. Choosing storage furniture, like shelves and ladders, that go all the way from the bottom to the top is a great way to make your space seem spacious. Place your books and plants on the higher shelves to make the most of your vertical space. It will make your home look more complex, and thus more spacious than it actually is. Other than that, you should make use of your corners as well. Moving your main furniture and placing it in corners will open up your space and make it commodious. Another great tip for small space living in Smiths Falls is to utilize your corners for storage. Corner shelving will allow you to have a lot more items without making the room cramped.

Shelves with books
The utilization of shelves is good for small spaces

Also, don’t forget to go out regularly

While not strictly a strategy for small space living in Smiths Falls, embracing the outdoors is still a solid piece of advice. Be sure to go out for walks in the parks to catch some fresh air. Enjoying nature will also help you reduce the stress and anxiety of living in a small space. While it won’t impact the size of your home in any way, spending some quality time outdoors will make living in a small space easier.


Having a small apartment has its many merits and it’s no wonder many people prefer to live in smaller places. However, small space living in Smiths Falls can easily get stressful, especially when your home gets cramped and cluttered. Having a good organization is essential to living in a small space. This includes getting rid of unnecessary items and unneeded clothes. The organization of your rooms is also crucial. You should choose smaller and multi-purposeful furnishings instead of larger ones which will clutter up your space. And lastly, if you want to spice up your home with decor, opt for vertical shelving to make most of your walls.

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