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Moving is usually something that represents a change in our life. Whether we are moving for work, education or to start a family, there is always a good reason behind a move. So, to make sure that you do everything correctly, it is crucial that you understand the process. Today, we discuss moving from Orleans to Kemptville and everything that you should expect from that process. On the other hand, if you are someone with little to no moving experience, hiring a professional moving company might be the best choice. Therefore, before you start to plan your relocation, consider hiring movers and packers Ottawa to help you. Professional moving companies and their services can bring order into the process. Something that can often miss out from it, if not approaching the process correctly. To adapt to a new area easier is to learn as much about it before moving.

Before we discuss moving from Orleans to Kemptville

Kemptville is an incorporated community in the Municipality of North Greenville, Eastern Ontario. The community is located around 35 miles away from downtown Ottawa. In fact, the city of Kemptville is connected with the city of Ottawa via the Veterans Memorial Highways, or Highways 416. Moreover, because Orleans is a suburb of Ottawa, to move from Orleans to Kemptville would take about 56 minutes. Kemptville is the largest North Greenville community. 69% of its population lives in Kemptville. Hence, moving from one place to another should not be that difficult. Just because the distance between the two places is short should not mean that you can disregard the importance of the process. Make sure you get in touch with residential movers Ottawa and ensure that you can do this properly. Regardless of the distance, you move to, professional movers can ensure you do it right and on time.

Why should you consider moving to Kemptville?

Although the largest community in North Greenville, Kemptville is a relatively small community. With around 4.000 residents living in the area, Kemptville offers a great solution for those that want to avoid living in big cities. However, if you want to be close to the big city, this is the right choice for you.

a river flowing through a forest with a mountain top in the background to represent the view one should have when moving from Orleans to Kemptville
Kemptville represents the rural side of Canada which offers a tranquil and slow lifestyle

As a township, Kemptville has a small territory as well, being at 1.24 square miles. Residential areas of the township are usually on the south and east parts of it. The township is also close to the Rideau River, as well as the Kemptville Creek. So, why contact movers Kemptville and move there?

  • A small, rural community, great for a peaceful lifestyle
  • Great for retirees and families
  • Kemptville has a high safety level
  • The area is mostly under forests, making it great for outdoor activities
  • The median home value is around $356.000
  • Above-average schools

Here is what you should expect after moving from Orleans to Kemptville

The suburb of Orleans is a part of Ottawa, Ontario. Located on the eastern part of the city, alongside the Ottawa River, Orleans is 10 miles away from downtown Ottawa. There are almost 130.000 residents in the neighborhood and the majority of them are francophones. Now, Orleans is the sheer opposite of Kemptville. For example, Orleans is a dense suburban area that has 30 times more population than Kemptville. Because of this, it is important that you are aware of the difference in lifestyles between the two places. Moving from Orleans would mean leaving the bustling metropolis and moving into a calmer, rural area. Now that we know a little more about both places, here is what you should expect from the process.

Expect to feel like you are liberated, but not sure from what

The sudden change of scenery will surely leave a mark on you. In this scenario, moving from one place to another will invoke those changes. Remember, you are moving from a densely populated area into a rural area. This on its own will be a big change. However, this does not have to mean anything bad.

a picture of a river flowing through the forest
Moving from Orleans to Kemptville means moving into a rural area with a lot of nature; So do not be surprised when you feel like the weight of the world fell off your chest

In fact, many people realize how much they love living in smaller communities rather than cities, usually after moving into a smaller community. Now, if you hire movers Orleans Ontario, you can use the free time you gain to visit Kemptville and get to know it better yourself. This can help you adapt to the area much better.

Expect to have a lot more free time

Now, we are not saying that you will find nothing to do in Kemptville. However, what will most likely happen is that you will feel “weird” about this change. As we were saying above, you will be moving from a densely-urban area to a more rural area with only 4 thousand people living in it. Moreover, because the area consists of 1.27 square miles you might notice you have a lot more free time.

a father throwing his son in the air before catching him
Because you are moving to a more rural area, the lifestyle will generally slow down

Luckily, the two communities are very close to each other, as well as Ottawa. So, you can use the time you have in Kemptville to relax and enjoy the tranquility; But you can also keep your job in Ottawa and commute on regular basis.

The population might be slightly older than usual

Due to its charms, tranquility, and calmness, Kemptville is, without surprise, one of the primary choices of local retirees looking for a place to settle. Because of this, it should not surprise you when you encounter the elderly population on the streets of the community. The majority of the population is between the ages of 50 and 59. Nonetheless, the Kemptville community is tightly-knit, which offers a safe environment for the locals. Moreover, moving from Orleans to Kemptville will also be a good idea for anyone wanting to start, or expand a family. With low housing prices, several different schools to choose from, and the all-surrounding nature, Kemptville poses a great choice for families.

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