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Thanks to globalization and the increasing ease of migrating, more and more people are moving to different cities or even countries for work. Even though most moves go smoothly, there are fraudulent companies out there that are looking for a chance to scam people. Still, their number is low thanks to strict rules and information that is readily available on the Internet. Nevertheless, we should know how to recognize a scam. To help you recognize moving scams, affordable movers Ottawa have created this useful guide explaining what kind of moving companies to avoid.

Avoid a moving company that gives a site-unseen estimate

A reputable moving company will always visit the moving site before giving an estimate. Each household is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all estimate when it comes to moving. A good moving company will visit the site and take note of all your belongings. They will also explain in detail their services and the cost for each one. After they check everything and see what kind of services you need will they give an estimate. So, avoid companies that give estimates over the phone or companies that take a brief glance at the moving site. It is possible they will add many costs to the original estimate after the move. There are many reputable Kanata movers who will come to the moving site and then give you an estimate.

Companies that add extra costs are moving companies to avoid
Some moving companies to avoid are companies that do not specify the costs of additional services

Be careful with moving companies that offer a very low estimate

Even though a low estimate does not necessarily signal a scam, it is a popular tactic of scammers. Movers that offer a lowball estimate are moving companies to avoid. They use this tactic as a way to secure customers who want to save some money on the move. Still, a low estimate does not mean the company is a scam. In addition, a high estimate does not mean the company is reputable. When choosing a moving company, we should take different things into account.

Moving companies to avoid are ones that do not give out contracts

It goes without saying that you should always sign a contract with your movers. This way, you are insured against anything that might go wrong during the move. In addition, do not sign a blank contract that the company gives you. This is a major red flag and can mean that the moving company is a scam. So, make sure you only sign a complete contract that has all the details you agreed upon with the movers. The contract should include the estimate, as well as all the extra fees for additional services. What is more, you should see the moving, pick up, and delivery dates in the contract.

Avoid signing a blank contract
You should not sign a blank contract

Stay away from movers who ask for a deposit upfront

As we have said, legitimate movers do not give a site-unseen estimate. They also do not ask for a deposit upfront, especially a cash deposit. Some fraudulent companies will ask for a cash deposit to hold the moving date. However, it is possible you will not be seeing them again after that. Or, they could stall and postpone the moving date indefinitely. When you pay a large deposit upfront, you cannot control anything related to the move. A reputable moving company will charge you after the move. Luckily, there are many residential movers Ottawa you can rely on for your move. They can help you with the packing, moving, and delivery, as well as any other services you may need.

You should avoid moving companies that do not offer valuation

All moving companies should offer valuation, which is liability for the value of the goods that a company transports. This means that, in case of any damage or lost items, they will cover the cost of the item. They can replace the item or reimburse the value. However, fraudulent companies do not offer any valuation. Instead, you are responsible for shouldering the cost of any damages or lost items by yourself. So, when choosing a moving company, make sure they offer moving insurance. If you are moving long-distance, for example moving Ottawa to Toronto, you should make sure the movers offer valuation. Moving long-distance is difficult, so make sure you have the best moving company to help you.

Beware of moving companies that do not have any references

A legitimate moving company will have plenty of references. They can even showcase testimonials from previous customers on their website. By checking the reviews, you can see how the company deals with customers. Also, you can learn about how they handle the move in detail. So, always check the company’s reviews. And, if you cannot find any reviews, you have probably come across a scam. Fraudulent companies often set up websites that offer very little information, and they quickly abandon them. So, check the references as you can learn a lot from them.

Man standing next to five star review
Always check the customer reviews of your movers

Companies that are not licensed should be avoided

Every reputable moving company is registered with the CAM (Canadian Association of Movers). This means they are a real company operating with the proper licenses. You should always check the moving company on the CAM website before hiring them. In addition, the Canadian government keeps track of scams, such as fraud and identity theft. You can visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website as well to see whether a company has been flagged for fraud. When hiring a moving company, we should be safe rather than sorry. So, make sure to do thorough research before selecting a moving company.

As we have seen, it can be hard to spot a fraudulent moving company, but it is not impossible. By being careful and doing research, we can make sure we choose a reputable moving company. Hopefully, you will be able to select a great moving company by following our guide on what kind of moving companies to avoid.

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