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Are you looking for a reliable moving company in Ottawa? One of the best ways to decide whether a company is reliable is to check its reviews. However, recently more and more companies have fake reviews on their websites. It can be hard to decide whether a review is fake or real. Still, there are ways to distinguish the real reviews from the fake ones. To help you find the most reliable movers Ottawa has to offer, we have created this useful guide listing the elements of genuine moving reviews in Ottawa.

Genuine moving reviews are detailed

When you are looking at a moving company’s reviews, try to look for detailed reviews. Genuine reviews usually share some details about the person’s experience with the company. If you are moving from Ottawa to Toronto, then you need to make sure the company you hire is trustworthy. You can do this by avoiding five-star reviews that do not offer any explanation. A more trustworthy review is a comment that is not necessarily a five-star rating. It can be three or four stars, but it should explain in detail the experience that the person had with the movers. So, always look for written reviews. They give us details about the movers and how they operate. Also, they can reveal some problems that people may have had with the company.

Genuine moving reviews are detailed
Be careful of one-sided reviews, genuine moving reviews are detailed

People trust recent reviews more

According to some recent studies, people trust recent reviews of moving companies more. In fact, they tend to disregard reviews that are older than three months. This means that you should pay attention to more recent reviews. Companies can change and grow over time. Their services can improve, or they can become worse. So, always pay attention to the most recent reviews. Also, be wary of moving companies that have lots of reviews in the past, but not so many in recent months. Even though this does not necessarily mean the company is a scam or their services have gotten bad, be careful when selecting a moving company with few recent reviews.

Genuine moving reviews in Ottawa talk about different services

When looking for genuine moving reviews in Ottawa, try to find reviews that describe the different services of a company. A genuine moving company offers different relocation services. When looking for Ottawa relocation services, look for reviews that describe some of the services in detail. The mover could offer local and long-distance moving services. However, you can check the reviews to see how much experience they have with these types of services. The company could also offer packing services and storage solution services. From the reviews, you can find out more about each one of them.

Professional movers moving boxes
Genuine moving reviews in Ottawa can talk about different services, such as packing

A real moving review can mention specialty services

If you need to move some special items, then you should look for a moving company that can help you with the move. Some companies do offer special services that they do by themselves. However, other companies outsource the specialty services. So, check the reviews to see how the company conducts the moving. Also, look for reviews that offer detailed explanations of the moving practices instead of just star reviews. Specialty items, such as pool tables and pianos, can be hard to move. They are big and heavy. What is more, they can be very expensive. So, you want to move them safely. To help you find the best piano movers Ottawa can offer, read the reviews in detail.

Genuine moving reviews are honest

When you are looking for a moving company, try to find honest reviews. This can be a bit tricky, but try to look for reviews that do not seem incentivized. Some companies pay for positive reviews, and these reviews can be misleading. So, try to differentiate between a paid review and an honest one. Paid reviews usually focus on the positive aspects of a moving company, and they do not mention the negative ones. They also usually give the highest possible rating. On the other hand, honest reviews usually list both the positive and the negative experiences they have had with a mover. They do not just give five stars, but they explain their moving experience in detail. They can talk about the communication with the movers, the cost, and their overall satisfaction with the mover.

Things to look out for when looking for genuine moving reviews

As we have said, more and more reviews online are fake or incentivized. This makes it hard for customers to tell whether they are reading a genuine review or a paid one. Still, there are some ways in which we can make sure we are reading genuine moving reviews:

  • Avoid reviews that seem to have been changed after the company incentivized the writer to do so. The writer of such a review can mention this in the review to warn future customers.
  • Fake reviews offer too many details. If a review seems too long or too good to be true, it is probably fake.
  • Pay attention to the dates of the reviews. Some companies can offer incentives to customers who leave positive reviews for a certain period of time. So, if there are many positive reviews for a short period of time, take them with a pinch of salt.
  • Be careful of one-sided reviews. As we have said, steer clear of stellar reviews. However, this goes for reviews that are completely negative as well. Nothing in life is black and white, and the same goes for moving reviews.
Scrabble tiles spelling review
Learn how to spot fake reviews

As we have seen, finding genuine moving reviews in Ottawa can be tricky. An increasing number of online reviews seems to be fake. Also, companies offer incentives to customers to make sure they get a glowing review. Still, we can spot fake reviews by doing research. Hopefully, this list of elements of genuine moving reviews will help you with choosing a legitimate moving company to help you with the move.

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