Ways to transform your basement into a livable space


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Do you need a new room in your current household? Do you maybe want to create a room that you can go into from time to time to escape the world? If so, then utilizing your basement space for this exact purpose might be the best idea. Namely, if you have a basement and you also need an additional room, this is a perfect opportunity to engage in a fun little project. Today, we help you transform your basement into a livable space.

Moreover, if you plan on moving before engaging in this project, we advise you to hire a professional moving company, like moving help Ottawa. While you deal with organizing the space in the basement for living, professional movers can ensure that every household item you move arrives safely. Losing or breaking items during transport can be very stressful and professional movers prevent that from occurring.

What to do to transform your basement into a livable space

Just because your basement is at the bottom level of your home does not mean that you have to use it for storage, or when you really need to use it. Instead, why not utilize this one, usually larger, room we have at the bottom of the house for a good cause. Ultimately, it should not matter what the purpose of the home would be; as long as you have the will and inspiration to make it into something amazing.

From the additional guest room to the playroom for the kids, a man cave, or a love nest for you and your partner, this room can serve many purposes. Of course, it all depends on what you want and need. So, instead of having to discuss all the potential uses for the room and how to organize it, we are going to discuss the essentials you should take care of.

Taking measures

The first, and the most important step of the process will be measuring the size of the room you are working on. As we were saying, basements are usually larger rooms that are mostly spacious. Hence, it is crucial that you know the exact measures of the room before you begin any larger projects in it.

a drill, nails and a house plan on a wooden table to represent the first thing to do when you want to transform your basement into a livable space
It is of utmost importance that you know exactly how much space you are working with

Knowing the space you work with will help you organize everything much smoother. More importantly, it will help you understand what you can or cannot do in the room. This fun project can help you overcome anxiety after moving, so you should make sure that, once you start, nothing stresses you out. Like, for instance, not being able to fit a certain item inside the basement due to not measuring it beforehand. Before you even start the process of remodeling, measure every corner and wall in the basement for better planning.

Basement inspection

If you want to transform your basement into a livable space, you would want to ensure that you have all the elements you need to make this work. For example, imagine installing a television set into the basement, only to realize that you do not have electricity down there? This would, without a doubt, induce high levels of stress in whoever is working on the project.

two home inspection experts inspecting installations
Contact the home inspection service to ensure that everything is okay with the basement structural quality

So, to avoid this, simply ensure that you conduct a detailed inspection of the entire basement. There are many interior design ideas you can use for the basement, but that would all be in vain if you do not have adequate conditions to make it work. Some of the things you need to inspect are:

  • The structural quality of the basement
  • Installations like wiring and plumbing
  • Places where you can put windows
  • Insulation options
  • Potential places for new walls or doors, etc.

If you want to transform your basement into a livable space you need to think about insulation

The majority of basements are under the ground level. Being surrounded by dirt on all sides usually means that the room is very moist, cold, and damp. Therefore, if you plan to make this room into a livable space; you will need to ensure that no moisture or dampness exists in the room. First of all, this can be very unhealthy to breathe in. Secondly, dampness will often lead to a lower quality of the walls, increasing the danger of something bad happening.

a couple consulting while looking at a house plan
If anyone is going to spend time in the basement, the space needs to have all the necessary conditions

So, after local movers Ottawa bring your items into your new home, do not place them into the basement just yet. First, see what you can do as far as insulation goes. After all, being under the ground and away from direct sunlight will also mean that the basement will be very cold. Make sure that you take care of the insulations and moisture in the room.

Windows are a must to have in the basement

We were talking about it in the paragraph above; Your basement will be under the ground. Hence, the room will have little to no exposure to direct sunlight. Not only is this important for our eyes, but for our warmth as well. In addition, having windows in your basement is an important safety feature you should not exclude. If you are looking to transform your basement into a livable space, you have to install windows in it.

Firstly, these windows should be big enough to serve as an emergency space, just in case. Secondly, when you create a room on such a low level, you need to take precautionary steps.

Aside from warming the room, these windows will be very useful if there is a flood in the basement. How you decorate the basement room has little to do with the functionality you have to ensure it has.

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