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There are over 1000 private clinics or practices in Canada, mostly run by pediatricians, surgeons, plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, dentists, etc. They charge up to several thousand dollars for their procedures, usually for more difficult techniques such as the installation of implants, etc. Canada is one of the few countries in the world where the private and public healthcare systems are separate. Therefore, 75% of health care facilities in Canada are private practices and clinics. All that is necessary for you to do business successfully is an ideal location, equipment, and professional staff. But, relocating your private practice from Ottawa to Toronto can be a challenging experience, and for this reason, you will need to find the best movers Ottawa who will be of great help to you. We will now reveal to you some tips about the relocation of your practice.

All you need to know about relocating a private practice from Ottawa to Toronto

If you have thought about relocating your private practice from Ottawa to Toronto, know that it will represent a big challenge for you, as well as for your employees. First of all, moving from Ottawa to Toronto means you will encounter a new environment, new people, and new competition. Also, your change of address will leave behind all your previous patients. Ottawa offers you many opportunities, and your regular clients are in that city. But when we talk about Toronto, it’s still a city with many more possibilities.

When we talk about moving, you need to know that there is a lot of work ahead of you before you start packing. It’s necessary to inform yourself about many important things. For example, how much might it cost to move from Ottawa to Toronto, do you want larger office space, and are you planning to expand your business? Another thing to think about is whether your patients will continue to be yours. If you think everything will be fine, then there is no reason to postpone the move. Start your preparations now.

A private hospital
During relocating your private practice from Ottawa to Toronto, a lot of work awaits you, but know that it can be a step forward in your career.

First, look at the situation and make an outstanding moving plan

Before you start planning the process of moving, packing, and other work that awaits you, it’s important to look at the situation and make a plan for the period ahead of you. What is important for you to know is that relocation can’t be over in just a few days. You can even consider this move as a big boost in your career. That will be your new start in business, so, do your best and put in all your effort to achieve excellent results. First, start planning your time.

Take a walk around your practice, visit the entire office space and take a look at the situation. Roughly determine the number of things that need to be moved. And also, think about what you would like to change, add, or take away. This move allows you to redecorate the office space the way you want. Also, think about expanding your business and finding business partners. Perhaps you want to turn your small practice into a large clinic and offer your patients all health services in one place. So, before you start your office moving Ottawa, put everything you imagine on paper so that you know what the next step is.

Find an ideal new place for your private practice

Now it’s time to find the ideal location for your business. Toronto is a big city with many opportunities. And in this city, there are many ideal locations for moving your private practice. The center of Toronto can be one of the top 5 locations, but when choosing a location, you must also think about your budget. Rental prices in downtown Toronto are around $53 per square meter. The demand for renting office space in Toronto is high, while there are only 2 million square meters of free space left in downtown Toronto.

When you decide to start finding your new business space, be guided by your wishes, possibilities, and requirements of your business. But don’t forget that your business may depend on the chosen location. Make sure that the location of your practice is in an easily accessible place, as well as that it’s spacious and provides comfort and convenience to your patients. Look at the situation and decide how much space you need. For example, the doctor’s office, toilet, rest room, emergency room, and waiting room are just some of the rooms you need. So, choose carefully.

Toronto city
In Toronto, you can find beautiful new business places to rent for your private practice.

Don’t forget to inform your patients about the new change

You must inform your clients about your move and allow them to decide whether they will continue to visit you at the new location or not. There are several creative ways to do this:

  • Create new posters announcing the relocation of your practice. You can highlight them in the gardens of your practice.
  • Create a newsletter and send it to your patients. Thank them, and inform them of the happenings.
  • Have your employees contact patients by phone and do a small survey. That way, you will know what to change in the future.
  • Create vouchers

Whichever of these ways you choose, we are sure that you will touch the hearts of your clients and let them know that they are important to you. That can bring you many referrals as well as retain your patients. Think, and choose the way that suits you. Only after doing this step should you use packing services Ottawa and start physically preparing for a move.

Take care of the marketing

Marketing is another important thing you have to think about. Before you start preparing for your move, take care of marketing. You can hire an advertising agency or do this work yourself. For example when you choose your new location, rent a couple of billboards in your area, announce the opening of a new office, and organize some discounts for new clients. Also, in addition, you can print flyers where you will list all the services you provide, then hand them out to all the passers-by you meet. Another useful idea is to rent an ad slot on local Toronto television where your practice will be advertised. You should factor all this into your budget because it represents an additional cost.

Marketing strategy
After relocating your private practice from Ottawa to Toronto, make a good marketing strategy for your business.

Think about cooperation with professionals and a new partnership after relocating your private practice

So, now that you’ve taken care of marketing, informed your patients, and chosen a new location, it’s time to think about new partnerships. If you are planning to expand your business, this could be an ideal opportunity. For example, if you practice general medicine, you can find the best ophthalmologist, dentist, or surgeon and offer a joint business. You can offer them to work for you, and in return, you will give them an agreed percentage of the total price of one of their examinations or procedures. This can be an excellent opportunity to get new patients, but also to gain a good reputation.

Start with preparations for relocating your private practice from Ottawa to Toronto

After you have finished with basic preparations and administrative work, you can proceed to general preparations for your move. A plan and good organization are also needed here. To begin with, we suggest you arrange a meeting with your medical staff and agree on the next steps. Also, you should offer each of your workers the chance to move with you. If they decide they want to be with you, move on together. Professional movers can be of great help to you when you decide to relocate your private practice.

Professional mover relocating private practice from Ottawa to Toronto
Professional movers will help you relocate your business in no time.

So, now you should focus on arranging your new business premises so that everything will be ready on time. In addition, you need to find reliable movers, and safe storage units Ottawa and organize the move. Now you have a lot more work to do than you thought. Renting storage units will be beneficial in the first days after the move. You can use storage units as a warehouse for medicines, equipment, etc. But it’s important to inform yourself about the prescribed rules of used storage for health purposes. Here are some tasks that you must do during the preparation for moving your private practice:

  • List all the equipment in your office and other premises
  • Find a reliable moving company
  • Rent storage units
  • Get all the necessary moving and packing supplies
  • Organize packing
  • Hire an agency for cleaning and sterilization of health institutions

Hire a proven moving company for your business relocation from Ottawa to Toronto

One of the mandatory items on your to-do list when moving your office is hiring a professional moving company. The help of professional long distance movers Ontario will be of great help to you. Professional movers are expert guys who deal with this job every day. And they also have a lot of experience in handling business equipment, as well as the skills of fast and efficient packing.

In addition, you will receive many more benefits from your moving company. Simply put, you get more than you pay for. Therefore, we advise you to leave the work to professionals and enjoy your move. A professional moving company will take care of relocating your private practice from Ottawa to Toronto and make sure everything goes smoothly. Also, your moving company will provide you with quality and affordable moving boxes Ottawa and even packing supplies. That is also one of the benefits of hiring a proven moving company.

Medical equipment
Packing medical equipment is one of the most difficult jobs in your moving process.

Start packing your medical equipment on the time

The last job you need to do is packing. Packing will take a lot of time and require you to put in a lot of effort. Also, know that moving a private practice isn’t even close to moving a house or apartment. There are many things to pack here, so you have a lot of work. Luckily, movers in Ottawa are here to make your job easier. Professional packers will take care of packing your medical equipment. When relocating your private practice from Ottawa to Toronto, it’s desirable to create a list of your inventory so that you can follow the entire packing process, as well as what you want to pack and what you don’t. This list will be of great use to you after the move. You will be able to see if something is lost or damaged. So, organize your move and plan every step. Good luck!

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