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In Nepean, near Ottawa, there are lots of fun things to do outside. In fact, experienced movers like Professional Movers Ottawa noticed that more people are moving here because they like the parks, bike paths, and water. So, if you like quiet walks, biking with nice views, or water activities, Nepean has a lot for you to enjoy. Meanwhile, let’s check out the top outdoor activities in Nepean that make this suburb a great choice for anyone who wants to breathe fresh air!

Ride a bicycle by the Ottawa River pathway or try fishing at Mooney’s Bay

What’s the better way to experience the beauty of nature than by taking a bike ride along the Ottawa River Pathway? This scenic route offers stunning views of the river, perfect for cyclists of all levels. Whether you prefer a relaxed ride or a more challenging one, this pathway has something for everyone. You’ll encounter peaceful stretches and interesting terrain along the way, with plenty of spots to take a break or snap some photos. Meanwhile, if you prefer to spend your free time fishing, head to Mooney’s Bay. There, you’ll find:

  • Plenty of bass, pike, and perch to reel in.
  • Beautiful views to enjoy while you fish.
  • A friendly community of fellow anglers to share stories and tips with.
Man Cycling along River at Golden Hour
Ottawa River Pathway is a must-try experience for anyone who loves cycling and scenic beauty.

Explore the popular Greenbelt around Ottawa

When Nepean movers help you settle in your new home, you can take advantage of being close to the Ottawa Greenbelt, an expansive green space encircling the Canadian capital. Spanning over 20,000 hectares, it comprises a diverse range of natural landscapes, including forests, wetlands, and farmland. One prominent feature is the Greenbelt’s extensive network of multi-use pathways, which provide opportunities for outdoor activities such as cycling, jogging, and rollerblading.

Within the Ottawa Greenbelt lies the Mer Bleue Conservation Area, a unique bog ecosystem known for its rare plant species and diverse wildlife. Visitors can explore boardwalk trails that wind through the bog, offering glimpses of pitcher plants, orchids, and migratory birds. Another highlight is the Stony Swamp Conservation Area, where visitors can hike along trails that meander through forests, marshes, and beaver ponds. The area is home to a variety of wildlife, including deer, turtles, and otters. Meanwhile, those interested in agriculture can visit the Central Experimental Farm, which offers a glimpse into Canada’s farming heritage. Established in the late 19th century, the farm conducts research on crop development and animal husbandry while also serving as a popular educational and recreational destination!

Try kayaking and canoeing on the Scenic Rideau River, or swing into Action at Stonebridge Golf Club

If you wish to enjoy the peaceful beauty of the Rideau River, you can also try kayaking or canoeing along its calm waters. This scenic trip is great for paddlers of any skill level. For example, you can relax, enjoy the scenery, and take in the lush surroundings along the riverbanks. Whether you’re paddling alone or with friends and family, the gentle splashes of your paddle and the sights of wildlife and plants make for a wonderful outdoor adventure!

People Riding A Boat
Discover the joy of water sports in the heart of nature on the Rideau River.

Then, take your golf game to the next level at Stonebridge Golf Club, located in the central area of Nepean. This 18-hole championship course is designed to challenge and entertain players of all abilities. It’s well-kept and offers a great mix of strategic play and stunning views. With its gorgeous surroundings, each hole offers a different challenge, giving golfers the chance to improve their skills in a scenic setting. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, Stonebridge welcomes everyone to come and enjoy a day of competitive golf in a beautiful environment!

Make a picnic and have a go at local treasure hunts

Exploring some of the best outdoor activities in Nepean doesn’t mean you need to be active on the time. Lay down a picnic, or dive into a treasure hunt—there’s so much to see and do. These activities let you bask in natural beauty and discover the area’s gorgeous parks and exciting landscapes. According to long distance movers Ontario, Nepean’s parks, such as Andrew Haydon Park and Walter Baker Park, are perfect spots for picnicking. These green havens offer tranquil settings for outdoor meals, family gatherings, or a quiet afternoon with a book. Moreover, these parks are surrounded by well-kept lawns, blooming flowers, and shaded areas. Therefore, they are ideal for anyone looking to relax and enjoy a meal in the great outdoors.

people having a picnic and talking about outdoor activities in Nepean
Pack your favorite snacks, a cozy blanket, and perhaps a frisbee or a ball, and head out to enjoy the simple pleasures of a picnic in Nepean.

Geocaching Adventures in Nepean

Geocaching, the global treasure hunt game, is a thrilling way to explore Nepean’s natural beauty. Using GPS coordinates, adventurers can search for hidden caches in local parks and recreational areas. This engaging outdoor activity combines technology with exploration, encouraging participants of all ages to discover new places and solve puzzles. Nepean’s parks, with their diverse landscapes, offer numerous geocaching opportunities, making every search a unique adventure. Moreover, it’s a fun, interactive way to spend time outdoors, perfect for families, friends, or solo explorers looking to add a bit of excitement to their walks.

Embracing outdoor activities in Nepean is more fun than you think!

Our exploration of Nepean’s top outdoor activities highlights its wealth of nature and adventure. With everything from peaceful kayaking on the Rideau River to exciting biking along the Ottawa River Pathway, outdoor activities in Nepean are numerous. If you’re thinking of calling this beautiful suburb home, residential movers Ottawa are here to help. They ensure a smooth transition, letting you quickly start enjoying Nepean’s outdoor gems. More than a place for sightseeing, Nepean invites you to live, play, and discover its outdoor wonders!

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