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Moving out of your old home requires a lot of work. Relocations in general are a time period when you will need to devote attention to the process. With everything that you need to do, it might seem hard to do it all in time. Therefore, if you have little time, or simply have no experience with relocations, your best solution might be hiring a moving service, like furniture movers Ottawa, to help you. Today, we talk about disassembling robust furniture and how you should do it. Furthermore, we are going to share some tips that will allow you to approach this process much easier. Moving your furniture out of your home can be pretty difficult. Especially if you did not adequately prepare for it. So, this article should help you understand every part of the process and make you much more efficient during that period.

Disassembling robust furniture – How to approach it

As we were saying, moving furniture is a process that will require your devotion, time, and planning. More importantly, it is a process that will require prior preparation. Jumping straight into the process might seem like a smart thing to do, but in reality, it can actually slow you down by a lot.

a man choosign a screwdriver from a kit to make disassembling robust furniture much easier
Luckily, there are a lot of tools that you can use to make this process easier

There are several steps that you need to take before you decide to disassemble the items from your home. Yes, it might take more of your time, but this is something that is essential. More importantly, disassembling furniture as you pack for the move can make the job for local movers Ottawa much easier. Ideally, when you hire professional movers like that, they will be the ones helping you as you will be the one helping them. To put it shortly – you and the moving company will work together to make each other’s jobs easier.

Learn what you are going to move

Usually, when people move, they tend to leave some items behind. Decluttering your home is a process that will lower the amount of work you have to do and, ultimately, lower the relocation expenses. Therefore, you need to be aware of the items you are going to move with you. Furthermore, the main reason this is the first thing you need to do is so you do not waste your energy on the items you do not want to take. Especially when it comes to furniture. Disassembling a piece of furniture might take hours. So, what is it worth if you are not going to move it in the end? So, construct a list of all the items/furniture you will be taking with you for starters. Later, you can see how much work you have to do and you will know where to start.

Inspect your furniture

The next thing you want to do is inspect the furniture you plan on moving. This is something that you would want to do because you cannot know which pieces can or cannot be disassembled beforehand. So, right after you come up with your list of furniture you want to take with you, start inspecting them.

a man and a woman inspecting a couch as they wrap it in packing plastic
See if there are any ends loose or how complex the furniture is

Moreover, you can even decide to inspect the furniture as you create the list. That way, you can write down which pieces can or cannot be disassembled. More importantly, if you plan on disassembling robust furniture, you might need some assistance. In that case, you ought to consider hiring a professional moving company, like Professional Movers Ottawa, to help you. As soon as you complete the preparation process, talk to the moving company and see which services you can hire. However, be careful as you inspect, because you do not want to miss any important features.

Prepare the right tools and equipment for disassembling robust furniture

Once you have an idea of the items you want to move, it is time to grab adequate tools to help you finish the job. Namely, the tools or the equipment we use during this period is going to make or break the process. The utilization of proper tools for the job means that you ensure the safety of the furniture you are moving. So, to help you, here is a list of some of the most common items you will need:

  • Screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, etc.
  • Small/Medium zip-lock bags
  • Dollies, or in some cases, manual pallet jacks
  • Bubble wrap or other cushioning materials
  • Packing paper, packing tape

Now, these items are something that you should have in your inventory. Each of them will provide adequate protection or allow you to safely handle the items you are moving.

When the time comes to disassemble, make sure you have enough of it

Now, the time you spend disassembling and preparing is mostly up to the items you have to move. Namely, some furniture might require more work to disassemble than others. So, evaluate how much time you think you will need to get the job done. Knowing the time you need to do this will help you organize other relocation processes better.

a woman in a green shirt ensuring the couch is safe for transport
Depending on the complexity of the furniture piece, disassembling them can be quite time-consuming

Furthermore, because this process might be time-consuming, it is best that you do it sooner rather than later. Robust furniture will often require more work, so get ready for it. More importantly, not rushing the process will ensure that the protection you apply to the items is efficient. Breaking these items can cause serious stress for the person that is moving them.

Start disassembling and keep count of the pieces

Finally, start disassembling robust furniture one by one. Moreover, make sure you do not lose any of the pieces, regardless of their size. One missing screw can prevent you from assembling the furniture again. That is why you will need zip-lock bags. Furthermore, as soon as you take apart, a table, for example, you should wrap it in protective materials to ensure its safety. More importantly, the protection you apply will ensure that the items survive once Manotick movers start to transport them. Every time you disassemble a piece of furniture, make sure to check if you did everything right and that all the pieces are accounted for.

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