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Arnprior, a charming destination just a short distance from Ottawa, offers a delightful blend of small-town charm and easy access to urban amenities. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful escape or a place to raise a family, Arnprior has it all. If you’re considering making the move to this hidden gem, look no further. As professional movers in Ottawa area, we understand the importance of being well-informed before relocating. So, here are the most important things to know before moving to Arnprior!

Cost of living is among the first things to know before moving to Arnprior

In Arnprior, affordability is the name of the game when it comes to the housing market. As local movers in Ottawa can confirm, housing prices in Arnprior are significantly lower than those in Ottawa, making it an attractive option for people trying to save some money. Those seeking apartment living will be pleased to know that cozy and comfortable units can be found starting at around $900 per month. Meanwhile, if you’re in need of more space or prefer the privacy of a standalone house, Arnprior has you covered there as well. With rental prices averaging around $1,500 per month, you can find spacious houses that often come with private yards and modern finishes.

Man calculating the costs of living in Arnprior
Cost of living makes Arnprior an attractive town for newcomers

What’s more, it’s not just the housing prices that make Arnprior an affordable place to live. Other essential expenses, including groceries and essential utilities, are often cheaper as well. Additionaly, Arnprior offers accessible and affordable healthcare options. The town is home to a range of medical facilities providing different services, and Arnprior & District Memorial Hospital is just one of them. So, whether you need routine check-ups or require more specialized care, you can expect reasonable costs without compromising on quality!

Employment opportunities you can expect in Arnprior

Arnprior boasts a thriving job market with a range of opportunities across various industries. If you’re considering a career move, Arnprior offers promising prospects, particularly in sectors such as healthcare and manufacturing. In the manufacturing industry, one of the biggest employers is Arnprior Aerospace, a renowned company which specializes in aerospace components and systems. Retail is yet another thriving industry in Arnprior, as it has various retail establishments, including grocery stores, shopping centers, and specialty boutiques.

People working in manufacturing
One of the things to know before moving to Arnprior involve job opportunities that await you here

Also, with the commute taking approximately 30 minutes, many people choose to work in Ottawa while enjoying the peaceful and affordable lifestyle that Arnprior offers. On the other hand, plenty of enterpreuners decide to move their company here and take advantage of Arnprior’s business climate. If you’re one of them, contact office movers Ottawa to help you ensure a seamless transition for your business!

Educational system is also one of the things to know before moving to Arnprior

Families hiring movers Arnprior to move into town can rest assured knowing that their children will have access to excellent educational opportunities. Even though Arnprior only has about 10,000 residents, it still has a strong education system, with quality primary, secondary, and post-secondary study options. For younger students, Walter Zadow Public School will be a great choice. Known for its nurturing and inclusive learning environment, this school offers a range of extracurricular activities that promote physical fitness, creativity, and social skills.

Arnprior District High School stands out as another notable institution within the community, providing students with a wide range of academic subjects to choose from. But, there are post-secondary educational options nearby for those seeking higher education. Arnprior itself doesn’t have a university, but Algonquin College in western part of Ottawa is only 30 minutes away. With its quality program and state-of-the-art facilities, it’s a popular choice among students from Arnprior.

You’ll love all the fun activities you can do this town!

Arnprior has plenty of entertainment and outdoor activities you can explore, no matter what are your interests. For example, Arnprior’s parks will be favorite places for those seeking to connect with nature. Namely, Robert Simpson Park, nestled along the banks of the Madawaska River, offers picturesque views and ample green space for picnics, leisurely walks, and family gatherings. Likewise, Gillies Grove, a designated forest conservation area, allows visitors to immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature while exploring the enchanting walking trails nearby.

Two friends eating and talking about things to know before moving to Arnprior
You’ll love socializing with friends in one of Arnprior’s famous eateries

If you’re a fan of water activities like kayaking, canoeing, or swimming, Ottawa River that flows by Arnprior will present exciting opportunities. Fishing enthusiasts can also cast their lines into the river, hoping to reel in various fish species found in the area. Meanwhile, golfers can indulge in their favorite sport at the Madawaska Golf Club or other courses in the area. Moreover, you can also spend the day shopping in one of Arnprior’s shopping centers, which have both large retailers and specialty boutiques. And when hunger strikes, there’s something for every palate in Arnprior, from cozy cafes to family-friendly eateries. Finally, in addition to everyday amenities, Arnprior hosts unique local events that showcase its vibrant spirit and close-knit community. Dragon Boat Festival, Concerts in the Park and FamFest are just some of the most famous ones!

Final word of things to know before moving to Arnprior

As you can see, Arnprior offers an enticing blend of affordable living, employment opportunities, excellent education, and abundant recreational activities. Its proximity to Ottawa allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. So, after learning these things to know before moving to Arnprior, don’t wait any longer and start the new chapter of your life in this hidden gem of the Ottawa area.

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