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Of course, having a chance to organize a long vacation is amazing. But due to work or simply a lack of budget, that is not always possible. That doesn’t mean you should be sitting at home and just daydreaming, especially if you live in a city like Ottawa. Surrounded by lovely smaller towns and breathtaking landscapes, this city has so much to offer. With the help of the best moving companies Ottawa, you will have just enough time to organize multiple short trips after your relocation! Here are some of the suggestions for the best day trips from Ottawa!

Visit the Nepean Museum

It will not take too long to reach the Nepean Museum if you are a fan of art and history. You will find it in one of Ottawa’s neighborhoods, Barrhaven, and it will be a perfectly pleasant trip for you and your family. The museum is home to all kinds of artifacts and books keeping the history of the place, which newcomers often tend to visit as soon as they move. The entire atmosphere in the museum is really nice, and you can even spend some time talking with guides and people working there. Of course, this could be a great chance to meet your new neighborhood from another angle, especially if you recently moved.

person in the museums as they should be included in your The best day trips from Ottawa can include your kids, so make sure to prepare them for it
The best day trips from Ottawa should help you learn more about some places, so make sure to visit museums and historical houses

If movers Barrhaven take you to that neighborhood, the Nepean Museum will be within reach of your hand. However, if you settle somewhere in Ottawa, it will take you around 30 minutes to get there. For a day trip, the distance of 27 km is not too great, so you can even plan to spend the entire day there. In Barrhaven, you will find many restaurants and shops, so your trip doesn’t have to end with the museum. Feel free to look around for more attractions, as you will surely find them.

Visiting Gatineau Park is a must

If you plan on moving to Ottawa soon, it is only normal to start thinking about some post-move activities. There will be a lot of things to focus on in those days following your move, but it is extremely important that you carefully balance your moving tasks and social life. One of the things you will have enough time and finances to organize is a day trip to Gatineau Park. Considering how many people simply love spending time there, you will find it extremely pleasant to spend an entire day there with your family or friends.

It will take you around 20 minutes of driving to reach the park, and there will be countless activities waiting for you there. You can spend the day hiking, riding a bicycle, or even having a picnic. When the weather is nice, there are a lot of people visiting the park, so you can expect to meet some lovely people along the way. Park offers nice and comfortable benches and tables, so feel free to bring all those supplies you may need. Those who have kids should pinpoint this location right away as children tend to have an awesome time in this park.

Once winter comes check out the Mont Tremblant

When someone mentions Canada and winter, you already know that the season is absolutely wonderful there. And there are countless reasons for that. One of them is the ski center Mont Tremblant. It will take you around two hours to get there by car, and you can even stay longer if you want. The resort is breathtaking and truly suitable for all generations. You will see a lot of families with their kids and even young couples as well as elderly people. You can spend the entire day skiing and enjoying the snow, so feel free to bring your equipment as well. Residential movers Ottawa can help you move it successfully, as some of them can be difficult to pack.

two people skiing
A lot of these places are perfect in summer but even more beautiful in winter

It is good to know that Mont Tremblant will be a great destination in the summer as well. For many residents, one of the best day trips from Ottawa in the summer is this very location. When there is no snow, the resort is perfect for taking long walks, hiking, and many other activities. The air will be fresh and pleasant, and you will surely want to make your stay there longer. for such a wonderful experience. Of course, if you wish to stay longer, make reservations on time.

Best day trips from Ottawa must include the Village of Merrickville

What if we tell you that there is a perfectly preserved village in Merrickville dating back to the 19th century? It will take you around 55 minutes to get there with your car or a bus, and spending time there is worth every single minute of traveling. You will get a chance to walk among lovely houses people called their home a long time ago, and even do some shopping. While you will not get a chance to buy some fancy things, you will find lovely antique souvenirs that will remind you of this place all the time. Those who plan to spend the entire day there don’t have to worry about getting a delicious meal as well.

Those who actually move there with the help of movers Merrickville, understand that there are many other things to see in this place. So once you find yourself there, feel free to explore even more. Nearby the village you can find great shops and restaurants that usually serve local dishes and drinks. Chances are great that after your first visit, the Village of Merrickville will become one of the top locations for you to visit again.

colorful park
No matter where you go, the best day trips from Ottawa should be spent outside and surrounded by nature

Plan to visit the Perth Studio Theatre

Of course, there will be countless theatres and cinemas in Ottawa for you, but once you check them all out, it will be time for something new. After approximately 60 minutes of a car drive, you can find yourself in lovely Perth. And once you arrive there you can go straight to the Perth Studio Theatre. It is one of the most popular locations in this town for many reasons. Almost daily, the theatre organizes different events including plays, concerts, and conventions. Their online advertising is really precise and clear, so you can gather all the information in a couple of seconds.

Visiting the theatre for a play you like will be a great way to see how they do it outside Ottawa, and maybe find inspiration for some future projects you have in mind. Movers Perth ON operates in the area as well, so expect to see a lot of new faces there each time you decide to enjoy art and have fun at the theatre. And if it happens that there is a concert on that day, get ready to really have an unforgettable experience.

person sitting next to the tank in aquarium
And if your kids are going on the best day trips from Ottawa with you, you must include visiting the Aquatarium

For many, the best day trips from Ottawa include visiting Aquatarium

Not everyone will be going on day trips from Ottawa alone or with friends. Those of you who plan to take your kids and organize something fun for them should know about this one as soon as possible. Aquatarium is located in Brockville and it is around 70 miles away from Ottawa. After a little bit more than one hour you will find yourself in one of the most exciting places in this part of Ontario. The Aquatarium offers exhibitions of countless species from the St. Lawrence River that you and your kids can learn about. Apart from checking the sea world, you can also see a movie related to them in their 3D cinema.

Of course, moving companies Brockville operate in the area, and people with small kids tend to move there often. While Aquatarium is one of the obvious reasons, there are many others that are making people call Brockville their home. It is a very safe place and has a couple of excellent schools. Knowing all that, Brockville can easily be your destination for other day trips from Ottawa. As long as you stay organized and have enough time, you will get to see all the notable spots there.

Montebello could be part of your best day trips from Ottawa

When people organize day trips they usually want to take the most out of them. And apart from that, they usually want to spend more time outside. Visiting Montbello could be a perfect combination and a lovely day trip you can organize from Ottawa. Apart from the nice and cozy restaurants in this town, you will also be greeted by the sight of Château Montebello. It is one of the largest log cabins in the world that you surely shouldn’t miss checking out. Yes, there will be a lot of people there, especially if the weather is nice but that alone can be extremely beneficial for you. If you are new in Canada and wish to make some new friends, this will be a perfect place to do so.

parents playing with kids
The best day trips from Ottawa can include your kids, so make sure to prepare them for it

Again, you will find Montobello to be lovely as it is one of those smaller towns in Canada that is all about tradition and positive vibes. A lot of other locations you can include in future best day trips from Ottawa, and you will not be disappointed. To find exactly what suits you the most you can explore Montebello online. The reviews from tourists and locals can help you pinpoint some other locations to visit on that day as well.

There is also Toronto

Even though the trip will take a little bit longer, Toronto is also an option. Yes, it will take you around four hours to reach the city, but if you plan everything properly, you can still make it work. For example, waking up earlier than usual and setting out on a trip will make you arrive on time to see all the attractions you want and have an awesome day. You can go back at night or make an exception and spend the night somewhere along the way. Visiting Toronto from Ottawa in one day only is a better option if you are not traveling with kids, as this could be too much pressure for them.

Once you find yourself there, there will be plenty of places to visit. One of the most notable for those who will not spend too much time in Toronto is the Distillery District. The entire area is full of shops, restaurants, and bars, so you will have multiple things to explore there. It is a pedestrian area only, so you can also expect to see a lot of people there. In spring and summer, all shops display their products outside, so it is really a wonderful experience spending time there. Even those who plan on moving from Ottawa to Toronto claim that this is among the earliest locations they plan to visit.

Other things to know about planning your best day trips from Ottawa

Knowing where exactly to go on your day trip is great, but don’t forget to prepare properly for it as well. If you recently moved, you probably gained a lot of skills for packing and traveling, so use them for all the essentials you will need. If you are traveling alone or with friends, you can prepare some snacks and fresh drinks for the road, no matter where you decide to go. Also, don’t forget to charge your phones, as you will probably take countless photos of the place you will visit. 

aerial photo of Toronto
Toronto is a little bit further, but you can manage to visit it in one day as well

Those who will be taking their kids must upgrade preparations a little bit. The younger they are, the more essentials they need, and even a one-hour car drive is long enough for them. Make sure they have all the toys ready and that they are not bored in the vehicle. After all, organizing the best day trips from Ottawa should turn into making some of the best memories, so make sure you are fully prepared for it. 

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