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The whole process of relocation is very complex and strenuous. There are a lot of things you will have to consider in advance. One of those things is the most important one such as choosing a good and reliable moving company. Be aware of the fact that Professional Movers Ottawa are always there for you. Yes, usually a relocation company can do everything for your move, but there are a few misconceptions around which we will have to be careful. There are certain tasks movers should not do. It happens because of the nature of things. Let’s find out what are the tasks and what to do in this case.

Pay special attention to dangerous chemicals

We know that having free space means a lot. So, we would like to mention that you can always use storage facilities Ottawa. Also, you have to be conscious about relocating all kinds of dangerous chemicals. A potentially unsafe chemical is any chemical that has the ability to damage people, whether it is in the form of a gas or liquid. Moving things like this is incredibly tricky. Often, movers don’t do it because proper containers and tanks are required. It’s absolutely necessary that these things are dealt with by specially trained men. The safety of the environment and yourself is priority number one. We want to avoid any possible explosions and fires.


Flammable sign
Relocating dangerous chemicals is one of the tasks movers should not do.

Keep your personal items to yourself

Ottawa relocation services offer a wide arrange of possibilities. With the help of our professionals, everything will be ready for your next move. But, there are a couple of things to keep to yourself during the relocation. You should put them in a waterproof case. Those are:

  • Your passport
  • ID card
  • Birth certificate
  • Driver license
  • Social security card
  • Medical, property, and finance records
  • Important contracts

This stuff is very important and you can need it at any moment. So, don’t place those documents in a moving box. Put them in your purse. Keep it safe and protected.

Money, jewelry, and other valuables should not be transported by a moving company

All your valuable necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and other stuff should be properly placed and boxed. Choose small packages for this kind of item and label them. The best option is to put them in a bag which you will carry on during the relocation. Place the bag near yourself so that it is always in your field of vision. You should do the same thing if you have a couple of gold and silver alloys. When it comes to money, the most appropriate thing would be if you transfer the cash to a bank account. That’s the safest option. Otherwise, keep it in your wallet. Contact us if you need any additional help.

A cat and money
Jewelry, cash, and other valuables should be kept near you at all times.

Relocation of big and dangerous animals is one of the tasks movers should not do

Relocating a cat, a dog, turtles, hamsters, and fish is not such a difficult task for movers. But, if you have a more exotic type of animals, transporting them would be a real challenge. You will need special conditions and proper equipment. Safety must be the most important thing. In accordance with that, specially trained people should do it, or at least they can assist you. Snakes, dangerous types of spiders, sugar gliders, iguanas prefer more appropriate equipment. Animals we previously mentioned are small ones, so you can imagine how hard it is to transport larger animals. It’s very significant that they have enough food, water, and proper climate during the relocation.

Firearms and antique revolvers

If you call a moving company and ask them to relocate a lot of your pistols and rifles, you can already imagine what the answer will be like. If you don’t have it, find out how to own a rifle. When moving things like this, you will have to be very cautious. Everything is connected to law, so it’s very important to find out state laws. Some states, for example, regulate pistols more rigorously than long firearms, while others do not. Make sure all guns are empty and the safety systems are activated. Wrap the firearms and antique revolvers in secure packaging, pack them, and write the name on the box. Also, separate the munition, and pack it individually.

A riffle
Be very careful when transporting the weapons, and take extra precautions.

Paintings and other sensitive artwork

You have personalized pieces of art or a valuable canvas, and you are not sure how the trip will go? In this case, you should not let a moving company handle this. Sensitive artwork requires special packaging and transportation. Sculptures, paintings, photographs should be bubble wrapped and placed in a box. Also, don’t forget to styrofoam corner edges. Things like this should not even be in a moving vehicle, to be honest. Make a second drive with your car if you are only relocating across town. Generally, air shipping is preferable, especially if you’re going during a very hot or cold period.

Carry electronic devices with yourself

When it comes to technology, movers are frequently advised to take extra precautions. Electronics are very sensitive objects. Gadgets can be easily destroyed and taken. So, if you don’t have enough trust, this is one of the tasks movers should not do. Also, you can save some extra money. Do it by packing and transporting your equipment yourself. Bring your laptop, video recorder, mobile, or any other high-priced electrical devices with you. You should place them in a bag or in a labeled box. After doing that, put it under the front seat near yourself.

To sum up

Packing the stuff and loading them is not an easy job. Especially, it’s hard to transport them because you have to be very cautious during the drive. Although hiring a reliable moving company is necessary, you will have to be aware of the fact that there are certain tasks movers should not do. Don’t wait, and start doing them as soon as possible!

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