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In recent years, remote work has taken center stage, gaining popularity for its flexibility and the freedom to shape your work environment. Many remote workers now seek serene alternatives to the city’s hustle and bustle. Small, idyllic towns surrounding the capital city have become a top choice. As you contemplate making the transition, consider the assistance of best movers Ottawa locals often praise. These experts can ease your move to one of the small places near Ottawa perfect for remote workers. Whether you’re a digital nomad or a professional in search of a tranquil workspace, these towns offer the ideal backdrop for a fulfilling remote work experience!

Merrickville comes first on the list of small places near Ottawa perfect for remote workers

Located on the serene banks of the Rideau Canal, Merrickville is famous for its picturesque landscape. As you explore its cobblestone streets and quaint shops, you’ll be captivated by its historic allure. On top of that, Merrickville doesn’t disappoint when it comes to remote work-friendly spaces. Charming cafes and cozy coffee shops provide the perfect settings to set up your laptop and dive into your tasks. Additionally, there are co-working spaces on the rise, offering excellent options for a focused work environment. Therefore, this small town offers a refreshing change of scenery for remote workers.

A computer and a laptop on a table in one of the small places near Ottawa perfect for remote workers
Move your job to one of the small places near Ottawa perfect for remote workers

Merrickville’s proximity to the Rideau Canal presents ample opportunities for work-life balance. During your breaks, you can take a relaxing walk along the waterway, and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you. It’s the perfect escape from your desk, allowing you to recharge and return to work with renewed energy. And, when you’re ready to make the move, consider the assistance of movers Merrickville residents consistently rate highly. They can help you seamlessly transition to this tranquil town, where you’ll find the work-friendly atmosphere you need for a productive remote work experience.

Embrace the countryside by moving to Casselman

Located just 60 kilometers from downtown Ottawa, Casselman invites remote workers with its rural beauty and peaceful surroundings. What remote workers love most about living here is the number of parks in the area and access to outdoor activities. For example, after finishing work, you can make a picnic at High Falls Conservation Area or take a walk by the South Nation River. However, you won’t be too far from the big city activities, as this village is connected to the capital by a train that runs twice a day in each direction.

There are also a few rustic coffee shops and quiet corners in the heart of nature where you can set up your remote office. The calm ambiance enhances productivity and allows you to focus on your tasks without the hustle and bustle of an urban setting. Keeping that in mind, movers Casselman are certain that you’ll find inspiring places to work here.

In Arnprior you’ll work with nature as your neighbor

If you like working Arnprior, a town in the middle of the breathtaking beauty of nature, welcomes remote workers to experience the allure of working in harmony with the environment. With its proximity to remarkable natural attractions, this small town offers a refreshing change of pace for those seeking a remote work paradise. In Arnprior, you’ll find a multitude of suitable places to establish your remote office, such as Ottawa Valley Coffee Arnprior or Mighty Fine Bakery. On top of that, these locations all have nice views that invite you to work amidst nature’s splendor. And one thing is certain – the peace and beauty of your surroundings enhance your productivity.

Man drinking coffee, working on his laptop and petting his dog
Get your job done in nature with the sounds of peace

Arnprior excels in providing work-life balance opportunities. The town’s access to nature allows you to seamlessly integrate outdoor activities into your daily routine. During your breaks, you can explore the nearby hiking trails, go for a paddle on the river, or simply enjoy a peaceful moment by the water’s edge. This harmonious blend of work and nature makes Arnprior a remarkable choice for remote professionals. When you’re prepared to take the leap, don’t forget to reach out to the movers Arnprior locals vouch for. Their professional touch can ensure a hassle-free relocation to this picturesque retreat, where the remote work experience is enriched by nature’s embrace.

Kemptville is one of the small places near Ottawa perfect for remote workers

Kemptville, a town steeped in history, offers remote workers a unique backdrop for their productive workdays. This historical gem is a testament to the past, with its architecture and landmarks that tell the story of a bygone era. In Kemptville, there are many remote work-friendly amenities, like cozy cafes, well-equipped co-working spaces. Meanwhile, free public Wi-Fi spots make it easy for professionals to stay connected and productive. That being said, some of the most popular places in Kemptville for remote workers are Bubba & Bugs Coffee Bar and Brewed Awakenings.

On top of that, Kemptville’s unique appeal lies in its ability to blend history with productivity. As you work in the shadow of historic buildings and explore the town’s museums and heritage sites during breaks, you’ll find inspiration to continue working on your projects. If you’re unsure how to get there, remember that many remote workers have successfully relocated to Kemptville using the expertise of movers Kemptville citizens pair up with.

Kanata gives suburban bliss for remote professionals

Kanata, a serene suburban escape just outside the city, offers a relaxed and safe haven for remote professionals. This small town presents an ideal blend of suburban charm and modern convenience, making it an attractive destination for remote work. Kanata boasts an array of co-working spaces and delightful coffee shops, providing remote professionals with perfect work settings. These venues offer a harmonious blend of productivity and relaxation, allowing you to stay focused on your tasks while enjoying a cozy atmosphere.

Woman in her kitchen in one of the small places near Ottawa perfect for remote workers
Remote professionals love the small places near Ottawa

The advantages of Kanata’s peaceful suburban environment are manifold. The absence of city commotion ensures a quiet and peaceful workspace, conducive to deep concentration. When work is done, you can take leisurely strolls through picturesque neighborhoods, or enjoy the tranquility of suburban parks, striking the perfect balance between work and relaxation. Additionally, you’ll find plenty of fun things to do in Kanata this winter, making it a well-rounded choice for remote workers seeking both productivity and recreational opportunities.

Manotick is also on the list for ideal locations for remote work near Ottawa

In Manotick, remote workers have the opportunity to choose from various workspaces with enchanting river views. Imagine sitting by the water, your laptop in front of you, and the gentle flow of the river inspiring your productivity. It’s a scenario that brings a new dimension to remote work, and as you look out onto the water during your breaks, you’ll find it easy to clear your mind and recharge. With its peaceful riverside setting, Manotick is a remote work haven that rejuvenates both your work and your spirit. Moreover, if you’re considering making Manotick your home, be sure to explore the pros and cons of living in Manotick. It’s a decision that combines your work-life balance and your everyday life in one picturesque package.

Woman working on her laptop outside in the nature
Watch nature while working on your new projects

Embrun is quaint village living perfect for remote workers

Embrun, a charming village nestled in the Ottawa region, offers remote workers a unique escape into the heart of quaint village living. This small, welcoming community provides a serene setting, inviting remote professionals to trade the city’s hustle and bustle for a more relaxed work environment. Embrun features an array of cozy work-friendly spots. Whether you prefer working from a local cafe with a warm atmosphere or setting up your laptop in a tranquil corner of the village square, you’ll find inspiring places to work without the distractions of city life.

The true appeal of Embrun lies in its village charm. As you explore its quiet streets, experience its local festivals, and connect with its friendly residents, you’ll feel the unique warmth and community spirit that sets this village apart. Embrun is not just a place to work remotely; it’s a place to live and belong, creating a harmonious blend of work and life. When you’re ready to make Embrun your home or your remote work destination, don’t forget to explore the decision of buying vs. renting in Embrun. This choice can significantly impact your experience in this charming village, and it’s worth considering the pros and cons before making your move.

Winchester is definitelly a small place near Ottawa perfect for remote workers

Winchester, a hidden gem in the countryside, beckons remote workers with its rural charm. This small town is a serene haven offering a refreshing escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. As you explore its picturesque streets and soak in the rural atmosphere, you’ll discover the allure of countryside living, making it a choice not only for remote professionals but also for families moving to Winchester. In Winchester, remote workers find a variety of remote work-friendly amenities. Charming cafes, quaint libraries, and community co-working spaces provide the perfect settings to set up your laptop and get down to business. The town’s commitment to modern conveniences seamlessly complements its rustic charm, offering a beautiful work environment.

Woman working remotely while her kids hugs her
Don’t compromise the time with your family while getting work done

Winchester’s true beauty lies in its peaceful and quiet environment. With the absence of urban distractions, you can focus on your tasks with ease. During breaks, you can unwind with leisurely strolls through the countryside or simply enjoy a moment of tranquility. Winchester offers the perfect blend of work and relaxation, making it an ideal choice for remote professionals seeking a calming work environment.

Brockville is also among the small places near Ottawa perfect for remote workers

Brockville, a captivating town steeped in history and graced by a splendid waterfront location, serves as a magnetic draw for remote workers seeking a change of scenery. Nestled by the St. Lawrence River, this small town beautifully balances the past with modern convenience, making it a unique destination for remote work. Remote workers in Brockville have the privilege of enjoying an array of amenities along the stunning waterfront. Charming cafes and co-working spaces boasting magnificent river views provide the perfect settings to power through your tasks. All this while being immersed in the soothing waterside ambiance.

Woman at her desk looking up photos on her laptop
Find the best environment for your work and inspiration

What truly distinguishes Brockville is the harmonious coexistence of history and productivity. As you work in the shadow of historic buildings and explore the town’s museums and heritage sites during breaks, you’ll find inspiration here. This fusion of history and contemporary workspaces creates an atmosphere conducive to remote work, making Brockville an enticing destination for remote professionals in search of a unique work environment. For a closer look at how you can make Brockville your home, including cheap ways to renovate your Brockville home, check out our blog on the subject.

Time to move to one of the small places near Ottawa perfect for remote workers

In these small places near Ottawa, remote workers find diverse, tranquil environments that enhance productivity. From the rural charm of Winchester to Brockville’s historical waterfront allure and Manotick’s riverside serenity, there are numerous options to explore. Embrun welcomes professionals and families with its welcoming community, while Kemptville blends history with productivity. Kanata offers suburban bliss, and Orleans presents a peaceful suburban haven. Each town provides co-working spaces and coffee shops. Therefore, this can make remote work seamless, and we encourage you to consider making an informed decision about your next remote work destination. Discover the possibilities and enjoy a more relaxed, productive remote work experience amidst the unique charm of these towns.

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