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Moving can be both exciting and a bit scary. It means starting over, meeting new people, and seeing new places. But there’s a lot to think about, like packing, finding a new place to live, and getting used to a new city. If moving from Chicago to Ottawa is currently on your mind, you need to prepare for such a big step in time. Luckily, some of the best movers in Ottawa can assist you in starting this new life chapter. Meanwhile, if you’re on the edge of deciding whether to move at all, here are some good reasons to move from the USA to the capital of Canada!

A closer look to why you should move from Chicago to Ottawa

When thinking about moving, it’s important to consider what the new place has to offer. Ottawa stands out for many reasons, making it a great choice for people from all walks of life. According to our reliable furniture movers in Ottawa, here’s what makes Ottawa an attractive destination to move to:

  • Career opportunities
  • Quality of life
  • Educational institutions
  • Cultural diversity
  • Natural beauty
  • Family-friendly environment
  • Cultural experiences

Exploring job options in Ottawa

Ottawa’s job scene is booming, especially for those looking into the tech, government, or healthcare sectors. Keeping this in mind, it’s no wonder that local movers in Ottawa have their hands ful moving people eager to find growth and new career in Ottawa. If you’re looking for a job in the tech sector, you might find yourself working on the next big app, safeguarding data from cyber threats, or leading IT projects. Big companies such as Shopify, BlackBerry, and Adobe thrive here, so there will be plenty of roles for tech-savvy individuals. Meanwhile, for those looking to work for the goverment, Ottawa’s the place to be. It’s the heart of Canada’s government, so jobs here mean you could be working on important national projects or policies. These roles vary widely, from office support to policy making, all crucial to keeping the country running smoothly.

HR having a discussion
Competitive salaries and inspiring job opportunities are just some of the reasons to move from Chicago to Ottawa

Healthcare in Ottawa is another area with lots of opportunities. Whether you’re a nurse, doctor, or healthcare admin, the city’s hospitals and clinics are always on the lookout for passionate professionals to join their teams. To give you an idea of what you might earn, let’s talk numbers. On average, working in Ottawa could see you making about $64,993 a year. That breaks down to roughly $31.25 an hour, $1,249 weekly, or $5,416 monthly. Depending on the job and your experience, salaries can range from $48,250 to $80,000 annually.

A snapshot of quality of life in Ottawa

Living in Ottawa offers a blend of urban convenience and natural beauty, making it an ideal place for many. Before you dive into life here, you might want to consider where to find the best moving boxes in Ottawa to help with your move. Once you’re settled, you’ll start to appreciate the city’s quality of life. That being said, zou should know that in Ottawa, safety comes first. It has the lowest rate of violent crime among Canada’s major cities, giving you peace of mind. When it comes to housing, a cozy 1-bedroom apartment near Parliament, offering over 600 square feet of space, will cost you about $1,340 USD a month. Add in utilities and internet for $150 USD, renter’s insurance at $25 USD, and budgeting around $150 USD weekly for groceries and dining out once a week, and your basic monthly expenses tally up to $2,115 USD.

Street in Ottawa overlooking the Parlament
You’d be happy to know that the streets of Ottawa are both safe and bicycle-friendly

But Ottawa is more than just numbers. The city is incredibly walkable and bike-friendly, especially downtown. You’re never far from green spaces, perfect for relaxing or taking a leisurely walk. Gatineau Park, just a short drive away, is a haven for hikers with its extensive trails. For a more urban outdoor experience, strolling by the Rideau Canal or along the Ottawa River offers picturesque views and a breath of fresh air. Cyclists will love the dedicated bike lanes, and finding a spot to park your bike is easy, whether you’re at a public transport station, a parking garage, or a park. Healthcare in Ottawa is comprehensive, with the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) covering doctor visits, hospital stays, eye exams, and vaccinations. However, it’s worth noting that prescription drug costs are out of pocket.

Reasons to move from Chicago to Ottawa – from kindergartens to universities

Ottawa is famous for its fantastic educational opportunities, offering a wide choice of learning institutions for every age. For the youngest learners, Ottawa boasts a variety of kindergartens and elementary schools, such as Lady Evelyn Alternative School and Broadview Public School. These schools lay the groundwork for lifelong learning, emphasizing both academic and social development. As students grow, they can transition into Ottawa’s reputable middle and high schools, which are known for their strong academic programs and extracurricular activities. Some of those are Glashan Public School, Dunning-Foubert Elementary School, Lisgar Collegiate Institute. These schools prepare students for higher education and the world beyond, with a focus on critical thinking and community involvement.

At the higher education level, Ottawa is home to world-renowned universities and colleges. The University of Ottawa stands out for its bilingual programs, offering students the unique opportunity to study in both English and French. Carleton University is another top choice, known for its journalism, public affairs, and international studies programs. Algonquin College offers practical, hands-on programs that prepare students for the workforce in areas like technology, health, and trades. If you’re planning your family’s education journey alongside your move, considering moving services that understand the importance of a smooth transition can make all the difference.

Ottawa’s celebration of cultural diversity

Ottawa stands out as a city that truly embraces cultural diversity. Its multicultural environment is reflected in the neighborhoods, festivals, and daily life, making it a melting pot of traditions, languages, and cultures. For those planning to join this diverse community, teaming up with long distance movers Ottawa can make your arrival and settling in process much smoother. Once you’re here, take a stroll through Ottawa’s Chinatown, and you’ll find yourself amidst authentic Asian restaurants and markets, where community events are a regular occurrence. Similarly, Little Italy, with its food festivals and lively supermarket called Mercato, offers you a slice of Italy in Canada and a glimpse into its culture.

Ottawa's food and drink scene are one of the reasons to move from Chicago to Ottawa

If you need something else, just go to the ByWard Market! For sure, you can find something for yourself there, as vendors of various backgrounds sell everything from fresh local produce to international delicacies and handmade crafts. Meanwhile, the Ottawa International Animation Festival and the Caribbean Festival are other must-see events in Ottawa. While this popular animation festival draws artists and enthusiasts from around the world, the Caribbean Festival lights up the city with its vibrant parades, music, and flavors. So, you won’t miss diversity and fun things to do once you leave Chicago for Ottawa, that’s for sure!

Ottawa’s natural wonders are also worth exploring

Ottawa’s natural beauty is everywhere. For those moving to this beautiful city and needing a place to keep their gear for outdoor adventures, looking into storage solutions Ottawa might be a good idea to keep your home clutter-free while enjoying all the outdoor activities the city offers. One of the city’s most beloved spots is Gatineau Park, a vast green space just a short drive from downtown Ottawa. It’s a paradise for hikers, bikers, and nature lovers. It has extensive trails and breathtaking views, especially in the fall when the leaves change color.

A couple discussing reasons to move from Chicago to Ottawa on a beach
You might not consider Ottawa to be a beach destination, but after you move from Chicago to Ottawa, even a beach holiday will be a possibility!

The Rideau Canal offers something year-round. In the summer, its waters welcome canoers and kayakers, while the winter transforms it into the world’s largest skating rink. It’s a perfect example of how Ottawa’s residents make the most of their natural surroundings. For those who love to cycle or jog, the Ottawa River Pathway presents miles of scenic routes along the river, providing a peaceful escape from the city crowd. It’s ideal for morning jogs or leisurely bike rides with family and friends. And believe it or not, but Ottawa also has several beaches, like Mooney’s Bay! Residents of Ottawa often go here to relax on the sand, play volleyball, or go for a swim, so make sure to check it out!

Move from Chicago to Ottawa for family-friendly environment

Ottawa shines as a top choice for families seeking a community that supports a safe and engaging lifestyle for all ages. The city is dotted with neighborhoods known for their safety, excellent schools, and welcoming community vibe. Childcare services in Ottawa are diverse, from Montessori to traditional daycare centers. This variety ensures that parents can find the best fit for their children’s care and early education.

Community support in Ottawa is strong, with numerous family resource centers and programs aimed at helping families thrive. Recreational opportunities also abound in Ottawa, from outdoor adventures in its many parks and green spaces to educational outings at museums and cultural institutions. The city invests in its playgrounds, sports fields, and community centers. This ensures that children and parents alike have access to healthy and fun activities throughout the year. For those preparing to join this friendly city, considering packing services Ottawa can ease the stress of moving.

Cultural experience you can expect in Ottawa

Ottawa is a treasure trove for anyone with a love for arts and culture, offering an array of experiences that cater to all tastes, according to our residential movers Ottawa. Namely, the city is home to some of Canada’s most prestigious museums, including the Canadian Museum of History, where you can dive into the country’s past. Moreover, the National Gallery of Canada has an impressive collection of Canadian and Indigenous art. These institutions are not just about observing; they offer interactive and educational programs that bring history and art to life.

Theater enthusiasts will find a vibrant scene in Ottawa, with venues like the National Arts Centre presenting everything from classical plays to contemporary performances and musicals. This place is a focal point for the performing arts in Canada, so expect nothing but world-class entertainment! If you don’t find what you like here, just remember that festivals and events fill Ottawa’s calendar, so there always something happening that might interest you

Making the move from Chicago to Ottawa

Deciding to move from Chicago to Ottawa is a step into a city full of opportunities. As you can see, Ottawa can give you that career boost you might need, especially if you wish to work in tech, government, and healthcare. This is alongside a high quality of life marked by safety, affordability, and outdoor activities. For families, Ottawa will provide a nurturing environment with excellent educational institutions and a strong sense of community support. On top of that, the city’s cultural diversity is celebrated through vibrant neighborhoods, festivals, and culinary delights, ensuring that everyone finds a place to belong. Nature lovers will appreciate the green spaces and recreational activities available, making it easy to enjoy a healthy, outdoor lifestyle. All in all, we’re sure you’re making the right decision to make Canadian capital your new home!

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