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There’s no doubt Ottawa is a wonderful city, with lots of opportunities for work and for life. With its specific mix of historic and majestic buildings, it is an appealing place to live in for many people. However, if you want a change of scenery and more quiet surroundings, a smaller town like Arnprior may be your best choice. Because despite all the benefits, moving from Ottawa to Arnprior can do you good. Of course, if you are contemplating this possibility, the first thing to do is to hire local movers Arnprior. Moving is a big job, and they will be of great help to you. To find out th rest, read our article and discover all the pros and cons of moving from Ottawa to Arnprior. Let’s start!

Is moving from Ottawa a good decision?

The decision to leave Ottawa and move to a smaller town like Arnprior should be carefully considered. Moving from a larger and more urban place like Ottawa to a smaller place can change your habits and also your lifestyle. Given that Ottawa is a city of great possibilities and which at the same time is full of comfort, there will be something you will miss after moving. Moreover, Ottawa is a city that offers a high standard of living, many business opportunities, and even more entertainment, and as such, remains one of the favorite places of all newcomers. Therefore, you’ll need to think about whether the way of life in the other place you plan to move to suits you, and whether life in a place like Arnprior can fulfill all your needs and expectations.  You’ll also ned to see all the pros and cons of the place you are planning to move to, regardless of whether it is Arnprior or another place in Canada.

Ottawa city
Ottawa is a city with great life opportunities.

Finally, the most important things you have to pay attention to are your job and living expenses. The distance between these two cities is about 65 km, which is not a lot, since you’ll be only 40 minutes away from Ottawa. However, while this distance won’t be a problem for long distance movers Ottawa, which will help you relocate to Arnprior, this won’t always be the case. If you decide to continue your work in Ottawa while living in Arnprior, getting to work might be complicated, and public transportation can be inconvenient. Also, find out about the cost of living in Arnprior and see if it matches your monthly budget. In this way, you will know if you have made a good decision or not.

Welcome to Arnprior

The small  town of Arnprior is located in the province of Ontario, about a 40-minute drive from Ottawa. About 8,500 inhabitants live in this city, and in the last three years, Arnprior has received a significant number of new residents who wanted to escape from big cities to smaller towns. Life here is affordable, peaceful, and safe, and a low crime rate is one of the main pros of this town. One of the interesting facts is that there is another city in the world with the same name, and it is located in Scotland.

Arnprior town
Arnprior is a small, safe, and quiet town ideal for family life.

What Arnprior is famous for is the very appearance of its houses, wooden constructions, hydropower production, aviation, and of course, its proximity to Ottawa. And what will attract your attention are the most are excellent restaurants, modern shops, outstanding local museums, and numerous annual festivals. Nowadays, Arnprior is one of the favorite cities for families in the area, but also for retirees. So, if you also belong to this group of people and want to move to Arnprior, senior movers Ottawa will be at your disposal at any time. They will provide you with the best services and moving help tailored to your needs.

You’ll see differences in climate when moving from Ottawa to Arnprior

People have different opinions and preferences regarding where they want to live. So, before hiring best movers Ottawa, research all the details about the city where you will be living. One of the important things you need to know regarding your relocation to Arnprior is climate conditions. That being said, the moderate climate is one of the advantages of living in Arnprior.

FIrst of all, there is less snowfall in this city in Ottawa. Ottawa is covered with snow for most of the winter months, and you can even expect temperatures of -20 degrees for 17 days on average. At the same time, in Anprior the temperature rarely goes under -16 degrees in winter, and the snowfall is greatest in December and January. When it comes to high temperatures in summer periods, here you will enjoy warm days with the highest temperature of 27 degrees. Therefore, if you’re thinking abojut moving to Arnprior, it’s goot to know that here you will have the opportunity to experience all four seasons.

Diversity of jobs

If you are living and working in Ottawa, then you already know that the main industry is the federal government sector, which is also the largest employer. The second industry by importance here is the IT sector. Therefore, Ottawa doesn’t offer a lot of diversity when it comes to jobs. On the other hand, living in a smaller city such as Arnprior will give you different kinds of opportunities. Especially if you are moving for a job, you can hire office moving Ottawa, to help you with this part. After you move to Arnprior, you can expect to find a wide variety of employment and business opportunities.

man and woman shaking hands
After moving to Arnprior, there is a possibility that some new doors will open for you in the business world. Think about it!

Arnprior is home to several global companies across a variety of sectors. Some of them are Arnprior Aerospace Inc, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energi Canada Inc, Nilene Canada Inc, Pacific Safety Products, Pillar 5 Pharma, and Sandvik Materials Technology Canada. On the other hand, if you plan to start a business in this small town, one of the biggest advantages will be your immediate proximity to Ottawa. Keeping that in mind, you should research which business fields are in demand. We advise you to look at possibilities in catering, and health care or look for an idea for a small business.

The low cost of living is also one of the pros of moving to Arnprior

It is a well-known fact that Ottawa is not a cheap city. Sure, it is not as expensive as Toronto or Vancouver. But it is far more expensive than Arnprior. In that sense, moving to Arnprior will bring you a more comfortable life for a smaller amount of money. Everything will be cheaper than in the capital city of Canada. Also, the price of rent in Ottawa is quite high. On the other hand, rents are cheaper in Arnprior. Also, eating in restaurants in Ottawa is expensive, as is the cost of daycare and car insurance. And residential movers Ottawa say that low living costs are also one of the reasons why people move from Ottawa. So, seriously think about moving from Ottawa to Arnprior.

A person who researches the pros and cons of moving from Ottawa to Arnprior.
Low living costs are one of the pros of moving from Ottawa to Arnprior. So, explore all possibilities!

Namely, you should know that the cost of living index in Arnprior is 84 out of 100, which is the national average. In Arnprior, weekly food costs range from $80 to $130 depending on the number of household members. Also, the monthly salary of one person is about 3,380 dollars, which is quite enough to cover all the monthly expenses of one person. When we talk about the real estate market, the price of a medium-sized house is about 300,000 dollars, while the rental price is from 870 to 1,500 dollars. On the other hand, the cost of living in Ottawa is 18% higher than the national average. This information tells us that life in this small town is cheaper, more comfortable, and more accessible.

Beautiful natural surroundings in Arnprior

One of the pros of living in Arnprior is its beautiful natural environment and plenty of attractions. Here you can find many fun activities, both for children and the oldest members of your family. The main natural attractions of this city are the Madawaska and Ottawa Rivers, which will provide you with many opportunities for water sports activities. Also, if you love spending time in the nature, in Arnprior you can find Macnamara Field Naturalist Club and the Macnamara Trail. This trail has boardwalks that are ideal for all generations, as well as viewing platforms that allow visitors to explore it without disturbing its unique wild character.

family picnic in Arnprior
In Arnprior, you can find many beautiful places to organize family picnics.

There is also a footpath in the southeast corner of Arnprior, which is located at the junction of two streams in Bell Park. Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy the view of the Ottawa River, at McLean Beach. This beach is one of the favorite places for children to play. Also, picnics and other activities are often organized here. And another interesting thing is that many rivers and lakes offer various activities such as boating, fishing, and canoeing. Therefore, one of the main pros of this place will be having access to various activities in nature for all generations. Talking about activities, you might be thinking of bringing your research equipment to your new home in Arnprior. Untill you think of a place to put so that your equipment does not take up extra space in your home, there are storage facilities Ottawa. Storage facilities are the ideal place to store your belongings, with uniform and simple access at any time, and you might benefit from this solution!

Peaceful, quiet, and accessible neighborhoods

Many people are drawn to living in Arnprior because of its convenient location, range of family-friendly activities, and brand-new housing. Arnprior is also a welcoming community that offers a wide variety of real estate for all budgets, and is rapidly rising in population. You can choose from a wide variety of homes in Arnprior neighborhoods. Depending on that you need, you can move to detached, semi-detached, and multi-family homes, as well as townhouses and garden homes with a yard. There are also apartments, duplexes, and studios available, so you can find your drema home here in no time. You could already tell that the home market in Arnprior is highly favorable, which is yet another benefit of moving to this city. However, you should see it for yourself!

You’ll love rasing your family in Arnprior

If you are moving from Ottawa to Arnprior, you should consider the safety part. So, you should know that Ottawa is one of the safest cities in Canada. Compared to other cities, Ottawa has the lowest crime rate. In Ottawa, you’ll rarely encounter pickpockets in the streets, or deal with gangs and house robbers. However, if you’re moving from Ottawa to Arnprior, you shouldn’t worry about safety there either. Arnprior also has a low crime rate and you can live there peacefully, especially if you’re moving with kids.

Therefore, iIf you are planning to start a family soon, Arnprior is a perfect place to raise your children! In fact, the lifestyle in Arnprior is focused on families and children, which is one of the pros for all families thinking about moving here. This place has three primary schools and one secondary school, as well as many other amenities that you may need. Your children will really enjoy many of the activities this city offers for them, and most importantly of all, they will grow up in a healthy and safe environment.

Moving to Arnprior brings you many interesting things to do

Arnprior offers so many interesting things to do, for all generations. To sum it up, here are just some of the most popular amenities this city offers:

  • The Nick Smith Centre is Arnprior’s recreation hub. You can enjoy using two surfaces for ice skating, a pool, and a community lounge and boardroom. There are several programs for public swimming or skating that are regularly held at this facility.
  • Arnprior has a beautiful waterfront along the Madawaska and Ottawa rivers. Along those waterways, you can enjoy spending time at two beaches, which make part of Robert Simpson Park and Mclean Park.
  • There are several parks you can enjoy after you move from Ottawa to Arnprior. One of them is Robert Simpson Park. It has a splash pad, an open play area, and picnic tables.
  • Visit Arnprior Market. It takes place on Sundays in John Street in the center of Arnprior during the summer. Here you can buy everything from vegetables, fruits, and fresh products to various interesting items that can be a great gift.
  • The White Pine Festival is a three-day event that takes place across Arnprior. It’s certainly an event not to be missed. Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy music, eat delicious food, or try your hand at a mountain dance competition, But that’s not the end of fun things to do, as you can also watch movies in the park!
local market place in Arnprior
The local marketplace is one of the most visited places in Arnprior.

Arnprior has a lot of fun things to offer you. Here, life is never boring, and your free time will be well spent. And this is one of the biggest pros of living in Arnprior.

The cons of moving from Ottawa to Arnprior

By now you’ve seen some of the benefits of moving to Arnprior. When we talk about cons, we will immediately tell you that there aren’t many of them. For life in a small town like Arnprior, it can be said that it is almost perfect if we exclude a couple of cons that we will single out. Based on the reviews that people have left on various forums, many people have stated that property taxes are very high. Most people decide to buy homes that cost up $300,000 in order to save money and pay less tax.

Harsh driving conditions in winter and a small community

The next thing that we can single out as one of the cons of living in Arnprior is the road. If you work in Kanata, your journey to work will be easy. But if you travel to Ottawa or somewhere further in the winter, you may expect to find some problems on the road. Driving around Arnprior in the winter months is very difficult, however, it’s not unique problem for this city. In fact, there are places in Canada that are completely closed for a few days during the winter.

Road between Ottawa and Arnprior
During the winter months, some roads around Arnprior can get very dangerous. So, if you drive, be careful!

Moreover, if you are used to crowds and lots of people around you, the fact that Arnprior has a small community might be a downside of moving there. You will encounter fewer people here than in Ottawa. That being said, while moving to Arnprior has its pros, don’t forget that living in a big city like Ottawa has its advantages as well. That is why it’s very important to look at all the pros and cons and make a smart decision. After that, you can find packing supplies Ottawa, and start your moving preparations.

Why you may decide to stay in Ottawa

The city of Ottawa is so close to nature. Moreover, it offers a big network of bike paths. Also, it has trails for hiking, lakes, and rivers. That means that if you stay to live in Ottawa, you can have a very active and healthy lifestyle. Not that Arnprior doesn’t have this possibility, but Ottawa can sometimes offer more in this segment of life. Also, you can leave work and go biking on trails by the banks of the Ottawa river in 30 minutes. Or you can enjoy hiking the amazing hills in Gatineau Park. This kind of lifestyle contributes to less stress.

family moved to Arnprior from Ottawa
In Arnprior, you will find peaceful and quiet neighborhoods ideal for family life. However, Ottawa might offer your family more possibilities in the long term.

Also, the economy is more stable in Ottawa than in any other place. That is because Ottawa is a government town and a capital. It’s good knowing that the unemployment rate is lower in Ottawa than in Toronto and Montreal. Moreover, the real estate market is never stalled. The freehold house price in Ottawa is constantly increasing, and that points out the stability of the real estate market. So, think about whether you really want to leave Ottawa.

What did you decide?

After knowing all the pros and cons of moving from Ottawa to Arnprior, take the time to compare your needs and wants with what this small town has to offer. There are many things to consider before making the best decision for you and your family. Also, it is very important that you think about the needs of your family. Whichever option you choose, you won’t go wrong as both of these cities have so much to offer. Even if you decide to stay in Ottawa, you are not wrong. But what you should focus on is your priorities in order to choose the best city for you. Whatever you decide, know that small movers Ottawa is at your disposal. Good luck in your next life chapter.

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