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When you’re planning a move, renting packing supplies from a moving company can be a smart choice. These supplies, like sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, and furniture covers, are crucial for protecting your items. After all, good quality packing materials guard against damage during transportation. By renting, you save money because you’re not buying these items outright. Also, you don’t have to worry about what to do with them after the move. Many moving companies, including movers in Ottawa area, offer supplies that fit different needs, whether you’re moving delicate glassware or bulky furniture. This option also ensures you get the right supplies for each item, from small book boxes to larger wardrobe boxes. To help you out, this guide will give you an idea about packing supplies you should rent from a moving company.

Moving boxes are essential part of your relocation

Renting moving boxes from a moving company offers several benefits over buying new ones. These boxes are usually more durable because they are designed to withstand multiple moves. It makes them a safer choice for your belongings, especially for heavy or fragile items. In addition, it is more eco-friendly to rent or buy moving supplies. It reduces waste since the boxes get reused many times, cutting down on cardboard consumption and disposal. Cost-wise, renting can be cheaper than buying. You pay only for the boxes you use during the move, and there are no extra costs for disposal or storage afterward. Plus, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of breaking down and recycling heaps of used cardboard.

a man holding cardboard boxes in front of a pile of cardboard boxes
Before you start preparing for relocation, discover packing supplies you should rent from a moving company

Wardrobe boxes are those packing supplies you should rent from a moving company

It can be incredibly convenient to rent wardrobe boxes for your move. especially when you need to transport clothing, suits, and delicate garments. These specialized boxes come with a metal hanging bar at the top, allowing you to transfer your items directly from your closet to the box without folding. It saves you time and effort while keeping your clothes in ready-to-wear condition. By avoiding folding, you also reduce the risk of creases or damage to your garments.

Furniture padding, blankets, and mattress covers

Using furniture padding and blankets during a move is crucial for protecting your valuable furniture pieces from scratches, dents, and other damage. These protective materials wrap around your furniture, providing a cushioned barrier that absorbs shocks and prevents harm during transit. Whether you have a cherished dresser or a delicate table, padding, and blankets keep them secure and looking good as new. Similarly, mattress covers are essential for keeping your mattresses and box springs clean and intact while moving or in storage. These covers which you can find among packing supplies Ottawa, shield against dirt, moisture, and potential tears. They are especially useful in preventing stains or water damage, which can be costly to clean or might permanently ruin your mattress.

a man and a woman holding bubble wrap tube for packing
Bubble wrap will certainly add extra layers of protection to your items

Bubble wrap and packing paper are also packing supplies you should rent from a moving company

Bubble wrap and packing paper are invaluable tools for protecting fragile items during a move. Wrap your glassware, dishes, electronics, and artwork with these materials to cushion them against bumps and knocks. Bubble wrap provides a protective bubble barrier that absorbs shock while packing paper fills gaps in boxes to prevent items from shifting. In addition, high-quality packing tape and dispensers are also essential when preparing for a move. These tools help you securely seal your moving boxes to prevent them from opening during transit. A good tape dispenser makes the job quicker and easier, ensuring each box is taped uniformly and strongly. This is crucial to avoid accidents where boxes might burst open, spilling contents and causing damage or loss.

Dolly and moving straps ease your relocation

Renting a dolly or hand truck can make moving heavy items like appliances, furniture, and boxes much easier and safer. These tools allow you to transport bulky items without straining your back, reducing the risk of injury significantly. A dolly or hand truck is a necessary part of the equipment that packing services Ottawa use on an everyday basis. Moving straps and tie-downs are also critical for ensuring the safety of your items during transit. They help secure bulky items to the moving truck, preventing them from shifting or tipping over as you drive. This is especially important for items that are prone to damage if they move around, like refrigerators and sofas.

Labels and markers are a must-have for packing equipment

Using labels and markers when packing for a move is essential for staying organized and making the unpacking process smoother. Clearly marking each box with its contents and which room it belongs in helps you and your movers know where every box should go in your new home. This simple step saves a lot of time and confusion when you arrive at your destination, allowing you to unpack more efficiently. For instance, you can quickly identify boxes containing kitchen items or bedding and prioritize their unpacking according to your immediate needs. Using markers to label boxes also helps in locating essential items quickly without having to open and rummage through every box.

a woman sitting on the couch and reading on a cell phone about packing supplies you should rent from a moving company
Find out which packing supplies you should use for delicate items

Specialty packing supplies you should rent from a moving company

When moving delicate or oversized items, specialty packing supplies are a must-have to ensure their safety. Items like dish packs, mirror boxes, and TV boxes are designed specifically for transporting fragile items securely. Dish packs have sturdy, reinforced walls that provide extra protection for glassware, ceramics, and other breakables. Mirror boxes are tailored to fit various sizes of mirrors and framed artwork, shielding them from cracks and scratches. Similarly, TV boxes accommodate different television sizes.  As a result, they offer a cushioned embrace during the move.

Renting packing supplies from a moving company is a practical choice for anyone planning a move. From sturdy boxes to specialized containers for fragile items, these supplies ensure that your belongings are well-protected during transit. Whether it’s bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes, or furniture pads, having the right tools can significantly reduce the stress of moving. Additionally, renting these items can be more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than purchasing them. Make your next move smoother and more organized by choosing to rent the essential packing supplies you need from a reliable moving company.


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