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Moving on its own is quite an anxiety-ridden process that can get only more stressful when you are moving to a different climate. However, that doesn’t need to be the case. Thoroughly preparing in advance, getting to know your new surroundings, and getting professional moving help Ottawa, are essential if you want to make your move as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. We have gathered a few important pieces of advice to help you enjoy the perks and advantages only the northern climate can provide.

Always do some groundwork and research

Whenever you are traveling to another place that has a different climate than your hometown, always think in advance. It’s easy just to shrug and say that a place is either ‘hot’ or ‘cold’, but in reality, weather patterns can be poles apart even in the same country. Moving to a place with a different climate should be taken seriously. So, while you’re scouring the internet in the search of reliable movers, try googling whether the place you are moving to has unusually humid or dry air. You should also expect the heating bills to be much higher when moving to northern parts of the country, and not to mention that you should acquire, or at least rent snow-removing equipment.

Deal with your wardrobe

Travel as light as you can! Doing that will lower the moving cost by a lot. It will also make the whole process of moving to a different climate much simpler. There is no need to pack your whole wardrobe and carry it with you. Most of the clothes, like sandals and shorts, won’t see much use when you’re living up in the North. We recommend that you have a long discussion with yourself and decide what to carry with you, what to discard and what to donate or sell. Of course, many of your belongings have a certain sentimental worth and are impossible to throw away. Worry not! Contact your movers and discuss some storage solutions Ottawa to keep your valuables safe and sound.

Woman and child holding clothes together
Decide which clothes to carry and which to donate

Don’t forget the essentials for moving to a different climate

When you are packing the items that you intend on bringing with you, having a box of essentials always at your hand’s reach is a great idea. Some of the contents should be:

  • A suitable set of clothes – Don’t forget that you are moving to a different climate. If you are moving to a colder region, pay attention to the style and fabric of your clothing. Tighter jeans and thicker shirts are better at keeping you warm.
  • A spare set of clothes
  • Toothbrushes
  • Hammers and Screwdriver – You never know when you’ll need them!
  • Medicines
  • First-aid kit

There are some of the most important items you should always have with you when moving. Also, don’t forget to bring enough food and water. Moving is a tiresome job, even with the help of Ottawa relocation services.

Shopping in a new area is a great way to find appropriate outfits

Many think that winter clothes, no matter where you buy them, are the same. This, unfortunately, is wrong. The fabrics and materials of the clothes usually worn in warmer regions are much different than the clothes in colder ones. Trousers, jeans, and other pants in warmer places are commonly made of lighter and ‘breathable’ material, which will make it harder to keep yourself warm. A great way to find appropriate clothes for colder regions is to do your shopping at your new destination. Clothes there are made to be worn in that place’s climate, meaning that the fabrics are suitable for the climate. Jackets are purposefully thicker and boots come lined and ready to keep your toes warm.

Hanged jackets in a shop
Shop locally to find suitable clothes for a different climate

Take care of yourself during and after moving to a different climate

Many people are preoccupied with the process of moving that they’ll sometimes neglect their own well-being. Always pay attention to your safety when relocating to a different climate. If you are traveling to a hotter region, get enough sunblock to protect yourself from a heat stroke. If you are moving to a colder climate,  put on appropriate outerwear to evade hypothermia. Always have a pair of gloves on, especially if you are moving the boxes yourself. However, we recommend that you let affordable movers Ottawa do the majority of the work. The last thing you need is frostbites. The majority of people who move to a different climate, whether it is a colder or a warmer one, are susceptible to viruses, bacteria, and other germs. Keep your exposure to cold weather at a minimum for the first few weeks so you don’t get sick.

A girl sneezing in cold climate
Reduce exposure to cold weather to prevent colds

Acclimate by being up and about

We know that it’s super easy and tempting to binge-watch your favorite show under a pile of blankets upon arriving in your new home. However, the best way to get used to the new climate, or to acclimate, is to force yourself to go out. Having a daily walk will help you to get familiar with your new neighborhood and it will help you to get rid of stress. The faster you get acclimated to a new climate, the faster you will be able to fully enjoy your new home. In time, uncomfortable weather occasions will turn into slight annoyances, and then into everyday events. However, just to be safe, we recommend dressing in layers. You should also carry lip balms and hydration lotions to keep your skin healthy and moisturized.

Moving is never an easy process, especially when you are moving to a different climate and surroundings. However, with careful planning and help from reliable movers, you’ll get used to your new neighborhood in no time. We hope our tips and tricks on moving to a different climate have helped you make your move an enjoyable process.

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