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Are you planning on moving to Ottawa for work? Or are you simply looking for a change in your environment? No matter the reason, you might be wondering about life in Ottawa. You might also be wondering whether it would be hard to find a new job in Ottawa quickly. If you are concerned about the job market in the capital city of Canada, then we can help you ease some of your worries. Still, we should point out that each situation is unique and your job hunt could depend on many factors. We all differ when it comes to education, age, and past work experience. However, there are some general points we can make regarding how difficult it is to find a job after moving to Ottawa. Read on for the best moving help Ottawa can offer.

Where can you find a job after moving to Ottawa?

Moving to a new place brings about many changes. And, getting a new job is just one of them. If you are moving to Ottawa without getting a new job beforehand, you are probably feeling anxious. Still, you may have guessed that the capital is always in need of capable office and government workers. Being the power center of Canada, Ottawa employs many people in the public sector. Also, the private sector is strong, and you could choose from different positions in different industries as well. When moving to Ottawa, consider hiring some of the best Ottawa relocation services to assist you with the relocation.

Ottawa Parliament
There are many jobs in the public sector in Ottawa

Jobs in the public sector

Ottawa is Canada’s seat of power and administration. So, the government is the biggest employer in the city. If you are a Canadian citizen, you may be able to secure a government job should you have the right skills for the position. Also, there are different public institutions and national organizations that could be hiring. This means you should be on the lookout if you would like a career in the public sector. Still, we should point out that migrants from abroad could have a hard time landing a government job. The reason is that Canadian citizens are given preference when it comes to government jobs.

Finding a job in the private sector after moving to Ottawa

Ottawa is a melting pot of different cultures and nations. Naturally, this is reflected in the job market. The private sector of the metropolis offers positions in different industries, from hospitality to the IT industry. The city’s business and technology sectors are on the rise. This means that new positions are created daily. Also, different privately-owned companies are located in Ottawa. You can choose to work for different businesses, from small startups to large corporations. Depending on your skills and experience, you could be able to land a high-paying job in a growing company. So, hire the best long distance movers Ontario has to offer and start planning your relocation!

How easy can you find a job after moving to Ottawa?

As we have said, the city offers plenty of opportunities. However, your ability to seize them depends entirely on you. When looking for a job, start by looking online. Check the online portals and websites where employers publish job postings. In addition, social networks may prove to be very useful when looking for a job. Include them in your search, especially networks such as Linkedin. Canada also has great services for foreigners coming to live and work here. There are different organizations working to help people overcome obstacles to getting a job.

Woman checking computer to find a job after moving to Ottawa
Check online websites to find a job after moving to Ottawa

What else should you know about moving to Ottawa?

Living in Ottawa has some great advantages. First of all, it was rated the 19th out of 20 Greatest Cities to live in worldwide by The Telegraph. What is more, it is affordable, especially when compared to Toronto or Vancouver. Many people own their home, while others rent. Also, it is quite easy to get around Ottawa, so you do not need to have a car. The public transport system in Ottawa is actually very good, with a punctual bus system and a light rail system transporting people around the city. There are also plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafes in Ottawa, so you will have lots to explore after you move here.

In addition, Ottawa is a great city for families and young professionals alike. There are different neighborhoods to choose from, from urban downtown areas to planned suburban communities. Depending on your preference and lifestyle, you can choose from the best neighborhoods in Ottawa – Kanata, The Glebe, or Orléans. These neighborhoods are excellent for families with children too, as they have great school systems. Once you have selected your future neighborhood and home, it is time to settle in. If you are moving your entire old home, you might want to consider renting some storage space while you settle in. There are excellent storage solutions Ottawa has to offer to assist you during the transitional period.

Work culture in Ottawa

As you have probably guessed, the work culture tends to be bureaucratic in Ottawa since the city is the seat of power for the nation of Canada. However, this does not necessarily hold true for all industries and sectors. The private sector tends to have a more relaxed atmosphere, but employees are still expected to work hard. Once you find a job after moving to Ottawa, make sure to check the expectations and work culture at your new office. This way, you will avoid any surprises on your first day.

People working in office
The work culture in Ottawa depends on the company

As we have seen, it should not be that hard for you to find a job after moving to Ottawa. Still, each situation is different, and you should always take into account your unique skills when looking for a new job. Nonetheless, the city is prosperous and offers plenty of opportunities. So, start planning your move to Ottawa and start looking for a new job before the move.

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