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You made your decision about moving and now it’s time to tell your friends and family. The excitement that comes from inside you doesn’t need to hurt their feelings. They will definitely deal with sadness or maybe a lot of different emotions. It’s never easy to say it, but here are some tips to tell your friends that you are moving without hurting their feelings while doing it. This will make it easier for you, too. After you organized your move, let’s see how you can inform your loved ones about your decision.

Don’t tell your friends that you are moving until 100% sure

Don’t say anything until you are 100% sure that you are moving. Even if it’s because of a loved one or because of a job, the last-minute changes can be the reason you are not moving after all. Dealing with such strong emotions can be tricky. Once you tell them you changed your mind might do more harm than the actual move. They need to get used to the idea of you moving away and leaving them behind.

three men sitting and thinking about how to tell your friends that you are moving
Tell your friends that you are moving only when you are sure you are doing it.

Furthermore, keeping your move a secret isn’t a good idea neither. Tell your friends that you are moving as soon as possible. Share your plans with your friends in advance and they might even help you with moving or choosing great professional movers. For example, there is a huge discount moving Ottawa needed and they can easily find it online while you are busy with packing.

Share the news face-to-face

We live in an online era, but telling your friends or family such a big thing is always better to do in person. You will have a better look at their reaction. Therefore, you can probably transform or adapt your story. The right approach to your loved one is needed in this case. Show them respect as you are about to tell any important news because your leave is maybe harder for them than you can think. After you tell your closest friends that you are moving, you can tell everybody else and here is how to break the news about your move. Always be mindful of a dear person’s feelings first. Only after that, you will be ready for telling about your move to everyone else.

Choose a good place to meet up

It’s a delicate thing to surprise people in public. Spilling the news about your move is better in a private place. This is really important if a person is very emotional and can be easily upset. If you choose a private place, there won’t be any curious faces staring at their reaction.

two girls sitting on a bed with a dog
A private place can help your loved one deal with the news about your move.

The person you are telling the news can be very special. Choose a place they really enjoy and spend a lot of time together. For a group of friends, a small and local cafe might be a great choice.

Throw a party to tell all your friends about your move

When the time comes, you can find a day in your calendar to throw a party to tell your friends that you are moving. That can be a goodbye party at a restaurant, some bar or your house. Invite all of your friends, family, or coworkers. Don’t be afraid of additional energy that will cost you. The feeling you will have afterward is something you will never forget. And neither will they. Only then you are completely ready for the last-minute moving checklist. Another tip: be sure to buy some paper plates and cups to easily clean everything after.

Ask your friends for help

This can be very important. Make your friends feel special. Spend a lot of time together until your actual moving day. You have a lot on your plate, so ask them to be helpful by wrapping china or browsing online solutions for you. Also, if you need some extra storage during the move, the storage units Ottawa offers can make your move a lot easier. Pick your friend up and pack those boxes tightly to be ready for the ride.

friends browsing online and smiling
When asking for friends’ help during the move, they will feel special for you spending all of your time with them.

If someone close to you has a car, ask them for a ride and additional help. That way you can chat a bit more, even if it’s about Professional Movers Ottawa – catching up is always needed and you could miss this a lot in the near future.

Don’t forget to contact your friends

It doesn’t matter if you are moving close or far away. Your loved ones know they won’t see you as often. Even if you are moving from Ottawa to Toronto, give the promise to keep in touch:

  • Video chatting – as long as you have a good internet connection, it should be easy to video chat with your friends. Call them occasionally and they will be sure you won’t forget them.
  • Social media presence – we all know this is a lot of fun. They can meet with your new surroundings and feel connected almost on a daily basis.
  • E-mails – it’s not a good idea to tell your friends that you are moving using e-mail. But this is a great option to keep in touch and write modern letters.
  • Letters and postcards – someone really special should still receive holiday postcards. You can easily design a personal one using online tools.
  • A simple phone call or a text message – it’s okay to just ask “How are you these days” and that little chat will make the day for both of you.

It’s never easy to tell your friends that you are moving. Hurting their feelings is never an option so we hope we helped with some tips. Care for your closest friends and ensure to maintain a good relationship even if you live far away from each other.

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