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People are using storage facility services all the time. It can be quite a lucrative way of gaining a lot of space to store all kinds of belongings. But sometimes, storage units Ottawa are used for more serious items. Some people use them as a workshop, an extension to their garage, or to support their business. And if you want to store office supplies in Ottawa, you can’t do it without a proper storage unit. Therefore, let us help you find one and ensure your items are safe.

Where to find a good storage unit?

The best place to find a good storage unit is with one of the moving and storage Ottawa companies. But not all companies are equal despite the fact they are representing themselves in a good light. Some are overpriced, others are poorly handling your belongings, and some are flat-out fraudulent. So, to avoid ending up with such a scenario, you must do your research. Go on the internet and browse a bit through the moving and storing industry.

a storage unit where you can store office supplies in Ottawa
Find a good storage unit provider and ensure your items are safe with them.

You will soon realize they are tied to each other and it does not matter if you rent your unit from a moving company or a storage unit provider. As long as your unit meets your criteria, you’ll be fine. The goal is to find one in a good location, with security, and to be affordable. Also, you can add any perks you wish your unit to have. It might prolong your search but if you want to store office supplies in Ottawa and ensure they stay intact, you should roll up your sleeves and start browsing.

Work on your relocation plan

Once you find your unit, you must assemble a relocation plan. You should figure out who will transport your items, how to do it safely, and how many items you possess in the first place. Hence, start assembling an inventory list and note down all your office supplies. There will surely be enough boxes with papers and documents, along with valuable office equipment. If you intend on transporting electronics and IT equipment, then you’ll need a trustworthy moving company to handle this part. And you should rent a climate-controlled storage unit as well to keep the environment in check. There is no place for mold, moisture, dust, or high temperatures inside your unit while you have office supplies inside.

So, put it all on paper and start clearing all moving-related tasks one by one. Start with the moving company, a budget, moving date, legalities, packing materials, etc. Eventually, you’ll have it all noted down and you should use it as a guide and a reminder.

Utilize moving services

Now when you have your plan ready, you should consider if you need any moving services Ottawa. Someone will have to transport everything to the unit but there are other services that can be useful to you. For example, your movers can bring all the packing materials, pack, transport, and unload inside your unit. If you need unpacking, assembling, and disassembling services, movers offer those as well. Now, depending on your situation, you will decide if you need any of it. But you must know that the full service is there, in case you might need it.

two movers and a truck
Rent your storage unit from the local moving company and check their other moving services as well.

Gather packing materials required to store office supplies in Ottawa

To store office supplies in Ottawa safely, you will need a few mandatory packing materials. We will begin with the moving boxes Ottawa that are the absolute kings of every relocation. Then, you must purchase blister packs, adhesive tape, and labels. And even those are just the mandatory ones, you still can invest in better-quality packing materials. Those are the following:

  • Customized boxes
  • Plastic bins
  • Packing peanuts
  • Styrofoam
  • Corner pads

There are many more but these few will be enough for you to pack and store everything nicely. You can obtain everything at the nearest store, to purchase online, or from your moving company. If you want to find cheaper boxes or even free ones, you should check out social media groups or Craig’s list. Although, we recommend stashing office equipment in new boxes.

Pack for the occasion

The way you pack is important because your items will sit inside the unit for a while. So, you should begin with the moving boxes. Assemble them and use higher-quality packing tape to keep them all together. Then, place bubble wrap inside the box to make a nice cushion. Cradle your items inside and once your box is full, close it and apply the label. For fragile and delicate items, you should wrap each piece individually and pack them separately. Sort your items into categories and pack them accordingly. As for the office equipment, you can pack smaller items but wrapping them into stretch foil and blister pack should be enough.

a man covered in boxes
You can pack by yourself or let your movers assist you. Entirely your choice.

Later on, cover the whole batch with a sheet or a tarp and you are good to go. Although, no matter how good you pack your items, they might still get damaged in the transport. You might not notice it at first but remember you can make claims against your movers within 90 days. Or if you have moving insurance, then everything will be much easier. Hopefully, it won’t come to that. But you should check your items upon the delivery and before placing them inside the unit. Just to be sure.

Store office supplies in Ottawa with a helping hand

If you are moving a business, remember that your coworkers can help a lot. Engage them when packing, moving, and storing office supplies. Spread tasks among each other and cover everything much faster. Besides, you are in this together so it would be nice of them to help out. Although, do not enforce this on them, simply ask if there are any volunteers and hopefully someone will respond.

And now you are ready to store office supplies in Ottawa. As long as you find a good storage unit to keep your items safe, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Be sure to find a reliable storage unit provider and make sure all safety standards and regulations are in place. Good luck and stay safe.

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