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Moving represents a new beginning, just like a new calendar year. So, holidays can be ideal time to move to a place where you always wanted to live! Contrary to what you may think, moving during the holidays doesn’t always have to be a stressful experience. In fact, there are many ways to enjoy holidays while moving from Kanata to Barrhaven. Meanwhile, don’t worry about the fact that moves during the holidays are usually sudden. Some of the best movers Ottawa will be at your service, and they can handle any situation, regardless of the time, distance, or weather conditions!

What can you do in order to enjoy the holidays while moving from Kanata to Barrhaven?

Moving during the holidays can be a really stressful experience. However, don’t look at it negatively. because this is the ideal moment for a new beginning in your life. However, keep in mind that during the holidays, the weather across Canada isn’t exactly ideal. You can often encounter big snow storms, a lot of snow, and low temperatures, which can further delay your moving and annoy you. But the key to a successful move during the winter is nothing else but a good plan. That’s why Kanata movers can reveal to you a few tricks on how to have a successful move during the winter and at the same time enjoy the holidays with your family.

  • Dedicate the whole month to your move
  • Find the right moving company
  • Create a detailed relocation plan
  • Make a plan B
  • Start packing early
  • Organize a family gathering outside the home
  • Buy gifts early
New Year sprinklers
With every step well planned, your move during the holidays will be an unforgettable experience!

Getting professional help from movers Barrhaven during moving in the winter months will be of great importance to you. It’s even more so if you’re facing moving for the first time. Also, professionals will know how to deal with all the bad weather in Canada.

Why do you need to dedicate a whole month to your move?

Most people are quite busy during December and January, as there are so many things to do and lots of tasks to finish. Also, plenty of people think exclusively about the holidays during these months. This means that you will have little time at your disposal to plan moving properly. When it comes to moving from Kanata to Barrhaven, it’s good to know that there is a distance of only 20 kilometers between these cities. Therefore, the distance of this move doesn’t really represent a big challenge, and you can easily move in few hours.

Content planner
Take as much time as you think you need to combine the moving business with spending time with family and friends.

However, the situation will be completely different if the weather conditions aren’t on your side when the moving day comes. Then you can really get stuck and move slower, so it’s always advisable to start moving preparations earlier. Ideally, you’ll need to begin your holiday moving preparations few months in advance, but even 2-4 weeks in advance might be enough. That way, when the holidays come, you have more free time to enjoy yourself with your family and friends. Also, keep in mind that it will take some time for you to find the right moving company and get an offer. Make sure you allow enough time when it comes to packing because it’s one of the most demanding tasks during a move.

How to find the right moving company for your move from Kanata to Barrhaven?

Finding a moving company isn’t such a difficult task in normal occasions. But if you are looking for it at the last moment before your move, then it can be. And when you consider the fact you’re moving during the holidays, you’ll see why you need to hurry up with your search. In fact, start looking for a moving company right after you make the decision to move. Find several companies that meet the requirements and needs of your move. Then, make sure to ask for free moving quotes and choose the option that seems most favorable and safest to you. Reliable companies offering Ottawa relocation services will make the whole process easier for you. Professional movers will take care of your move and provide you with trouble-free movement during the holidays. But at the same time, you will have enough time to have fun and enjoy the holidays.

Make a detailed plan for your holidays moving

Planning is one of the most important parts of successful parts of any move. Of course, move from Kanata to Barrhaven is no different. Having a good moving plan will help you to follow the course of the move. That way, you can be sure that you have completed all the important tasks. Of course, planning begins after you hire the right moving company. In fact, you can even ask your movers to help you with this. Meanwhile, make sure to devote some time to each task on your moving list equally. To sum it up, you need to make a detailed plan, which means that you need to plan the packing process, get the packaging, and organize your transportation and transportation of your belongings. In addition, you need to plan other obligations such as those small administrative tasks, change of address, collection of documentation, etc. To be on the safe side, the best option is to make a to-do list from moving to Barrhaven during the holidays.

Couple moving to Barrhaven during holidays
A moving plan will help you to be organized and avoid all challenges during your holiday move.

Having a moving plan doesn’t guarantee that everything will go as you imagined or planned. That’s why it’s always important to have a backup solution, or plan “B”, just like residential movers Ottawa advise you to do. When it comes to last-minute moves, sudden moves, or moves during difficult weather conditions, there can always be a mistake, a sudden situation, or some unexpected problem. As a result, you must consider “what if…” scenarios. That way, you will be ready to face all the challenges that come your way. So, make a backup plan as well. This can include spare packaging, a friend’s help if needed, as well as extra money.

When to start with packing?

Even though the drive from Kanata to Barrhaven takes about 22 minutes, don’t wait until the last minute to start packing. And even if you only carry a suitcase with personal belongings and clothes, Know that even in that case, you must be ready on time, at least 2 days before the final day of your move. If you plan to move all your personal belongings as well as the house inventory, then remember that you are moving during the holidays. We advise you to leave the living room and kitchen until the end so that you can enjoy yourself during the holiday.

Girl packing her suitcase for holiday moving from Kanata
Start packing at least 2 weeks in advance, and leave your personal belongings for last.

First, start packing things that you won’t need during your last days in your home. Separate the things that you will use during the holidays, and you can put away what you have packed in storage units Ottawa. Your stuff will stay there until you want it back. Also, separate the personal things that you will need during the holidays, like festive clothes, make up, and special shoes. And of course, it would be ideal if you packed earlier. Thus, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the holidays with your friends and family.

Organize a family gathering outside the home and enjoy holidays when moving

While your furniture movers Ottawa can take care of packing your bulky furniture, storing it, and transporting it to the new location, you can focus on other things. But what can you do if you have decided to pack up and prepare your entire home for the move? Then you have no choice but to organize a holiday gathering outside your home. This can be an ideal option because you will spare yourself the trouble of tidying up, cooking, and decorating your home for the holidays. If you are still in Kanata, think about potential locations for your holiday party.

Holiday dinner before moving to Barrhaven
Festive gatherings in a restaurant can be an ideal opportunity to say goodbye to your friends, but also to create unforgettable moments together.

Based on Tripadvisor recommendations, we have identified several excellent restaurants that can serve as excellent locations for your traditional holiday gathering. Among them is the Aperitivo restaurant, which offers Mediterranean cuisine and a large selection of wines, and then there is Amuse Kitchen & Wine, which offers Italian and French cuisine. We also highlight The Crazy Horse Stonegrill Steakhouse & Saloon, where you can enjoy classic American food, as well as the Baton Rouge Grillhouse & Bar, which offers excellent cocktails. The choice is yours!

In all that moving rush, don’t forget to exchange the gifts!

During your move, a million obligations await you. But you mustn’t forget to buy gifts for your loved ones. That’s why we’re going to make it easy for you by introducing you to a few great places to shop that has singled out. Among them are March Meadow, Heart and Soul Cafe, Heart of the Valley Gifts, Bella Women’s Consignment Boutique, Copper Alley Gift Boutique, and many others. Also, while you are busy packing the gifts, packing services Ottawa will take care of packing things in your home. What you need to do is sort your things and show the movers what they need to pack. And everything else is up to them, and you are free and can devote yourself to gifts!

Prepare to spend your holidays in Barrhaven

Barrhaven is one of the best neighborhoods for families with children. It’s a safe and quiet neighborhood that is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Also, this place offers you a lot of entertainment and other opportunities, especially during this time of the year. That being said, many fun things to do for you and your kids await you in the Barrhaven area during the holidays. On January 14, the Ottawa Festival Of Carols is held, and also on the same day is the Lego® Block Party—Stittsville Branch. These events can be really interesting for your children. So hurry up with moving and get ready to have fun!

Stick to the plan and enjoy the holidays while moving from Kanata to Barrhaven!

So, in order to have the opportunity to fully enjoy the holidays while moving from Kanata to Barrhaven, you must stick to your moving plan. This means that you need to dedicate yourself as much as possible to planning your succession and organizing your time. Also, deal with all that packing before the expected deadline, and you will have nothing to worry about.

Cases with champagne for enjoying in holidays while moving from Kanata to Barrhaven
Leave this work to the professionals and toast to a new beginning for you!

If you decide to have Professional Movers Ottawa by your side, you will have the opportunity to enjoy yourself with your friends and family during the holidays. Professionals will perform all the tasks that await you and enable you to have a successful move. And all that regardless of the weather conditions as well as the fact that the holidays are in progress. So, we remind you once again to make a plan, stick to it, and make sure you enjoy the holidays while moving from Kanata to Barrhaven. Good luck!

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