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Looking for the perfect way to spend Halloween in Ottawa? The Canadian capital city comes alive with spooky charm as the leaves change colour and the air takes on a different feel. Ottawa offers an array of Halloween activities and events that cater to all ages and interests. From haunted tours to family-friendly festivals, there’s something for everyone in this lively city. Whether you’re a longtime resident or have recently relocated to Ottawa, perhaps with the help of reliable movers and packers Ottawa citizens suggest, Halloween here is an experience like no other. So, let’s explore the exciting opportunities that Halloween in Ottawa offers and discover how to make the most of this fascinating season in the heart of Canada.

Enjoy the haunted walks of Ottawa

Exploring the haunted walks of Ottawa is a fun way to learn about the city’s spooky stories. In these walks, guides take you around and tell you old tales of the city. Therefore, this is a good way to enjoy the Halloween season. If you are moving to Ottawa, you might want to try these walks. And don’t worry about the move. With the help of affordable movers Ottawa has to offer, moving will be easy and not scary at all. So, once you are settled, you can enjoy the haunted walks and learn some scary stories of Ottawa. Among them are places like the Bytown Museum, the Fairmont Château Laurier Hotel, and more. With all in mind, this can be a great introduction to the city if you love this part of the year.

Two people dressed up as ghosts
Spend Halloween in Ottawa by checking out haunted tours around the city

Explore virtual haunting experiences

A great way to enjoy spooky stories is from the comfort of your home. If you prefer staying indoors, these online events are perfect. You can listen to ghost stories and even try to talk to ghosts in a fun online game. This can be an exciting thing to try after moving to a new place. By using moving services Ottawa has to offer, your move to the city will be easy. Once you are settled in, you can enjoy these virtual ghostly adventures. It’s a fun way to celebrate Halloween, especially if you like spooky stories but prefer to stay indoors.

Pumpkin Fest at Proulx Maple & Berry Farm

Pumpkin Fest at Proulx Maple & Berry Farm is a wonderful place to spend Halloween in Ottawa. The farm becomes a big playground with many fun things to do during the day. You can find your way through mazes, take wagon rides, and enjoy the beautiful autumn weather. If you’re planning your move to Ottawa during this season, don’t let the moving stress take away the fun. With the help of residential movers Ottawa locals rely on, your move will be worry-free, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the festivities. At night, the farm changes into a spooky place. It’s an experience full of surprises that will surely give you a good scare. It’s a mix of fun and fright, making Halloween in Ottawa a unique experience.

A jack-o'-lantern isa sight you'll often see when you spend Halloween in Ottawa
Take some time to visit the Pumpkin Fest

Haunting Season and FrightFest at Saunders Farm

Haunting Season at Saunders Farm is an event that offers fun and scares for both kids and adults. During the day, the farm is known for friendly activities like hayrides and mazes. However, as the night comes, Fright Fest begins with scarier activities. It’s a time for older kids and adults to have some spooky fun. If you are planning on moving from Ottawa to Toronto around Halloween, don’t let the move miss out on the fun at Saunders Farm. Plan a visit before you move, and enjoy a day or night at the farm. It’s a unique way to celebrate Halloween, with lots of different activities to choose from!

The Sawmill at Lansdowne

The Sawmill at Lansdowne is a thrilling Halloween event that takes you on a spooky adventure near the historic Aberdeen Pavilion. It’s a story about a lost colony of millworkers from Ottawa’s early days, brought to life with live actors and scary technology. The event is created by the experts from Saunders Farm, who know how to give you a good scare. As you walk around, you’ll learn about the mysterious stories of the old millworkers. It’s not for young children, but older kids and adults will find it exciting and spooky. The Sawmill combines history and Halloween frights, making it a unique event to enjoy during the Halloween season in Ottawa.

A person wearing a red hoody and a spooky maks
Some events in Ottawa are scarier than others

Spend Halloween in Ottawa by exploring escape rooms

Do you like solving puzzles and spooky mysteries? Then, escape rooms in Downtown Ottawa offer an exciting challenge for you. In these rooms, you and your friends will work together to find clues and solve challenges to escape the room before time runs out. Each room has a different story or theme, which makes it more interesting. For example, you might be solving a mystery in a haunted house or finding hidden treasure on a pirate ship. It’s a fun way to test your thinking skills and have a good time with friends. After all, escape rooms are a perfect choice for a different and fun adventure in Ottawa, providing both laughter and a test for your mind in a playful and mysterious setting. Here are some we would suggest, such as:

  • Escape Manor
  • Mystery Motel Escape Room
  • Jigsaw Escape Rooms
  • Escape the Diefenbunker
  • Room Escape Ottawa

Spooky street carnivals

Spooky Street Carnivals are a lively part of Halloween celebrations in Ottawa. They transform streets into playful and spooky places for everyone to enjoy. You can see people in costumes, enjoy fun games, and eat tasty treats from different stalls. After you unpack the moving boxes Ottawa has to offer, there will be plenty of activities to enjoy. The streets become alive with decorations like pumpkins, ghosts, and witches. It’s a fun place for kids and adults. For example, events like Pumpkins After Dark are a great example. The music, laughter, and playful scares create a friendly and exciting Halloween atmosphere. Walking through a spooky street carnival, you can feel the joy and creativity of the people celebrating this spooky yet fun time of the year.

A couple dressed as ghosts wanting to spend Halloween in Ottawa at a street carnival
Spend Halloween in Ottawa at one of its street carnivals

Family-friendly events in Ottawa

There are several family friendly events during Halloween in Ottawa, so it’s certain that everyone, no matter their age, can enjoy this spooky season. These events often have less scary activities like pumpkin carving, friendly costume parades, and trick-or-treating. It’s a time for families to come together, dress up in fun costumes, and enjoy the playful side of Halloween. Meanwhile, kids can take part in games, enjoy sweets, and see colourful decorations. That being said, some of the events that should be on your radar are Toddler’s Halloween Hunt, Sparty’s Safe and Not So Scary Halloween Party, Little Medical School, but there are more events you can enjoy with your kids.

Spooky costume parties and local pub crawls are a classic way to spend Halloween in Ottawa

Can you imagine a great Halloween without spooky costume parties? They are a big part of the Halloween fun in Ottawa. These parties happen in different places like clubs, restaurants, or event halls. Some parties have contests for the best costume, which adds to the excitement. So, don’t waste your time after the Kanata movers help you unpack and find a costume that represents your creativity!

Two girls at a coustume party trying to spend Halloween in Ottawa in a fun way
Who doesn’t like to dress up on Halloween?

Also, keep in mind that around Halloween in Ottawa, people join together to visit different pubs and bars, enjoying special holiday drinks and music. It’s common to see everyone dressed in creative or scary costumes, adding to the Halloween atmosphere. The streets become lively, with groups moving from one pub to another, sharing laughs and spooky tales. Each pub often has its own Halloween theme, making every stop a new experience. It’s a social and fun way to celebrate Halloween, meet new people, and enjoy the festive spirit of Ottawa’s nightlife. The Halloween Pub Crawls are a great choice for adults looking to experience a lively and spooky night out in the city. Some bars participating in this year’s event are SkyLounge Ottawa, Pub 101, Lowertown Brew Pub, Cornerstone, and many others.

Haunted places around Ottawa to add on your must-see list

What better time to visit some haunted areas than around Halloween? Such places really bring you a special holiday spirit. Of course, you won’t have to worry. These are places set up to look and feel very scary, with dark rooms, spooky sounds, and people dressed up as ghosts or monsters. When you walk through the areas, you never know what scary surprise is waiting for you around the next corner. Ottawa has several haunted houses during Halloween, each with its own scary theme. Some that we recommend are Ottawa Jail Hostel, Beckta Dining, Beechwood Cemetery, and Watson’s Mill, but there are others you can explore. It’s a fun way to feel the thrill of Halloween and enjoy some good scares with friends, as everyone knows it’s just pretend!

Halloween craft and food markets

Halloween craft and food markets in Ottawa offer a cozy and creative way to enjoy the season. These markets have stalls where you can find handmade crafts with Halloween themes. You might find decorations, costumes, or special treats to buy. It’s a place where local artists and cooks can show and sell their work. The markets also have food stalls with tasty autumn foods and Halloween treats. It’s fun to walk around, see the creative crafts, and taste different foods. The atmosphere is friendly and festive, with spooky decorations and sometimes live music. It’s a great way to enjoy the cool autumn days, find unique Halloween items, and enjoy tasty treats. A good example of such an event is The Spooktacular Craft Market, which will have around 40 vendors available to you. Such small but significant places will be a great way to spend Halloween in Ottawa.

Punpkins of different colours at a stand
Halloween is also a good time to get some holiday-specific foods and trinkets

Make the best of your Halloween experience in Ottawa

There are endless ways to spend Halloween in Ottawa, a city that truly embraces the spirit of the season. From spine-tingling visits to spooky places around town to the mesmerizing events that are built around the holiday, Ottawa offers a diverse range of activities to suit every age and interest. For those moving to this vibrant community, the transition is made seamless with the variety of things you can do this time of the year. Whether you choose to explore the city’s eerie history, embark on escape room adventures, or revel in lively street carnivals, Ottawa’s Halloween celebrations are sure to leave you with cherished memories. So, gather your friends and family, show off your most creative costumes, and immerse yourself in the playful yet spooky atmosphere of Ottawa.

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